“W-What’s the matter….. Sakurai kun…..?”
“Good morning, Kitajima-san. I’m sorry, I made you wait today.”

When I reached the station, it seemed that Kitajima san had already arrived at the station.

Haha …… what are you doing, me. You can’t keep her waiting. ……
I guess I fell off my bike on the way…………

She was a little worried about my condition, and she called out to me. But I didn’t answer her with anything real.

“Y-You look very painful. Did you fall down? You have a scratch on your face. And …… Have you sleep? You have dark circles under your eyes.”
“Ahaha. I got carried away with the game last night. I stayed up all night! That’s why I wobbled and fell down. I’m so uncool!”

I said and turned my body toward the school.

“I think I’ll go to school early so I can get some sleep! Haha!”
“……Sakurai kun.”

Kitajima-san with a quizzical look on her face. I forcefully tried to change the subject.

“Well, the student council’s duties begin in earnest today! What are the duties of general affairs? I’m not sure if I can do it well, but I’ll do my best!”
“……If you don’t want to talk, I won’t listen.”
“…… Eh?”

Kitajima-san looked me in the eye as she said this.

“But is that the extent of who I am to you?”
“Kitajima-san, ……. ……”
“I want you to tell me anything. I do not intend to say such a thing at all. But! If you think I don’t think anything of it after seeing you in so much pain! Please don’t make fun of me!”
“Of course I’m worried about you! I will know immediately that something is wrong! You know how I feel! Then, please understand how I feel when you do that to me!”

Really, what the hell am I doing ……
She had to go so far as to tell me …… Why don’t I understand. ……

“………… sorry. Kitajima-san. My bad.”

I said and bowed to her.

And then

“Will you listen to what I have to say?”

At those words, Kitajima-san shook her head with a serious expression on her face.

Let’s talk. All of it.

And if she doesn’t like me, I’ll Confess to her again. I won’t ask for the luxury of zero so that she will like me. I’ll start from the negative and work my way up.

That’s what I thought.

We sit together on a bench in front of the station and I begin to tell her the story.

“The day before the entrance ceremony. I confessed my feelings to Rinne.”
“…… Yes.”

“I want her to be my girlfriend, not just my childhood friend. To this confession, Rinne said….
[I’ve never seen you as a man, so I can’t!]”

“W-Why is that…”
“I’m like a ‘bad little brother’ to Rinne. That’s what she told me.”

She was speechless at my words.

“So, on the day of the entrance ceremony. I guess she couldn’t forgive me for calling her relationship with me ‘just a childhood friend’ in front of you.”
“Minamino-san often uses the word ‘family’. It seems to me that she is obsessed with it. Is there a reason for this?”

I answered her question.

“I’ve been running away without asking her the reason.”

I take my eyes off her and look down.

“Yesterday. Rinne confessed to me.”

She is surprised and I continue.

“‘I’ll be Kirito’s girlfriend’ she said. I asked her why, and when she told me, I couldn’t forgive her.”
“W-What did she say?”
“She told me that if she becomes my girlfriend, we can become a ‘family’. She also told me that it was a sister’s duty to listen to my brother’s selfishness.”
“T-that much……”
“I was pretty annoyed, too.”

I said that and took out my phone.

“I blocked all calls. I’ve blocked the messaging app. I’ve cut off all contact with her.

She trailed off again.

“Then I couldn’t sleep, and today came. And there was Rinne in front of my house, with the same face as mine.”

I was in a daze. I feel pathetic, I feel uncool, I want to die.

“I was afraid to listen to Rinne’s words because if I …… heard them, I would be shaken …….”

“Shaken …..?”

I look up and look her in the eye and answer her words.

“I want to fall in love with you. I want to be you lover.”
“If I talked to …… Rinne, that resolve might be shaken,…… so I was afraid to …… ask her anything, and I ran away. ……”

Haha …… it’s over.

A man like this, no wonder she hates me ……

I wonder what she will say to me after this.

I don’t like you anymore.

I wonder if she will say at least that.

That’s what I was thinking.

But what she said was much harsher than that. ………………

“You are the worst. I hate you. I can’t …… forgive Sakurai kun.”
“I know,…………. I ran away …… without even asking her why.”
“No, not that!!”
“…… Eh?”

Kitajima-san pointed at my phone with an angry look in her eyes.

“Why, why did you reject Minamino-san’s phone calls and block her messaging app!”
“….. t-that…’

She says with her eyes downcast.

“I was …… abused in …… elementary school.”
“…… yeah.”

She looks very bitter.

“Some of them were …… ‘ignoring’ me.”
“Sakurai kun is …… Sakurai kun! You are the hero who saved me from bullies! You are such a hero! Why do you abuse Minamino-san with ‘ignoring’!”
Running away is fine! But you can’t ignore her! Unblock and her right now!”

I immediately took control of my phone and unblocked and Rinne’s calls.

“Please go now!”
“Go to …… Rinne’s …… place, I guess.”

She nodded her head at my words.

“Sakurai kun, whom I fell in love with, is ‘a kind person who understands other people’s pain. Sakurai kun…… let me like you again.”

She giggled as she said this.

“…… Sorry, Kitajima-san. I’m going to Rinne’s place. And I’m going to apologize.”
“Yes. Please talk to me when you’re done with everything. That …… Sakurai kun,…… could you please stand up?”
“……Huh? ……Yes.”

I stood up, and Kitajima-san stood in front of me.

Then she hugged me. 

“……………Sakurai kun. I’m sure you’ll be fine. My hug may not be enough to help you, but I believe that Sakurai kun will solve this problem for her.”
“It’s not the same. I’m not a “me” person. You are helping me a lot.”

Then she looked at me with strong eyes and said

“Minamino san is my rival, but she is not my enemy. I am unwilling to win in this way. I will win head-on, fair and square.”

After she said this, she moved away from me.

“Go on, Sakurai kun”
“Yeah. I’m off, Kitajima-san.”

I said goodbye to her and rode my bicycle back the way I came.

The pain in my chest that I felt a few minutes ago is gone.

What I have is a feeling of gratitude to Kitajima-san and an apology to Rinne.

Once again. To make Kitajima-san like me.
Once more. So that I can laugh with Rinne.

I pedaled my bicycle as fast as I could.

(TL/N : Wow what a comeback..or is it?)

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1 year ago

Hmm, yeah, I don’t like that. Did she just compare him to a bully because he cut off contact for one night and a morning with a girl who broke his heart three times in three days? It feels like such “mature” logic, it loops right back around to being childish. I get saying not to ignore her like that, but it almost felt like he was made a villain for being emotionally stressed out and wanting some space from the cause. I guess you can’t be the main character without being the therapist for the girl who rejected you three times and doesn’t understand what the “blood” in “blood” family means.

Someone please tell me if I’m crazy for feeling weird about him being compared to a bully after multiple heartbreaks from the same person.

1 year ago
Reply to  Miroh?

I say introduce some big titty senpai and leave those two crazy woman.

1 year ago
Reply to  Blaze

I agree with you