After contacting Saki chan back and creating a group with the sisters, we decided to combine everyone’s schedules and go to an amusement park on the first day of a three-day weekend before summer vacation.

Since the girls were students preparing for exams, they were usually busy with cram school and other activities, so they wanted to play before the final exam to get through the rest of the day.

It was a long way off, but I decided it was probably a good thing to see the words written in large letters on the blackboard.

[Interclass Ball Competition]

“Oi~ you guys~! Next week there will be an inter-class ball game~. Well, those third years usually wins, so think of it as being able to move your body appropriately~.”

I took the words of my homeroom teacher, who was as appropriate as ever. As I and Asahi were thinking about what event to enter, our names were already written on the blackboard.

“Ooh, Saeki and Kikuchi are already in basketball. According to what I heard, there is a new rule this year that only one person from each class can participate in the basketball team~. I’ll put you guys in a place where you’re sure to win, so take care of it~.”

“Didn’t you say earlier that you didn’t care if you didn’t win?”

Asahi annoyingly tells the teacher, but is quickly denied.

“You idiot~. There is a difference between not trying to win because you can’t win and not going out to win when you can~. Besides, you guys are huge. Well, you guys can’t do it, so if you win, Sensei will give you a kiss~. It’s motivating, isn’t it~?”

[[We don’t need it because we have girlfriends.]]

Immediate rejection.

“Tch! You fools~. If you guys lose, you’ll be cleaning the P.E. teacher’s office until summer vacation~. You’re going to die, you rear-enders~!………I’m serious, by the way.”


“If you sue them, you’ll win, right?”

This sensei. It’s usually appropriate, but there are some things like this that could be serious, so let’s not go against them.

I’ve heard that last year, the same guy who made the same joke about the teacher was voluntarily put in charge of cleaning up the principal’s office because he was just the right person to make the joke.

“Well, maybe I can show Akari how good I can be, so I’ll go for the win.”

“That’s right. Let’s have a quick one-on-one after school.”

It was an event that I was forced to enter, but inside I was also quite excited to show Koharu how good I could be.

“Which ball game will you two be participating in?”

Lunch break. The four of us were having dinner as usual, and naturally we talked about the ball game.

“We’re in basketball”

“That’s right~.  Sensei forced us to do it! But Ryouma was more than willing to take it on, wasn’t he? Doing some kind of gut-punch…”

I didn’t think Asahi was watching me, so I decided to divert the conversation by throwing out a topic that I thought Akari would catch on to for now.

“Shut up. You were also really into showing Akari how good you are, weren’t you?”

“Aa, Hey, Ryouma, you can’t say that!”

“Ee~! What’s that !? Asahi is so cool~!!”

As I had expected, I’ve got Akari hooked. I hate it when this guy tries to say all kinds of nonsense.

“Aaaa mouu I didn’t want her to know because of this…!!”

“Fufu~ Thanks to Ryoma kun, I’m happy to see the lovely Asahi~.”

Asahi glared at me, but I laughed lightly.

“Tsu~!!! Haa………..So how about you two?”

I gave Asahi a look because he was trying to make fun of me, and he turned the conversation back to Koharu and the others, as if he had lost interest in talking back.

“We are in volley~!”


Akari and Koharu said “Yes~” and put their hands on top of each other.

“Oh, it feels like our court is next to each other right after we’re done playing basketball.” 

Then I feel like I can cheer on Koharu. 

“I’ll be rooting for you.” 

“But I’m on the enemy team, is that okay?” 

“W-well, that’s true, but it’s fine !” 

“Hahaha, sorry, my bad. But thanks.” 

When I made an apology to Koharu who’s already pouting, she immediately smiled at me.

Asahi, who saw us like that, muttered a few words. 

“…Aren’t you two kind of close?” 

“It’s nothing uncommon. Hey Asahi~, I bought you a rich flavor banana melon cream soda today~” 

“Isn’t that thing really sweet ! ! Ugh, but I rarely get it from Ryouma, so I can’t refuse. T-thanks for the driiiiinks.” 

Asahi, the guy who knew that it was sweet when I gave it to him yesterday, but still drinks it anyway. 

The four of us were spending time together today, laughing more than usual when we saw Asahi knocked out because the drink was too sweet. 

Recently, some students have been watching Ryouma and his friends laughing in this courtyard, but they are not aware of it or do not care about it. 

(TL/N: I don’t know why but it suddenly  became a third person narration.) 

“That group looks great today.” 

“Their face turns red gagagaga.” 

“Aa, I never thought I would see Igarashi san smile like that.” 

“Ue !? Wait a minute, Saeki kun’s smile is Moe ! ! bu…” 

“Medic ! Medic ! !” 

“Oh man, I wanna be that juice..” 

“A rich flavor banana melon cream soda, I never knew there was such a thing.” 

They’re still loved by the people around them today. 

By the way, there was a rare incident that day when the vending machine in the school store ran out of a rich flavor banana melon cream soda, but there was too much sweetness in it that made many students fall ill and no one bought it anymore. Except for one person. 

“Today’s Baron soda also tastes great. Well then, I shall drink this again today and study hard to live up to my name ! next time, I’m going to win~Saeki san ! !” 

(TL/N” Baron = Banana melon/meron) 

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That sensei has a shit personality.