“What, Eh? Ae? Oh?….Eh?”

Suzu opened the front door and froze with an unspoken voice.
Seeing this, I and Ichikawa san, who was dressed only in a towel, froze as well.

“Ugh !!”

Then Ichikawa san came back to herself in just a few seconds, snatched it from my hand, and hurriedly withdrew to the sink.

“S-Suzu…..This isn’t like that. ……”
“Hiiii ?!”

I let out a slow little voice so that I wouldn’t irritate Suzu, but she fell into a coma on the spot with a bloody nose.

“…..What should I do”

“W-W-What’s the meaning of this !! Is it that kind of thing ?! Is it ?! T-The storks?!”

Suzu woke up within minutes of losing consciousness and shouted in the living room upon waking up.
Perhaps because of her confusion, she is speaking in a slightly unintelligible manner.

I was here to care for her, and Ichikawa san was there, firmly dressed in her pajamas.
Needless to say, I was speechless at how sexy Ichikawa san looked in her satin fabric pajamas!

This caused me to leave Suzu at the door for a little while.

“Calm down. I wonder if you enjoy walking into people’s homes and suddenly falling down screaming.”
“Haa !? that’s not possible!!….so, why are you here….?’

Seeing Ichikawa san, who called out to her, Suzu finally regained her composure.
Apparently, her memory before and after she fainted is fuzzy. It’s a good thing for me.
Was the sight of naked boys and girls that shocking?

……This is bad. My face is getting hot again when I remember.
And I wasn’t naked to begin with. It was an accident, an accident.

“Y-Yes! I remember! I saw you go into Youta’s house, that’s why I came!”
“You, Don’t tell me you were stalking me after that? Even I am horrified.”
“Don’t pull it! No, it’s not. It just happened! I just happened to see you!”

[After that] you mean you met her before you came here?
Why again?

“Hmph ! I just saved you from him, and now you’re acting like a jerk!”
“I’m not asking you to help me. That was just you getting angry on your own, wasn’t it? And you have no shame in patronizing me for saying it.”
“You’re irritating me~~~~!!!!!”

Suzu turns red in the face in frustration after being outspoken by Ichikawa san. 
I knew Suzu is kind of an idiot. She said she was smart, though.
And who is that [guy] …… I’m curious …….

But it’s time for both sides to start heating up.
I can’t just sit back and watch the argument unfold before my eyes. I have to stop this!

“Hey, calm down, both of you!”
“I’m calm. Komiya kun.”
“That’s right, you shut up.”

Huh?…..There is no sign of stopping at all.

I interrupted them, but they were staring at each other.

I knew These two are the worst match for each other…….
I mean, I feel like this has happened before.

“I’m going to take this opportunity to make this clear.”
“If you have something to say, please don’t hesitate to say it. It’s easier for me”
“You’ve got some nerve! I’ll tell you what. I don’t like you!”
“I was just thinking the same thing.”
“Ki——–Tssss! And that attitude of being comfortable is pissing me off too!”
“Why don’t you have some break? You’ve just been making a lot of noise since yesterday. Maybe that’s why you fell down today.”
“Y-You’ve said it !?”

Ah~this is bad. What should I do about this? I think I’ll watch TV.
I want to leave this place. Can I go?

Slowly, Quietly….

“First thing !! Why are you in Youta’s house!”
“Ara. It’s obvious.”
“Ah, eh, Ichikawa san !”

Ichikawa san tangled her arms around me as I tried to flee the scene.
I’m being pulled abruptly and force-summoned to the field.

“This kind of thing….”

Eh? W-wait, don’t tell me….?

“Of course it’s because Komiya kun and I are lovers.”
“What !?”

She said it !?

“I-I-I knew it! I knew that would be the case!”
“Yes. So there is nothing unnatural about me and Komiya kun being together as lovers. I’m not even sure why you’re here in the first place, since you’re not related to me. Can you leave quickly?”

Suzu looks like she wants to say something and glares at me.
What do you want me to do?

In the first place, I told Suzu that I have a girlfriend, and there is no reason for her to complain about that.
It was surprising that Ichikawa san would reveal it here, but one day she would find out. It might have been a good opportunity.

“Ku…hee.hee~. But for someone who calls you his girlfriend? You call each other by your last names.”
“…..What are you talking about?”
“Nothing~? I just thought that Youta and I call each other by our first names, but with you, it’s your last name.”

Ichikawa san’s head, which had been entwined with her arm, turned toward me with a movement like a Japanese doll in a horror movie.
And then I dug my own grave.

I tried to wait on Suzu and called Suzu myself.

“Hee…..Call it”

I start to slowly break out in a cold sweat. I can’t turn my head away from the lateral pressure. ……!

“Then why do you call Komiya kun by his name? What kind of relationship do you have with him?”

Don’t say it! Please, don’t tell her!


What are you so proud of? Stop it!

“Of course he’s my fiancee!”

I want to run away. I want to run away. I was actually going to tell her today.
It’s true. About Suzu and …… Tohno san.
I was going to tell her because I didn’t want to go out with her without telling her.

After all, timing is everything, right?
But it’s not now.

“I don’t know if you’re floating around in a relationship, but I’m his fiancée! How’s that? Are you frustrated? You’re frustrated, aren’t you? Right?”

Hey, don’t encourage her! I don’t know what’s going to happen, so don’t encourage her!
This is no time to be thinking about that!

“Komiya kun”
“Please elaborate”

I am afraid to speak so I only talk in a straightforward and necessary minimum number of words.

“No, it’s not. Ichikawa san. I’m not her fiancee! To be precise, I’m just a stranger who almost got engaged to her!”
“Hmph, I’ll take what I want by force. That’s why you’re my fiancee.”
“Shut up. You shut up ! You said it yourself, didn’t you? You said if I didn’t fall in love with you, you’d give up gracefully! I’m not in love with you, so give it up!”
“I’m going to make you fall in love with me now.”
“Where have I ever been in love with you!”
“For now. Will you two please be quiet?”

I was forcibly silenced by Ichikawa san. For some reason, Suzu also complied with the pressure to say whether or not she was there.

“Fufu, So this is your secret weapon.”

But surprisingly, Ichikawa san was not distraught and calmly smiled at Suzu.
Suzu also distorts her face at the fact that Ichikawa san was unchallenged.

“I’m not sure. If it were girlfriend and fiancée, fiancée would be the better one, right?”
“There is no up or down. There’s no point in having a relationship that’s just a formality.”

Oh, oh! You said it. Ichikawa san, you believed in me too!
Thank you, God!

“You seem relieved, Komiya kun.”
“You do understand, don’t you?”

I knew she didn’t miss it.

“W-What would it be ……?”
“I won’t let you sleep tonight.”
“That sounds like a different meaning. ……”
“Well? That would be fun either way.”

I can only feel your S-ness, Ichikawa-san. (You probably already know what S means…)

“You’re not gonna give up? I’m his fiancée.”
“I’m sorry, but I’ve already assumed that much. If you think I’m going to give up because of that, you’re wrong.”

You’ve anticipated it… that true?’’

“Hmph. But it has to be that, or it’s no fun.”

It’s not interesting at all over here.

“Okay, If you want to.”
“I will take Youta away from you!”

So Suzu declared to Ichikawa san in high spirits.

“You wish. If you can, do it.”

And Ichikawa san took it head-on.

A diagram of them fighting over me. How did this happen ……?

“Okay, well, for starters.”

Then, after making her declaration, Suzu turned her gaze away from Ichikawa san and looked at me. She continued to head straight for me…

“Eh, W-What !?”

I felt a soft touch on my cheek.

“N-N-Now that’s my lead! O-O-Okay, I’m going home!”

I guess Suzu was embarrassed, too, because she turned red and walked out as if she was running away.
Both I and Ichikawa san remained frozen.

“I-Ichikawa san…..Just now….I-I have no choice…”
“If it had touched your lips, I would have disposed of that female right then and there.”


“Ichikawa san…..I-It hurts though…”

Ichikawa-san straightens my eyes and repeatedly rubs the place where Suzu just touched with the sleeve of her own pajamas.
I tell her I’m in pain but she won’t stop.

I’m going to lose my cheeks. ……

“Fufu…..I knew I wouldn’t let you sleep today.”

Then Ichikawa san looked me straight in the eye again and said the same line as before.

“……which way do you mean by that?”

……I hope I don’t lose sleep.

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Ichikawa is pretty dangerous, but I feel that she isn’t Yandere level crazy yet…

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Will have segg throught night ?