“My favorite idol is in this classroom…..that means, I’m breathing the same air as her? Am I gonna die?”

“You’re being creepy again.”

“Call me whatever you want.”

It’s been a week since my idol transferred to my  school.

Perhaps because of her celebrity status, Kusunoki is already a popular person in the school.

However,… seemed to be quite difficult.

“It seems like Yasuda from the basketball club has also been turned down.”

“Seriously? If Yasuda can’t do it, then no one else can either.”

“I guess they’ll be compared to actors and male idols. You wanna be the next one?”

“I don’t. As for me, I’d prefer Kasumi chan from [Suh].”

Words I heard from around me. About—the story of them confessing to Kusunoki Nanami.

By the way, [Suh] is an abbreviation of [Sunlight hope].

Until now, I’ve been calling it by its full name because I’ve been enjoying it secretly by myself. But from now on, we may have more things to talk about, so it would be better to call it by its abbreviation. It’s the official abbreviation, in case you’re wondering.

I’ll go by this one unless I have to call them by their official name.

The office that [Suh] belongs to does not have a love ban or anything like that, probably due to the recent trend.

……That’s because they want to make fans think something like they had a chance.

In fact, I don’t think there were any idols who announced that they had a boyfriend while belonging to that agency.

“Everyone can confess their feelings.”

“Says the guy who confessed his feelings on the first day….?”

“I just couldn’t control my emotions.”

I didn’t mean it in the sense of asking her to go out with me. It’s the same thing as when you watch an archive of a live broadcast and whisper, [I love you…so cute…].

“Well, she’s actually cute.”

“Oh? Kaname, you wanna join too? Do you wanna watch the entire live concert at home next time?”

“I’ll hold back. I have club activities.”

Kuh. I’m sure he’d be hooked if he saw them. But it’s not good to go too hard at a time like this.

“Even so, it must be really difficult. It seems that there are quite a few people who ask, [Are you back yet?] at the same time as confessing their feelings.”

“Do you want to get rid of him?”

“You’re quick to judge and heavy.”

Why put the burden on the idol?

In times like this, you should say, [Please take a good rest !] or [I’ll be waiting for you forever ! ] or…..that may still be a burden. I hope they will at least think about how to say it a little more.

“You don’t say things like that, do you?”

“Obviously. If an idol had declared a hiatus, you should’ve said, [I’ll wait for you.] while supporting her. [Suh] itself is not inactive.”

“Ah, you finally started calling them by abbreviated name.”

And I also told Kusunoki that I would try to see her as a classmate.   I’m not saying it can be done though. I want to avoid being a burden to the idol as much as possible.

“Right now, she’s a classmate. That’s it.”

“Really? So you’re going after her?”

“Idiot. There’s no way I can make my favorite idol happy. If that’s the case, it would be much better to have a love affair with an actor or another idol.”

“Well, I didn’t think that would happen to you. I guess you’re not really in love.”

“Huh? I am though?”

“You’re starting to have an annoying aura coming out.”

I guess it’s because I love her that I want her to be happy.

I want her to get married in ten years or so to some actor with a good face and personality. That is my wish as a fan. I don’t know if that’ll come true though !

“Hey, hey. What are you talking about?”


“Oh, speak of the devil, Kusunoki chan.”

The idol who suddenly appears in front of me. She looks good today.

Kusunoki is bright and has strong communication skills. It’s no different from what I see on TV or on your smartphone.

But please, please don’t call out to me out of the blue. No matter how many hearts I have, it’ll never be enough.

“We’re talking about Kusunoki chan. He never talks about anything else.”

“Fufu, I see. Thank you, Yukito kun.”


“You’d better get used to it.”

However, I can’t talk directly to Kusunoki about what I was talking about. 

“I was just wondering. I’m sure you’ve heard of [Sunlight hope]……everyone says [Suh], so I guess that is better. What do you like about it?”

……Hm? She’s asking me that? No, it’s good though. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to talk about my favorite things.

Things that I like. Favorite part?

“All of them……?”

“Why are you using the question mark too?”

“Because……their looks, personalities, and songs are all good….ah, the first song I liked the most was [First Love★Winter], the first single Kusunoki released.”


Ah, crap. I said too much.

[First Love★Winter] is said to be a fantastic song.

It was the first single Kusunoki Nanami released, and it was her own song, but……it stopped selling it for various reasons.

The reason is probably because Nanami chan tried too hard in the chorus. I think it would be good to re-record it and release it.

At the time, [Suh] was not famous, and there were very few stores that sold this CD-only song. Therefore, it is said that less than a hundred copies of the song were sold in the market.

Sometimes it was illegally uploaded on video sites, but it was immediately deleted.

“Ah, haha…you’re  an old-fan. If it’s from a video site, it’s a little complicated.”

“Ah, it’s okay, I pre-ordered and bought it on the first day……..I cherished it and listened to it ten times a day.”

“I’m a little embarrassed about that, you know !?”

Because Nanami chan is so cute when she try so hard. I can’t help but ask her.

“Well, it’s fine…ten times. Ten times, huh.”

“I’m sorry, but from now on, I’m gonna put it on the altar dedicated to [Sunlight hope], so please forgive me.”

“The [Sunlight hope] dedicated altar…..?”

“Ah, no, don’t worry about it.”

I accidentally slipped up again.  

I don’t wanna get the attention of the public. I don’t wanna be disliked.

“But…’ve been a fan for such a long time.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“He’s a big fan. He’s been recommending it to me since the very beginning.”

“Fufu. Thanks a lot. I’ll do my best to get back to work as soon as possible.”

Kusunoki smiles at me–but there seems to be a hint of guilt on her face. I hope it’s just my imagination.

Could this be that? 

It’s like she’s asking me, a fan who’s been around for a while, about it, since she’s been treated as an [idol] lately.


“How do you feel when someone you admire is absent from school?”

“……? I’m worried, I guess.”

“You’re kind…I like you…I don’t mean it like that. I see You’re worried, and not angry. So please rest as much as you can, I think.”

Kusunoki’s expression turned into a look of surprise. It’s so nice to see her expression change all the time. I’m about to die.

“It’s just like that. As long as I’m alive, I’ll be able to support you… I hope you don’t worry about it.”

Mm. I said what I wanted to say. I feel like I said something pretty gross, but it’s better than the fan letters I’m sending.

“….Thanks. Yukito kun.”

“No, it’s fine. I was out of line. I’m sorry. I’ll cut my guts open.”

“Your samurai soul is exploding.”

Well, I don’t care if people hate me. Yeah…is that okay?

I thought about it for a moment, but there’s no way my idol is that narrow-minded. As expected, my stomach――

“Thank you so much. Yukito kun.”


She took my hand.

Eh? Her hand? Eh? Eh? I don’t have a handshake ticket.

“I’ll do my best. For the sake of fans like you.


That smile. It was different from what she had shown before.

Whether it’s on screen or on stage–a smile I’ve never seen in my school life.

It is like a sunflower blooming towards the midsummer sun. Like autumn leaves coloring the whole mountain. Such a smile.

“Huh? I like you?”

“Your words are leaking out.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. …..It’s all right.”

The skin, which is as clear as glass work, turns slightly reddish. I’m sure she’s used to being told that, but is she a goddess? …She’s a goddess.

I savor my idol’s unusual expression.

While doing so, a female student called out to Kusunoki.

“Kusunoki chan ! Let’s move to the classroom !”

“Ah, yeah !”

It seems that the lunch break is already over. Today’s lunch break was heaven.

“See you then, Yukino kun, Kaname kun.”

“Ah, yes !”

The small waving guesses burnt my brain. I really like her…..

“I’m sure you’ll be able to make it.”

“Huh What?”


Although I frowned at Kaname’s words, I thought it was okay and started preparing for the next class.

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