“Hey Saeki, can I have a moment ?”

When the morning session was over and it was time for a lunch break, I was eating in the courtyard as usual when I was approached and I responded.

“Sawada ? What can I do for you?”

It was Yuina’s current boyfriend,  Sawada Kenji.

For now, I asked him if he wanted something, but I guess he called out to me because he had something to do.

However, the fact that the guy who had been so unkind to me was approaching me, well, it must have been something to do with Yuina.

“I need to talk to you…… There’s a lot of people here, so follow me.”


I decided to go along with him because it would be too much of a hassle to push and argue at this point.

As I stood up, I felt a tug on my clothes and Koharu looked up at me with concern.

“Ryouma kun…”

“It’s fine. I’ll be back by the time Koharu’s match starts.”

I told Koharu that it would be fine and smiled then followed Sawada.

After walking for a while, I stopped at the back of the gymnasium.

Sawada turned and suddenly bowed his head.

“I beg you ! Please talk to Yuina !!”


I wasn’t able to answer his question, but he didn’t seem to notice my lack of understanding, so he continued to ask me to do so.

“I know I’m in no position to ask you to do this! I said some terrible things to you, I made you look like a fool, and I’m a jerk! But, you’re the only one I can ask ! Please, I’m begging you!!”

Who is this guy? Is it really Sawada, who just the other day was so sarcastic with me?

I told him to look up and asked him what was going on.

“Calm down, I cannot understand at all. Can you explain to me why I need to talk to Yuina? Even if you’d just bowed out of the blue, I’d be confused.”

“S-sorry. I’m a little too tense……”

Sawada finally noticed my confusion, took a deep breath, calmed down, and began to explain in order why he had come to ask me for help.

“I was out for a bit that day at the ○○ station, and I heard a familiar voice in the back alley. I heard a familiar voice in the back alley, so I went over and saw Yuina chatting happily with some other guys.”

Hmm? The week before last, isn’t that the day Koharu and I had our first date? And ○○ station is also where we met up, right? That means…

“Is it another affair ?”

Yuina + another man = cheating. That’s all I knew, and I just blurted it out.

“Not that !! Even I suspected it at first, but it was a misunderstanding! Besides, what do you mean by [again]?”

Seems like I was wrong.

“Don’t worry if it was a misunderstanding.”

“What the heck, I’m curious…….. Well, it turned out to be a misunderstanding, but it seems that the guys you were with at the time were the ones who got beat up by you, and Yuina saw it and suggested getting revenge, too. Do you have any idea who these guys were?”

That’s messed up. The guy who persisted in picking on me and asking me to give him Koharu right ?

I told Sawada that Koharu and I were at the station that day. I explained to Sawada that Koharu and I had also been at the station that day, and that he had been persistently picking on me, and that he had asked me to give him Koharu.

“Hey…you’re doing a pretty good job, aren’t you? So that’s why he was the only one soaking wet.”

“He came at me, so I had no choice, right? And I just avoided him, and he actually ran into me on his own. Then ? We didn’t get tangled up with those guys after that, did we?”

I was wondering why I wasn’t attacked or ambushed on my way home, when Sawada pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of them.

“Yes. I couldn’t overlook it, so I told the guys not to get involved with Saeki and Igarashi if they didn’t want these photos to be spread around. Maybe that’s why there was no attack. Or maybe it was the harmless-looking guy beside him who stopped him.”

I knew it was these guys. It sure looks like they’re attacking a girl in a back alley in this picture.

“So it’s like that. What can I say to that, thank you?”

“Don’t thank me. I just didn’t like it. But that’s not the point. The problem is the [Revenge]”

When I thanked him, Sawada was a little embarrassed, coughed a little, and started talking about the main issue.

“The revenge was to pretend to be picking on Yuina, stall Saeki, and then have those two rape Igarashi san.”

Rape Koharu ?

“That fucking person…..”

“Wait wait ! I just heard it like that ! And since those two guys were whispering something like that, I don’t know if Yuina was really saying that!”

I was about to go to Yuina and question her, but Sawada stopped me and made me calm down.

“…My bad.”

“Haha. You …… have a temper like me more than you think, don’t you?”

“Well that’s rude. I’m known for my kind heart.”

I see, it has been handled properly. There’s no way that I’m a short-tempered person. 

“Well, let’s get back to the good part. I was able to prevent it from happening, but that doesn’t take away the fact from what Yuina was thinking. Maybe she’ll approach another bastard again and this time there’s a possibility that there will be an accident. So I told her to forget about Saeki that day, to prevent another mistake from happening.” 

 Sawada said that while clenching his fist and continued with a frustrated expression. 

“But all she said is [Ryou doesn’t want that] [Kenji kun doesn’t know Ryou’s true feelings] or [are you going to deny me too, Kenji kun?] and all that nonsense, and in the end I decided to ask you directly…” 

“As always, her brain is full of happiness…. But you were the one who stopped her from getting directly involved with me until now, even though she’s gone crazy.” 

“I wonder. I tried to keep her from going to your place every day, but…..I’m at my limit…. I don’t know when she’s gonna explode.” 

If she tries to get involved with me, I can just ignore it or brush it off. But if it happens everyday, it’s a different story. 

“I don’t know what happened between you guys the day that you’ve changed, but it wasn’t a good story, was it? Even if you don’t want to get involved with her anymore, she’s still clinging to you. So I beg you. I want you to face her again and make her realize!! Please!!!” 

(TL/N : the raw for the word “please” is この通りだ which means just like this/like this, they use that word when they do a Dogeza/bowing down, so I thought  “please” is more appropriate to use) 

Maybe what I thought that day after school wasn’t entirely wrong. This guy…..he stole Yuina from me. I was shocked and almost traumatized at that time, but now I’m rather grateful. 

I still can’t forgive for what he did, but that doesn’t mean he’s rotten to the core. Then, the thing that I can do for Sawada who’s bowing down to me is. 

“…..Lift up your face, Sawada.”


“To be honest, I don’t want anything to do with her anymore. I still think that if I say it’s none of my business, then it’s over. That’s how much I don’t need her now.” 

“…..However, I’d be an asshole if I didn’t do anything when you came to me like this and asked me to do something. Besides, I also thought that I had to end things with Yuina at some point.” 

“That means…! !” 

“Yeah, I’m going to face her once more, although I need some time to think about it.” 

“That’s fine! What a relief…thank you so much…” 

Just as I was about to place my hand on Sawada’s shoulder, who was shedding tears of relief, and quickly decide on what to do next, the chime for the end of the lunch break rang out. 

Ding dong ding dong* 

“Oh no, Koharu’s match is about to start. Oh yeah, Sawada. Take out your smartphone. I’ll let you know the date later.” 

“Oh, here you go…. I mean, I always thought that you’re a cocky bastard until now, but you never know until you talk to that person… I’m sorry for everything I’ve said.” 

“Well, that’s just the way it is. I’m glad we cleared up the misunderstanding. Then, I’m going back first.” 

“Yeah ! See you around !” 

I slightly raised my hand to Sawada, and quickly left the place to go to the gymnasium where the match was probably starting. 

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Why is chapter 30 and 31 the exact same???

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Thank you for reminding ! we are sorry for the inconvenience

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No inconvenience felt. Relax dude…
And thanks for the chapter.

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No inconvenience felt. Relax dude…
And thanks for the chapter!

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No inconvenience felt. Relax dude…
And thanks for the chapter!

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I think Ryouma should’ve punched Kenji at least once. Just for the fact he kissed another guy’s girlfriend, even if the relationship was complicated.

I hate NTR
I hate NTR
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