Pi-pi-pi-pi.. ( Alarm )

Ah, it’s morning already? It’s been a while since I’ve slept like this.

All this time, I slept really late at night because I had to keep that girl accompanied.

No no, don’t think about that girl anymore. Maybe I should wash my face and freshen up.

I washed my face and looked at the mirror, it shows a man’s shaggy head

[ Today I’m gonna say goodbye to you ]

(TL/N : he is saying goodbye to his current self by saying it to the mirror)

I murmured those words but no one answered. But then, I feel the timid me has disappeared 

“Okay then, I put all my stuff in my bag…but I’m going out with Ayaka after the Salon so I can’t dress terribly.”

From the closet, I’ll look for more appropriate clothes and I’ll change into them. There were a few clothes in there that I had never worn before, probably my mother was the one who bought them for me.

The time to leave the house is closing in, maybe I’ll give Ayaka a call, so I knock on the room beside me.

“Ayaka〜?? I’m gonna go to the salon first, make sure to wake up and be ready by then okay ?”

“I’m awake you know~! A, wait a second Onii Chan, I’ll open the door for you!”

I heard a rushing sound and the door opened. Ayaka then gave me a necklace. 

“Why a necklace ?”

“The truth is I wanted to give this to you as an entrance gift, but I couldn’t give it to you because I feel that if that girl found out about it, she would throw it away. That’s why I want you to wear it when we go out today. Ehehehe.”

Why would she give me a necklace? I thought. Oh yeah, that girl wouldn’t believe me even if I said it was from Ayaka.

I took it gratefully.

“I’m gonna crouch down, can you put it on me ?”

I asked Ayaka to put it on me, then I thanked her and left the room

For the time being, should I change my appearance to match this necklace ?

“I’m Leaving~”


As I left home for the salon, the station was getting closer and the number of people was getting higher. 

Then, I heard [ What’s with that look ?] [Shady kun tried his best to buy clothes] [ Have you ever seen the mirror (haha)] People were laughing at me.

Well, that’s to be expected, people making fun of you is pretty irritating. All this time, I never pay attention to the sounds surrounding me, but how can I not care if everyday they laugh at me ?

I’m interested in my previous mentality.

I felt the people around me talking about me and became a little naive while walking, thus, I arrived at my destination, the salon.

“Excuse me. A reservation for Saeki.”

“Yes, welcome ~.  Saeki Ryouma san ? I will be in charge today, my name is Tachibana~. Okay, then please take this seat~”

A very fluffy onee san greeted me, and guided me to my seat. Until now, I never tried to look at anyone else other than her, but, apparently there are some people that are extremely beautiful. 

“Fufu. How shall we do it today〜? It’s growing quite a bit, so I think I’m going to do a makeover over it, what do you think~?”

“That’s right〜 I came here thinking of doing that. Might as well take your offer. I leave everything to onee san, please do what you like with it. A, please don’t shave my head bald or anything like that okay.”

Tachibana san, who answered “yes”, started to cut my hair. When she raised my bangs, I got a compliment saying “isn’t this a good material?” I asked her to cut it as it was. 

(TL/N : the staff literally said 素材 which means material. Maybe she was talking about the hair, but if you know any other words please let me know)

The cut was done safely, and they ironed it lightly, and the hair was set in a loose, permed style with a center parting.

“Hmm~as I thought, the material was good . It’s been so long since I’ve seen a handsome man, or was it because of Onee san skill~? Fufufu, with this, you might be extremely popular tomorrow? If you like, you can go out with me.”

I talked about various things during the cut, so we can talk frankly at the end of the session.

“Thank you very much. What would you do if I took it seriously? Hahaha, well then, I’ll pay you now, checkout please.” 

Fufufu~ while laughing, I move to the register and pay. I thanked Tachibana san, left the store, and went to the promised meet place at the station.

I arrived a little earlier than the time I was supposed to meet Ayaka, so I decided to kill some time while looking at my smartphone. 

Then, 3 girls appeared and I could hear their sounds.

“Hey~ you、You are alone right now right?Come play with us then ?”

It was those women who were laughing at me this morning while on the way to the salon. 

( TL/N : 2 chapter this time because both are short ones 

Translator A : My bro Ryou became モテモテ ( Mote mote ) in a single chapter ~ )

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