After the meal, a short one-hour break was given.

During this time, the first years cleaned up and spent their own free time.

There was no summary of the scene that I was watching while propping my elbows on the table in a daze, and most of the first years were engaged in chatting and laughing with their friends.

(Shiori san is preparing for the next event, the other seniors and those in different classes are in unknown relationships, and Yuzuha is away somewhere. ……)

I’m bored, I’m so bored.

The first years have been glancing at me since a while ago,…… but I don’t have enough relationship value to interact with the first years, and I don’t even know if I should be too actively involved in the first place.

I know how Shiori san felt earlier. I feel the urge to do something with my hands.

(…… I’ll check out the next lesson in the curriculum…)

I take out from my pocket the forest school paper that Yuzuha has put together in an easy-to-understand way for this day.

The forest school is basically packed with events on the first day.

After that, they play in a large athletic field nearby, return to the facility and have dinner, followed by the main event, the spirit test.

On the second day, we cook our own breakfast and then go home…

(What a lot of work is a test of courage ……)

The people leading the event are left with only one person to surprise with the student council members.

Even though I have the disguise tools I used last year, it takes a lot of effort to surprise someone in the dark every time.

(Well, Yuzuha is doing her best, so I can’t complain…)

I fold the paper and put it in my pocket again.

And then, for another moment of solitary daze—.

“Did you see that? She’s still alone on that bench over there.”

When I was about to spend the time, three girls were walking near me.

“I saw it, I saw it, it’s kind of pitiful~”

“But who would talk to a shady girl like that? Sure, she might have a pretty face, but…”

“Right! I think she’s been like that for a whole year. I mean, I want her to stay like that.”

They are laughing, giggling, as if they are having a good time.

However, as someone who is listening, I can’t laugh at all.


It might not be something I should say.

It’s been a year, so I’m not in a position to interfere in the relationship. I’m sure that even if I continue to warn those three people, they’ll just end up avoiding her.
I’m just a second year student in the position of a leader. For first-year students, I’m a complete stranger.

However, as long as I don’t talk to them, there won’t be any problems.

“Envy and jealousy is so embarrassing to listen to!”


“You’re embarrassing yourself, and it’s ridiculous!”

The three of them stop and look back at me.

I glanced at her just once, then turned my back and started walking.

“Don’t say anything that would put a damper on a fun event.”

The words came out as if they were being thrown out.

I don’t know what the three people behind me look like, and I might have been the one who put the blame on them.

Even so, it inevitably leaked.

I didn’t see any particular meaning behind it, but…I continued toward the bench that had a panoramic view.


“Eh, Aira-chan was first in her class!?”

“Y-yes …… in case you’re wondering.”

— Not one, but two people on the bench.

One of them seems to be a little mature, but somehow she is a cute girl. Beautiful and pretty, and you can feel the delicateness of it as if it would break if you touched it.

I didn’t see all of them, but she definitely had the most beautiful face of all the first-year students I saw today.

The other girl was a familiar childhood friend.

She is sitting next to the first year girl, smiling positively and talking to her.

(……I didn’t even have to do anything.)

Although it is a guess, Yuzuha must have seen her alone and approached her.

To make her enjoy this event as much as possible.

As proof of this, the girl’s face was a little more relaxed, albeit awkwardly.

“Ah, Tsukkun!”

Yuzuha notices me and waves her hand.

“Hey, listen! This girl is number one in her class, just like Tsukkun! Oh, her name is Sakurazaka Aira-chan!”

“Hmm… ah, my name is Irie Tsukasa . Nice to meet you.”

“Y-Yes! Nice to meet you!”

The girl — Sakurazaka lowers her head in a hurry.

I felt that this appearance was similar to Yuzuha when she first learned that I was the prince.

“Sorry about my childhood friend, wasn’t she noisy?”

“Eh, no, …… that’s not…”

“Wasn’t she noisy?”



“Uh, …….”

“Hey, do you want a nod, tsukkun?”

Ffufufu, not at all, young lady.

I do think you’re loud, but I don’t think you’re noisy.

“But you’re number one, …… that’s great.”

“N-no… that’s not true. Rather, rumor has it that Irie-senpai has always been in first place…”

“I think I’m awesome myself!”

“Gosh,…… the word that makes me angry, it should be the number one line, but I’m the one who thought Tsukkun’s smug face was a bit cool,……!”

“Yeah yeah, okay, thanks.”

I pat Yuzuha’s head, which makes her cheeks puff out, and keep her chest puffed out.

Then, Sakurazaka’s relaxed mouth changed and —.

“Fufu, that’s interesting, you seniors.”

— Not awkwardly, she gave me a smile that was somewhat blown out of proportion.

Seeing that face, something soft blurred on Yuzuha’s face, whose cheeks were puffed out.

(……You really are suited to be a teacher, Yuzuha.)

I continued to stroke Yuzuha’s head.

“Ah, Irie-senpai! Is he flirting with Minase-senpai again?”

“Seriously, please stop! It’s painful for me to watch.”

“I feel like I want to hit him at once.”

“Minase-senpai also really surrenders to herself without any resistance.”

At that time, two male and female students from the same class happened to say something like that to me.

I thought it was just right, and put my arms around the two men’s shoulders.

“If you want to beat me up so badly, let’s play a game with a little penalty, juniors, shall we?”

“T-that kind of pisses me off ……!”

“Okay! I’m going to beat that unexpectedly popular face and punch you!”

“Ah, we’ll do it too! Right, Aira-chan!?”


Each of us had a different reaction, but — we spent a little free time by the bench.

It was fun. I could tell from the smiles Sakurazaka showed at the end with Yuzuha and the other girls in the class with her.

However, the boys who couldn’t hit me once in the face looked frustrated, but …… well, that’s not important.

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