“Oh, you’re back, my best friend.”

“About 30% of me are still dead, though.”

When I returned safely from the infirmary, Kaname was the first to call out to me. As expected of a close friend.

“Eh, isn’t this a dream? Can I ask you to give me a punch in the face? Like this.”

“If I do that, you’ll probably end up being a good-looking guy.”

“Oh? You wanna do it? Give it a go.”

Even during this exchange, my eyes were only looking at one point.

–Nanami chan, you’ve seriously transferred here?

“Don’t you need to go talk to her?”

“Kaname, do you think we can talk to the moon on the surface of the water?”

“No, a human. The other person is a human.”

I let out a sigh at the words that came back

“Haaaa. You know what? I’m the type of otaku who doesn’t want to be recognized. I disguise myself and use a fake name every time I go to a handshake event, and I wear a knit hat, glasses, and a mask at all shows, year round, in a suspicious style.”


“You’re welcome to be scared. It’s my style.”

I don’t talk about other people’s business, but I have my own pride and joy.

If you are a new student, I will be a wall in the classroom. I want to be the air. I want to be a chair.

“—Ah ! This is a [Sunlight hope Tohoku limited live towel], right?  And it’s limited to 50 people !”


“Hey, I just heard a sound that shouldn’t be coming from a human body.”

I turned towards the voice and…my brain couldn’t process anything anymore.

Eh, no way. You’re lying. It’s a lie.

This isn’t real, it’s a dream. It’s the kind of dream where you wake up and say, [Oh, it’s just a dream….that has to be it.] It’s pretty painful.

“Hey, look at reality. Your idol is talking to you.”


“Dear God. Erm, Kusunoki chan? Sorry, this guy is a big fan of [Sunlight Hope].”

Her big, round eyes shine and she moves from the towel to me. Eh? death? Am I going to die?

“I’m so happy ! And you must be a huge fan to have this live towel…I can’t believe it ! Thank you !”

“you’re welcome.”

“He’s confessing in a really quiet voice.”

I said it out of habit. I’m not saying that I like that kind of thing…or, disliking it.

“Fufu, thank you. But I’m sorry. As an idol, I have no intention of becoming someone’s lover. So, let’s be friends.”


“Hey, you started crying.”


No, because. It’s a rare experience to be rejected by someone you like.

And it’s a really nice way of rejecting. I’m more than a little impressed

“A-are you okay?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but he seems to be crying with happiness, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Then I guess…’s good?”

But I can’t keep showing my ugly face to my idol.

So, as I straightened up, I noticed that she was staring at me intently.

“……Hey, what’s your name?”

“Eh, ah……I’m Kanna Yukito.”

“Yukito kun, right?


“I’ve seen you somewhere before, Yukito kun…….”

How much do I have to pay ….to have an idol call me by name? I’m sure it’s not enough even if I contributed all my money.

This is bad. I can’t stand it when my guess stares at me. I could die.

“Um, I think you’ve seen me at live performances and handshake events.”

“Ummm. I’m sure I remember the faces and names of all my fans.”

Well, I change my clothes every time and hide my face…I’m glad she didn’t find out.

“But I’ve got it all memorized now !”


“You’ve reached your limit……”

I’m sure there aren’t any otakus who can talk to their favorite idol and not feel overwhelmed.

Eh, I’m talking to my favorite idol right now? Eh? Am I okay? I’m not going to die tomorrow, Am I?

Oh crap, it’s like I’m going back and forth between dream and reality, and my emotions are starting to go haywire.

“Kaname. Hit me once. I wanna make sure I’m dreaming.”

“No way. I don’t wanna be a murderer.”

“Are you really going to hit your best friend? Don’t you know what hyperbole is?”


Hearing the exchange between me and Kaname, Nanami chan showed a smile that charmed even the gods.

If Kaname were to hit me by any chance, would Nanami chan would be pleased…..?

“You’re thinking crazy thoughts again, aren’t you?”

“It’s normal.”

“It’s not normal, probably. I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

I would like to calm down by talking with Kaname, but it is not a good idea to ignore Nanami chan.

So, I turned to Nanami chan and said how cute she was !

……Calm down. Calm down, me. Talk normally.

“B-by the way… Nanami chan…can I call you that? Too casual….? Should I address you formally?

“Don’t get into your own world in front of your idol.”

Oh no. I don’t know how to have a normal conversation.

I’m aware that I’m being extremely rude, and I’m dripping with cold sweat.

But Nanami chan was trying to hold back her laughter….and she laughed uncontrollably. Is she a goddess?

“Kuh, fufu. Yukito kun, you’re really funny. You can call me casually. We’re classmates anyway.”

“Goddess……then let me call you Nanami–no, that’s a little too hard, so I’ll call you Kusunoki.”

As expected, it’s difficult to call your favorite idol by name.

That said, let’s talk about it properly. Come on, me.

“Ah, um. I’m Kusunoki’s…or rather, I’m a big fan of [Sunlight Hope], but now we’re classmates. I’ll treat you with that in mind. I’ll do my best.”

“Your voice is getting lower and lower.”

“Shut up. ……I’ll be looking forward to working with you.”

“Yeah, I think it would help me if you said that. Thank you, Yukito kun.”

Ack…..cute. No, somehow I have to do my best to suppress this feeling too.

“Oh, that’s right. I was called by the teacher. Sorry, I’m going out for a while.”

“Ah, yes. Good luck.”

“Are you a servant……?”

Shut up, Kaname.


“What’s wrong? Are you nervous about talking to your idol?”

“There’s that, but there’s one thing I’ve been thinking about.”

I put the towel that was sticking out of my bag inside.

“Nanami chan, no, I think Kusunoki is an idol in everyday life as well.”

“Ah. That’s right. She’s talking to you like that even though you’re just a fan.”


Her appearance on stage and her current appearance overlap.

“I wonder if lunch break could come sooner.”

I wondered about that.


Inside a classroom. One girl was lying on her desk with her face buried in a towel.

“….I’m sorry.”

Her words echoed in the empty classroom. In her hand was her smartphone.

“I’m sorry that I’m so weak. I need to get back on my feet as soon as possible…even though there are so many people waiting for me …..”

[#I’m waiting for you, Nanami chan.]

[I want to see [Sunlight hope] live with all the members…… I’ll be waiting for you, Nanami chan.]

[Honestly, even without Nanami chan,  [Sunlight hope] can survive. Honestly, they don’t need her, right?]

[I’ll do my best for Nanami to come back soon !]

On the screen, there were many cheers for her and some negative comments.

The negativity was strongly etched in her heart.

At the same time, a strong sense of guilt clouded her eyes.

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Seems interesting. Looking forward to it. Man this TL really cooks a lot of interesting novel ngl.