Ryouma Saeki and my childhood friend Yuina Kanzaki have been together since I remember. Preschool, elementary school, middle school, and until highschool we’ve always gone to the same place. Every day we always go to school and go back together and never been separated. Until that day.

It seems that we had a connection even before we were born because our house is next door and our parents are close to each other. 

Then, as children, naturally we went to the same place in kindergarten, and we were always together. I think we were still good friends at this time. 

When we got into middle school, there were more and more kinds of children. I was good at exercise and study so many girls gathered around me

Like me, there were many boys gathered next to Yuina.

We started dating when we were in the first grade of elementary school. 

It was so natural being with Yuina, so I thought that the feeling I had was like (as in love), so I decided to go out with Yuna

That’s why I didn’t really understand what it’s like to be a lover , but I decided to fulfill Yuina’s request.

Thus, the day that I went out with her, Yuina had demands.

“Because Ryou kun is going out with me, that’s why you have to think about me the most.”

“Yeah, got it. I will think about Yuina chan the most.“

“Really?, then, tell the other girls around you to stay away, and tell them that you hate other girls beside Yuina.”

“Got it, i will tell the others tomorrow.“

When I think about it now it was strange from the beginning. But at that time I didn’t notice it.  From there, I can’t get close to anyone besides my male friends. As the school year continued, I talked to various girls, but I kept them away because I hate other girls beside Yuina. Just like what Yuina told me to do.

I spent my elementary school days like that, when I entered middle school, she made new demands. 

“Because Ryou is smart and athletic, you should be average in test score and exercise. Never stand out. Also, grow your bangs so your face does not show.”

“Yes, I understand.”

As we entered middle school, the number of people who confessed to Yuina increased. I was made to look plain, because of that, I was hated by the boys around me because I was beside Yuina. 

However, because I had friends who stayed with me, I didn’t get excessive bullying. But, we didn’t play much because I had to prioritize Yuina. 

Then, before I got into high school, another weird demand came.

“We will begin highschool from tomorrow, please wear this fake beard. I bought some of it, but if you’re about to  run out, just buy more. It looks a little filthy, but we have to keep the others away. And Ryou is tall, so please try to look like a hunchback and be timid.”

“Aa…I understand.”

So far there are many kinds of demand and I still accepted it because I thought she liked me. No, at this time, I had no such feelings. I was brainwashed to believe that “what Yuina says is absolute”. And so, I was listening to what she said without any doubt.  

With that kind of appearance, I entered school, and I began to stand out in class. Yuina and I got into the same class, we always come to school together, therefore I got antagonized by the boys.

Thanks to a friend who  has been with me since middle school, I never got called out or bullied. However , there was a time when I got called out by a student from class next door  or a senior from a different year and I was beaten in a place that couldn’t be seen. 

And when I spent my time as usual, around May, suddenly I lost contact with Yuina. I was a little worried, but I never liked being in touch that much, so count it as a “plus” because I gained more time. A few days later, a decisive event is about to happen.

“I’m busy, so you can go home first.”

One day, Yuina contacted me like that. Until now, even if I had less contact and no matter how late I was due to some errands, I was always with her everyday when I go and come home from school. I was mocked by the people around me saying that it was disproportionate, even so I didn’t stop coming home from school with Yuina. rather, Yuina wouldn’t allow it. 

That’s why I questioned the message when I received it. I peeked at the school gate from the window.

There was Yuina who rushed up running towards a boy who was rumored to be cool. That boy was one of several people who usually come to play in our class.

I saw him talking to Yuina whenever he came to my class.

I was suspicious that the two of them were together, so I took my bag and decided to chase them in haste. 

This action of mine will make a sudden change to our relationship.

TL/N : 

That’s the first episode of the WN, we personally picked this one because we are always keen on a “betrayal revenge” kind of thing lol. Anyway Thanks for reading our first translated chapter ! Our goal is to get a chapter out per 2 or 3 days, but as always, schedules are not absolute….

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Thank god, he’s becoming human again…

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