Episode 15



When I parted with Nakao san and entered the house, Sawa chan was already home. Sawa chan was drinking something in the living room. I thought it was coffee today, but it was sweet cafe au lait.

“Sawa chan, I’m home.”

When I said that, she welcomed me somewhat awkwardly. Is she nervous?

But somehow, I felt as if Sawa chan was my wife and was waiting for me?

“W-welcome back. How was your first day at school?”

“It was fun. I made new friends.”

When I said that, Sawa chan looked at me with a somewhat weird expression, even though it was a good thing for her that I could make friends.

Well, it was probably just my imagination. Sawa chan seemed to be very interested in it and started to dig more.

“H-hee ! How are your friends? Are they nice?”

By “friend,” do you mean Kou? Sawa chan has seen me and Kou together.

“A good kid, we normally get along well. Plus, I got complimented on how cool I am.”

“R-really…… I’m so happy for you.”

Sawa chan laughed.  I wonder if it was just my imagination. But it might not be my imagination, because…..

“Sawa chan, you already drank all the café au lait.”

“Eh, ah ! You’re right. Ahaha, I’m so embarrassed.”

Saying that, Sawa chan scratched her head. I took Sawa chan’s cup and went to fill it with café au lait. I wanted some, too.

“T-thank you very much. Black is fine.”

“I’m going to have cafe au lait because I want cafe au lait right now. If you complain, I won’t fill it.”

“Then, I’ll have café au lait.”

Saying that, Sawa chan smiled. I knew the girl with the twin-tailed brown hair was cute, but Sawa chan was 100 times cuter. I wanted to hug her and take her away to bed.

While thinking about that, I made a cup of café au lait. When I brought it to Sawa chan, it was still hot, and she was blowing it.

She may have noticed me watching the gesture and gave me a cold stare. Soon that look changes to the usual one, and she starts talking to me.

“Today’s basketball game was great, wasn’t it? When you were little, you used to cry when you couldn’t get a shot.”

“…..Shame on me. Why do you remember such a thing-! …… So, how am I today? Was I cool?”

“Ugh……don’t get carried away. You haven’t beaten me yet.”

Saying that, she pretended to shoot. At some point, I thought she was going to say that I’m cool, but she wasn’t so naive after all.

Sawa chan drank her café au lait and let out a big sigh.


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