Hmm??? The type of girl that I like ?? How is that a reward?

Perhaps Saki chan……no, that can’t be. It’s not a good idea to get carried away just because I’ve been getting more confessions lately.

I’m sure she was just genuinely curious what kind of girls high school boys are into.

“U~n, come to think of it. I’ve never thought about my favorite type, so I can’t think of one…”

“Anything is fine! Like longer hair, or older or younger, or something like that!”

Okay, that’s where to start thinking about it.

I was troubled and thought about the two things Saki chan told me to do.

“Hair length is a bit shoulder length…? I don’t really care about age, as long as we’re not too far apart.”

“Hair is about semi-long or bobbed……Age is good, then ……A-are there any other things? It doesn’t have to be about looks or anything, it can be about the insides…”

“Other things…”

I haven’t looked at girls properly before.

Yeah, but if you’re not like her, that’s probably fine.

”I’d be happy with that as long as you accept me for who I am.”

“For who you are?”

“Yes. I want people to see me as I really am. I think there’s a couple of reasons why you like someone. Like the way they look, or because they are kind, or because they talk well together. Well, isn’t that what usually happens?”

“Yeah I think so. I often hear people say they want to go out with you because you’re cool, or that they like you as they get to know you and talk to you.”

Saki chan tries to understand what I said, adding that she heard it from a friend.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong to start with looks. Even I think she’s cute or something at first. But I believe that dating will never work out unless you know the person’s true nature, not just his or her appearance. I think it’s a shame to disappoint people and make them do what you think they should do based on your initial image or the ideals you have in your mind, saying, “This is what I thought it should be. Does that really mean you like them?”

“Aaa….I think I understand. All the guys who come up to me also think that because I look like this, I can easily do H things…I’m just dressing in my own way that I think is cute.”

Just like Saki chan has said, they thought she’s an easy woman because her looks are flashy, and I’m a shady person because I don’t talk much and just read books in the corner of the classroom like I used to. There are a few people who look like that. Even I judge a lot of people by their appearance, and I don’t blame them for that. 

But such a thing as love isn’t that light. 

“I hate being judged like that the most, and I like a person who knows and accepts the real me. I’m thinking about that again now.”  

When I said that, I remember Koharu looking at me, waving her hands and smiling, and I naturally relaxed my expression. 

“I see…. Yeah, I think so too! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with me!”

“I don’t think this is the kind of reward that I expect, but I’m glad it is.  I’m embarrassed talking about it…. Is Ayaka and the others still struggling with the UFO catcher?” 

“Ah-…. Maybe it’s Micchan.” 

Concerned about the three who had not yet returned, I was told that Kirishima san might still be struggling with them, so the two of us went inside to look for them…… We went a little further and found Hiyori with a bag full of gummy bears and Ayaka with a stuffed animal that looked like it had an ax in its head and red blood was dripping from it.

“Hmm? Onii chan, are you done with the break already?”

“Aaaa it’s fine. What about Kirishima san? That stuffed animal is hers, right?”

I thought the three of them were working together, but where did they go? They don’t seem to be around, but I wonder if they are taking something elsewhere.

“Ryouma onii chan, this way, this way~.”

Hiyori chan pulled my arm, and when we arrived at the game corner, I found Kirishima san  moving her arms tremendously. 

“It’s a Demon god.” 

As soon as the SSS was written on the screen, a satisfied looking Kirishima san returned and received the stuffed animal from Ayaka. 

Well…. She is Kirishima san after all. 

I decided that it was not a mistake for me to call her “san” again, so that I would not get overly familiar with her. 

Saki Viewpoint

“See you at school !” 

“You three take care.” 

We dropped Aya chan and Ryouma san off at the station and waved them off until we couldn’t see them anymore. 

[I was thinking of asking him today though…] 

Since that day, somehow I managed to gather information about Ryouma san, but I couldn’t hear anything of the sort from my teacher or other friends. 

I wonder if Ryouma san had a girlfriend…. 

“Sa – ki – chan~. Hey, hey. How was it today~?” 

“Eh? What do you mean?” 

“It’s obvious that im talking about no one other than Ryouma Onii chan~. You had time to talk with him just the two of you~aren’t you showing him your attractiveness in  many ways~?” 

“Ahaha, about that….” 

I don’t think this is the right place to talk about such things, so i went to the same cafe as before and reported to them about my conversation with Ryouma san. 

“So that was it….. In the end, I couldn’t do anything at all ! ! !” 

Recalling what happened earlier, I fell down on the back of my chair. 

Because you know… if I were told something like that, it’s impossible. In other words, Ryouma san will get closer and eventually like you after getting to know you more, rather than someone who judged you based on their appearance alone, right…?

Even though I’m a middle schooler who’s only a year younger, I don’t know what to hope for in this situation… 

As i was sighing, Hiyori chan who’s chugging her orange juice said this. 

“Hm~no hope?” 


“Hey, Hiyori, don’t say it clearly.” 


I was stabbed by Micchan’s word and i plopped down on the desk. 

“It’s because i heard it form Aya chan, right~? I heard that after our study session last time, Ryouma Onii chan also had his own, and she said that a very beautiful woman came to his study session, you know~?” 

“Eh !? What was that, I haven’t heard of it ! ! ! “ 

That’s the first time I’ve heard of it. No, but Ryouma san isn’t the kind of person who judges by their looks. But is that the kind of woman you’re close enough to even come to your house? 

“Because I heard about it just now~. I couldn’t ask if she was his boyfriend or not because they came~, but, it’s impossible that there isn’t something going on between them~. Mufufu~.” 


I was thinking that I would slowly get to know each other and make him like me….

“Hey, Hiyori, you’re teasing her too much. And Saki chan, it hasn’t been decided that she’s his girlfriend yet, so don’t be so down. Let’s ask Aya chan again. We’ll cooperate too.” 

“Micchan..! I lub you ….” 

I hugged Micchan tightly. 

I can’t lose to the mysterious beautiful woman who’s on good terms with Ryouma san. 

“If it’s been decided, there’s only one thing to do. You and Ryouma san should go play together. I’m sure Ryouma san will come if we say so, so let’s just make the best of it. Take out your phone.” 

“E, e,eee???”

I took out my phone as Micchan asked me to and I decided to type in what I’m going to send to Ryouma san.

“Zuzuzu–. Good luck~maiden in love~.”

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1 year ago

They’re giving false hope to a kid with no chance. It’s almost more cruel than kind.