I call out to Asahi, who’s touching his phone.

“Hey, Asahi”

“Hmm? What’s up?”

“Do you think that a girl contacting you several times and inviting you to hang out, even though there are multiple people out there, is just being friendly?” 

I played with them last week. And that she asked me to play again that day, including Ayaka. Saki chan has contacted me almost every day. 

I asked Asahi about it because I had been thinking about love again and wondered if it might be possible. 

“You could say that, but I think it’s more because she likes you?” 

“Thought so~. You think so too, Asahi.” 

“What’s going on all of a sudden, something happens?” 

That’s the kind of reaction you would get if somebody suddenly asked you something like this. I mentioned earlier that I had gone shopping with the girls last week, so I decided to hear it from Asahi. 

“Well, that’s why… Makes you excessively self-conscious, right?” 

“…..I can’t say either, but I do know one thing.” 

As expected from Asahi. He has a lot of experience being confessed to, so he’s really reliable when I consult this kind of thing. 

“Really, that’s a big help.” 

“You’re at fault.” 

I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to worry about this matter any longer, but then I crumbled at the words Asahi said to me. 


I simply wanted to ask him about what I should do with Saki chan from now on….

Asahi, who saw me being surprised, sighed and started talking.

“The first time you encounter her is when you helped her out of trouble at a convenience store, right? One thing is that she fell in love with you at that point. The fact that you were the brother of the friend that she was going to visit afterwards was also a high point for her to fall in love with you. Doesn’t that feel like fate? Well I don’t know about that. And you’re smart enough to teach her how to study, and more importantly, you’ve always willing to help her….. You’re the one who’s making her fall for you, aren’t you? Are you a schemer?” 

“I don’t think I could’ve done it. It was all a coincidence. Besides, I was asked to teach her how to study, so of course I would help her.” 

As a person who’s been studying for a long time, it’s natural that I want to support someone who’s trying to study. 

“Well, I know that Ryouma’s character can’t calculate such things. I mean, that Saki chan? When you were alone with that girl, she asked you what type of girl that you liked, but you didn’t tell her you had a girlfriend, and you’re thinking about Koharu, right?” 

“If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t be so worried… That’s right, but the thing about Koharu just naturally came out. And at that time, I was just genuinely  thinking about what my favorite type was.” 

Now he wanted to ask me this question, too, about the type of girl I like? Is that what he meant?

“I’m aware of that too, you know? But it’s better to tell her that you have a girlfriend rather than make her misunderstand. “

“At a phase when you’re not sure yet?” 

“Yeah. even if you’re not sure. From what I just heard, I thought that Saki chan was 100% in love with you. But well, if you’re going anyway, you should tell Koharu chan.” 

“Got it.” 

Of course that’s my intention. 

“And, when you’re going, if she confessed to you, just reject her if you really like Koharu chan, if not, just say that you have a girlfriend.” 

“Yeah you’re right… But, as expected, I’m not going out anywhere with just the two of us. If someone saw me, it would cause a  misunderstanding, and after thinking about it, i realized that it’s not a good idea for a guy with a girlfriend to go out alone with another person of the opposite sex.” 

Besides, I can’t do the same thing as Yuina. 

“Ou, I think you’re gonna be okay if you know that much ! But, if that girl decides to confess, just listen to her properly.” 

“Yeah. Thanks.” 

I still have a lot of things to sort out, but for now i just tell Koharu on my way home today. 

I gave Asahi a thick banana melon cream soda from the vending machine as a gratitude. 


“See you, I think I’m going to go play with my sister and her friends.” 

On our way home together, I began to tell Koharu what I had talked about with Asahi this morning. 

“I see, with Ayaka chan and her friends. Fufu. you all are really close.” 

“The four of us are really good friends. Last time I went to the mall as a luggage handler, and now they want to go to an amusement park.” 

“An amusement park you say, I’m jealous… Ah, no ! P-please have fun ! !” 

“Eh, y-yeah. Of course.” 

I’m overwhelmed by Koharu’s spirit and nod, but it’s not good to be carried away like this. 

“….The truth is, I’m wondering if  I should go or not.”


“Some of the girls who go to play with me might like me. If only I wasn’t so self-conscious.” 

“I-is that so….” 

“Yeah, that’s why I think I have to face it properly.” 

Both with Saki chan and Koharu. And with Yuina, too. 

When I said that, Koharu stopped and muttered something. 

“…That said, I guess that means my role is over.” 

“Eh?… no no, wait a minute, why is that so?” 

“Because Ryouma kun also likes that girl, right…? And my presence would only be in the way… Fortunately, I stood out in a good way, so now I think it’s safe to say that I had a fake boyfriend. Ahaha.” 

That’s what you mean while making a lonely look on your face, isn’t it?  As Koharu asked me, I froze for a few seconds without knowing what I thought. 

“Y-you’re wrong ! ! I’m thinking about not going because of that girl, and I thought I’d tell you that if I’m gonna go, I’m going to have a proper talk with you ! In the first place, the one that I like is Koharu ….” 

I explained it impatiently, and maybe I didn’t say it well enough, or it came across in a different way. 


That was dangerous. I’m glad I tried to explain it first. Thanks, Asahi.

I was impatient to make an apology somehow, and I tried to continue without noticing that I had dropped a bombshell at the end, but when I saw Koharu with a bright red face, I finally realized what I just said. 

“….could you pretend that you didn’t hear it?” 

“N-no i can’t…” 

Thought so. 

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