Currently, I’m in the park.
I’ve never been to this park at all.
It seems to be a park near Ichikawa san’s house. I say “apparently” because I don’t know where Ichikawa san lives.
Sakino san told me.

Sakino san didn’t seem too comfortable with the idea, but when I threatened to forcefully threaten her with a dangling punishment, she had no choice but to comply.

I haven’t even contacted Ichikawa san yet. There is a possibility that she may not come even if I contact her, but what will happen, will happen then.

“Hey. Why this park?”
“No, It wouldn’t be good for me to know directly where Ichikawa san lives if she didn’t give me her address, wouldn’t it?”
“S-seems so”

I operate my phone, select Ichikawa san from my contacts, and make a call.

After about three calls, I heard an answering tone on the other end of the phone.

[Hello? Komiya kun? What’s wrong?”]
[Et-to, Actually, I’m at Shiratani Park near Ichikawa san’s house.]
[…I wonder why you know it?]
[No, this is..I’ll explain the situation later, but can you please come out?]
[…I think that’s the part where you say, ‘I lied, but it’s because I wanted to see you. You can try again]
[Eh…Should I say it?]
[If you don’t I won’t come]
[Don’t say that..]
[Okay, go ahead]
[…Because I want to see you]
[Your heart’s not in it. Again]
[B-Because I want to see you !!!]
[Can’t help it. If you insist, I’ll go.]

The sound was muffled from the speakers, a poo-poo and empty sound lingering in my ears.

Maybe she got out of her house because she is in great spirits.
I feel that Ichikawa san was back to her usual self.

“Komiya kun why …… Aoi’s phone number ……”

she was far enough away that she didn’t seem to hear the conversation, but it sure is strange when you think about it.

“W-well stuff happens?”

I had no choice but to go with that

Then, just a few minutes later, I heard footsteps.
It was Ichikawa san who appeared at the entrance to the park.

Then Ichikawa san slowly approached us and looked at Sakino san next to me and frowned.

I’m now afraid of that reaction.

“Shizuka, why are you here?”
“I’m sorry….”
“Wait, Shizuka ?!”

Ichikawa san is confused when Sakino san suddenly hugs her.
From her point of view, everything must have been sudden.

“Et-to, I’m sorry. I don’t know what the situation is ……”

While hugging back the sobbing Sakino san, Ichikawa san asks me for help.

“Why is Shizuka with you?”

She looked at me with a creepy, cold look.
How shall I explain ……?

“N-No…I went back to the classroom to pick up something I had left behind, and Sakino san was there. She said she wanted to apologize to Ichikawa san for what happened today.
“To me? Why?”

Ichikawa san does not seem to be aware of it.
I can only speculate, but Sakino san feels that she is to blame for what happened today.

So I believe she wants to apologize to Ichikawa san.

“I’m sorry …… for making you feel bad …… because of me.”
“….So it’s about that”

With that one word, Ichikawa san seemed to understand everything.
What’s going on with your insight?

“I don’t have any bad feelings about it.”
“I am sure that Nagano’s and others’ words were offensive, but this is my problem as well. And if you are going to apologize, it’s the wrong person, isn’t it?”

Sakino san’s shoulders tremble at Ichikawa san’s words.
Ichikawa san urges her to apologize to me.

“Ah, she already apologized to me”
“And you forgive her?”
“…Ah, it’s no problem for me”

I myself don’t think of anything today.
In fact, it was Nagano and the others who said something to me. Sakino san kept the place in order after I was gone, and it’s not that she said anything particularly bad about me.

“Shizuka. Have you really apologized to Komiya kun?”
“You apologized to him because you thought I was angry, no?’

Sakino san seems to think so, and with a huff, she gave a small nod once again.

“Then what you should do is not to apologize to me, but to him, sincerely apologize to Komiya kun. After receiving a sincere apology from you, Komiya kun will decide whether he forgives you or not. Isn’t that the way it should be?”

Ichikawa san has a point. I accepted the apology as I was being swept away earlier, as I was being apologized to.
Sakino san trembled at the harsh words coming from Ichikawa san.

Then, once again, she breathes in and then turns to face me.

“Today….About hurting Komiya kun…I’m really…I’m really sorry!”

Once again, Sakino san looked me in the eye and slowly lowered her head.
Eyes that I did not see earlier.
I could see the seriousness in her eyes.

I don’t know how she really feels about it, but it’s enough for me to get a serious apology from her.

“Yeah. It’s fine really. I forgive Sakino san”

When I said this, Sakino san sobbed again.

After a while, Ichikawa san slowly embraces and comforts Sakino san.
From the tone of her voice earlier, Ichikawa san herself said she didn’t feel bad about it, but I felt like she was angry because of me as well.

“I’m sorry too Aoi…I..”
“You did that because you thought of me, didn’t you?”
“You’ve always been a great help to me. But you know, if you really care about me, don’t go out of control and make sure you talk to me too. You are my only best friend.”
“Uuu, Aoi…”

Sakino san nodded her head many times in a small way.
It’s a beautiful thing when they get along.

I saw that, too, and felt as if a weight had finally been lifted off my shoulders.
I didn’t have any responsibility that I should feel.

It’s kind of frustrating to watch …… relationships between girls.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s my parents calling. Because I suddenly came out.”

Ichikawa san’s phone rings just as she finishes comforting Sakino san.
Ichikawa san took the incoming call and moved a short distance away.

“Thank you so much for today”

Once we are alone, Sakino san thanks me once again.

“Ah no I didn’t do anything”
“No, I really appreciate it. If Komiya kun hadn’t taken me out this far, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. I’m not sure if I will resolve problems with Aoi or not. I’m glad I was able to apologize to Komiya kun one more time.”
“I really didn’t do anything.”
“But still. Komiya-kun is more dependable than I thought.”
“I think that might be the first time anyone’s ever told me that.”
“Ahaha..Sorry. I really thought of Komiya kun as just a shadowy classmate. But not anymore.”


“I kind of like Komiya kun.”

Sakino san looked at me shyly.

“Ah, no, I’m-”
“I’m sorry. I have to get back soon.”

Just as I am about to squeeze out a few words, Ichikawa san returns from the phone.

“No, Thank you. You made time for me.”
“Fufu, It’s a small price to pay for Shizuka.”
“Well, I’m gonna get going”
“Okay. Is it okay if I don’t accompany you?”
“Nope, Don’t worry ! Thank you very much for today !”

Sakino san was in her usual good spirits and ran with light steps.
I can see her waving widely in front of the park.

“Heyy. What were you talking to her about while I was on the phone? I thought I saw something red on her face.”

Ichikawa san’s question made my shoulders tremble.
It’s scary, but it’s even scarier to keep it quiet.

“S-She told me she was curious about something”
“………………..Is that so”

The air is freezing. It’s April now, it ‘s strange.
It’s even harder to talk about…….

I had a feeling of a new shuraba….

(TL/N : the flags….It’s like a UN’s office in here…)

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