My life is over. I’m screwed. Everything is ruined. Not good.

Can I make it? No, I can’t. It’s over. Everything is.

“Your facial muscles have been dead since summer vacation.”

“Ah…..who are you again?”

“Are you so shocked that you forgot your best friend’s name !? We’ve known each other for ten years ! We went to kindergarten together !?

“I remember about kindergarten lunch.”

“Oh, you do remember.”

There is only one person with whom I can unfold such a farce.

–Noda Kaname.

At best, we are childhood friends. At worst, it’s a rotten relationship.

From kindergarten to freshman year of high school, we have never been in different classes.

I don’t like to use such words to describe someone of the same sex, but I feel as if I’m destined to be with him.

“I’m surprised you’re still in shock.”

“Of course I am…..haa.”

I showed my phone to Kaname. The words written on it are—-

[[Sunlight hope] Notice of suspension of activities of leader Kusunoki Nanami]

It was a notice from the official account.

“How many times have you shown me that? ……I don’t know much about it because I don’t listen to it all the time, but I hear that [Sunlight hope] has been having a lot of trouble lately with gaining momentum and all.”

“As a good friend of mine, I’ll forgive you for your terrible vocabulary and for openly saying you don’t listen to it.”

Kaname isn’t that interested in idols. It’s a soccer club. No, I think it would be good for the soccer club to have at least one idol otaku.

“Even though I’ve heard the gist, I do know a little bit. [Kusunoki Nanami] is your favorite member, right? The leader.”

“You know me well, my best friend.”

“How many times do you think I’ve heard this? You call yourself the number one fan of Sunlight Hope.”

“The undisputed number one fan, the number one follower on social media, and the founder of the unofficial fan club.”

–Yes, that’s right. I’m the president of [Sunlight Hope] fans.

I’m basically a fan of the group, but [Kusunoki Nanami] is my favorite. In fact, I fell in love with her at first sight and ended up recommending [Sunlight Hope].

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, right? You won’t suddenly say you’re gonna die tomorrow, will you?”

“….Idiot. If my idol is on hiatus, we fans will just have to wait and see. Or else Nanami will be sad.”

“Hmmm. I hope that’s the case.”

I’m glad that he is worried about me. This isn’t bad enough to kill me. ……Yeah. It’s not that bad.

“Speaking of which, what’s the reason for the hiatus?”

“They haven’t announced it.”

“Really? That’s rare nowadays.

–That’s right. The reason for Nanami chan’s hiatus has not been made public. There are rumors that there have been death threats, but the truth is unknown.

“All I can do is collect goods, go to live shows every day and push myself to make it easier for Nanami chan to come back…..but I can’t put pressure on her. . That’s about it. But I miss her.”

“The other two members are doing normal activities, right? Well, don’t be so downhearted.”

Seriously, the only thing that helps is that [Sunlight hope] itself is not on hiatus.

Haa…..let’s keep pushing.

“Speaking of which, I heard that a new student is coming today.”

“Why is a transfer student coming all of a sudden? Eh, is it common for transfer students to come in September of the year? Isn’t it unusual?”

“I don’t know the details, but it’s been the gossip since this morning or even earlier.”

Now that I think about it, I feel like there’s a lot of noise in the classroom. Was it because of that transfer student?

“The pressure from the new student seems to be intense.”

“It seems to be a girl. Everyone is looking for a pretty girl.”


“You really don’t have any interest in girls other than [Sunlight hope], do you……”

I don’t even think I’ll be able to talk to the new student. It would be a different story if she belonged to some group, but these are the only people I can talk to.

“I think it would be different if there was someone else you could talk to besides me. In’t there someone else who likes [Sunlight Hope] in this classroom?”

“I’m sure there are. But I don’t think there’s anyone as hardcore as me. If there were, they would have seen this [Sunlight hope Exclusive Limited Live Towel (Special Version Limited to 50 people)] and talked to me.”

“Ah, I guess so.”

I don’t think there is anything special about fans. I don’t think I’m great just because I spent a lot of money or because I have goods.

Be that as it may, there will be differences in the level of enthusiasm of each and every fan. It’s an indicator to some extent whether you know this or not.

“To be honest, if I talk to a [Sunlight hope] fan, I’ll probably be so happy that I’ll just keep talking to them one way or the other. If they don’t have the same level of enthusiasm, they’ll probably get turned off.”

“I see. So you’re waiting for someone with this limited-edition towel deliberately sticking out of your bag.”

“[Sunlight hope Exclusive Limited Live Towel (Special Version Limited to 50 people)], don’t get it wrong.”

“Wow, you’re a pain in the ass type of guy.”

–And while we were having this conversation, time was passing. The time passed and more and more students came to the classroom.

“Okay, the teacher will be coming soon so I’ll go back to my seat.”

“Oh. Take care.”

“We’re in the same classroom.”

The usual exchange. As I watched my best friend return to his seat, the bell rang and the teacher entered the classroom.

“I have an announcement to make to all of you.”

“A transfer student, right?”

“Oh, you knew. Yes, a new student is coming. But first, a word of warning.”

A word of warnings? What’s that? Like, don’t dig too deep into the situation?

I mean, it’s a new student at this time of year. There may be a lot going on.

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard that I had not expected.

“Do not take pictures without permission and post them on social media. This warning is not only for this class, but for the entire school year.”

The classroom began to buzz at the teacher’s words. Is this that thing? Is it a celebrity affiliate?

Or maybe it’s a celebrity, or a high school student influencer. Maybe it’s one of them.

“Everyone, please be quiet. ….Are you listening? This is a matter of some circumstances. 

It is a crime to take pictures without permission and post them on social media. Of course, it’s also a crime to take sneaky pictures.”

I would like to say that there are no such people, but there are people who take short videos in the classroom, so I can’t say for sure.

“When everyone comes to an agreement, I’d like to call the new student.”

At those words, the classroom, which had been buzzing, suddenly stopped. It was obvious.

Then—the teacher looked at the classroom and smiled.

“Then, Kusunoki san, please come in.”

At the same time as the teacher called out, the door opened and a girl entered.

–Huh? Eh?

–The first thing that caught my attention was her wavy, glossy black hair that stretched down her back.

It was so shiny and glossy that I couldn’t move my eyes from it….I thought. But there was something even more eye-catching. 

Especially the aura-like thing that surrounded her. It may seem like a joke, but I knew at first glance that there was something distinctly different from the average person.

And then I looked at her face–and then at her body. I quietly closed my eyes.

“I’m Kusunoki Nanami ! Nice to meet you all !”

I heard a familiar voice through the screen. I lost consciousness.

“S-Sensei ! Kanna kun has collapsed !”

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