“Ryouma kun.That’s…hmm..D-do you really like me….?”

“Ugh…No, well….,yes ….”

Not that !!!! That’s too much of a hurry to make a quick confession, and that’s just too lame !!!!

I was thinking of confessing after everything settled down, just the two of us, but what did I accidentally say?

What to do, what to do. No, there’s nothing to be done about it. I’ve said it. No that can’t be happening !!! This is not the time to retort back… oh, damn. Think, think, think. ……

I can’t pretend I didn’t hear that now. The least I can do now is to tell Koharu.

“K-Koharu. About earlier…”

“Et-to, ee? Are you serious about…to me?”

I approached the puzzled Koharu to ask her about what had happened and what she was going to do, but something was wrong.

“Koharu, san…..?”

“I, I ………, e-excuse me, !!!!!”

All I could do was watch Koharu’s back as she ran away without me, and when she was out of sight, I collapsed on the spot.

T H E  E N D  。  。  。

I was stuck there for a while because of what I had done and the fact that Koharu had run away from me.

“I’m home”

“Welcome home onii chann~, Did you reply to Saki chan~? What about the amusement park?W-wait what happened !?!?!? You’re like a little spirit that looks like it lives in the forest.!?”

“It’s fine…no problem…..Amusement park….should I go…”

“Ee, aa, okay. I’ll leave that for Saki chan…”

“Thanks…room,…I’ll go.”

“W-wait onii chan~ !!”

I wonder how much time has passed since then.

Next thing I know, I’m on my own bed. No,I think I had a conversation with Ayaka, so I was coming back from there.

What time is it now?

When I put my hand in my pocket to look for my phone and take it out, the phone starts shaking and the screen displays “Koharu.”

I quickly press the call button and answer the phone.

“H-Hello !!!”

“Uwa ! H-Hello, it’s Koharu !  Sorry about earlier: !!!!”

“Ah yes, It’s Ryouma….me too I’m sorry I said those things so suddenly…”

“N-no! It’s all my fault ! Well, I- I got carried away… or perhaps I’ve exceeded my tolerance level…Well, B-because I’m very happy……”

“Koharu….. Sorry I said that in the heat of the moment. The truth is I-”

“W-wait !!! About earlier, don’t say it yet!!”


“I want to be like that too, but I don’t think it’s possible yet. There’s facing Ayaka chan’s friend, and then there’s what happened with Kanzaki san…. It’s not that I don’t want to be like that!”

For the moment, I am relieved to know that she did not run away because of a rejection.

But I told her about Saki earlier, but I didn’t realize she was listening to me. I’ll respond to it later.

More importantly, about Yuina….Koharu also seemed to sense something about that person recently.

“I’m sorry, thank you. You’re right, I’m sure Koharu has noticed, but I’ve been thinking that Yuina has been too quiet.”

“I don’t know Kanzaki san that well, but I thought it was strange that she hasn’t tried to get involved with Ryouma kun since after school…”

Yes, that’s right. Except for what she did with Sawada after the midterm exam, Yuina never got involved. Sometimes she seemed to want to say something, but she never actually spoke to me.

“Creepy, right. No, if she really doesn’t intend to get involved anymore, that’s fine. But somehow I can tell that it isn’t the situation. It’s definitely like they’re trying to make something bad happen. ……”

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I wonder if Yuina, who has been so obsessed with me, will change her mind if I say something to her. No, I’m fine with that if you change your mind, and I’d rather hope you do.

“I’ll talk to that person somewhere…..Hey, when it’s all over, I’ll make sure to tell you this time.”

“Y-yes…I’ll wait…”

We are both embarrassed and remain silent for a while.

“N-Now that we seem to have cleared up the misunderstanding, I’m gonna sleep! See you tomorrow!”

“Ah yes ! Good night, see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, good night.”

After hanging up the phone, I felt relieved, and my whole body relaxed and lay down on the floor.

“Thank God…..”

Somehow I managed to get through it…. No, I still have a lot of problems.

-I have to tell Saki chan and the others clearly at the amusement park.

-I have to face Yuina again.

-After everything settles down, tell Koharu that I love her again.

I write down again what I am going to do and confirm it in my notebook.

I know it’s sketchy, but this is where my future will be decided.

After getting into the swing of things, I added a note as if I had just remembered and left the room.

-The student council president’s invitation will be appropriately rejected.

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