I, Sakino Shizuka, regretted the event today.
That incident today…… my dear best friend, Aoi, revealed her anger in the classroom.

It was the first time I had seen her like that since we became friends.
What has turned her against the wall?
When I thought about it, I immediately understood why.

Komiya Youta.
He had been a conspicuous figure in his class, but he and Aoi went to school together.
It was only natural that there would be an uproar all around.

I tried to prevent him from misunderstanding his relationship with Aoi or making it difficult for him to create such a situation in the future.

Aoi is quite popular. It has happened in the past that some unpleasant people have come to her just because of her appearance.
I have heard that she has struggled with such a misunderstood boy in the past.
Besides, that guy I had heard she liked was clearly not the shadowy type like Komiya kun.
If anything, he would have been a high-spec person like Jinguji Ren kun.

Because of that, I thought Aoi also had a liking for him.
I wished she could go out with Ren kun, as people around me said she and he were a good match.

But was I wrong?
I don’t know, but she certainly showed her anger at the malice directed toward Komiya kun.

That time when she yelled and left.

I realized for the first time that I had made a mistake.
Yes, I have overdone it.

I didn’t expect my classmates, and by extension Kakeru, to react so overly aggressively.

Nothing I did was good for her.
I failed again.

After Komiya kun had left the classroom, I managed to quiet Kakeru, who was about to turn malicious toward him again.
What we should do now, I said, is to worry about Aoi.

It was the least I could do.

And when Aoi finally returned to the classroom in the afternoon, she was back to her usual routine.
But I couldn’t face her or talk to her.

“What should I say to her……No, no, first I should talk to Komiya kun? No……I have to apologize first……”

During math class, I listen to the formulas I heard and organize what to do.

Komiya kun, who left at that time, no doubt went to look for Aoi.
They returned separately to the classroom, but I had a hunch that something must have happened between them.

“How should I…Ah, Line, Line…Line…”

I take out my phone and try to type.
However, the fingertips won’t move

[I need to talk to you]

“Not that…”

I erase the letters I typed once.


“T-This is all too sudden, and it doesn’t even make sense.”



[About today]

“Ahh not this too ! I knew it was better to be in person, not on the line.”
“Oi, Sakino !!”
“Put it out. Your smartphone”
“Eh? Ah, no…”

I scratched my head and tried to cover it up, but it was already too late.
The teacher approached me angrily and held out his hand.

The teacher found out. That I was using my phone during class.

I gave up and reluctantly placed my phone in his palm.

“You can line your boyfriend, but make sure you listen to your teacher’s class, or I’ll cry.”

There is laughter all around.
I sat there, red-faced.

“Sakino should come to the staff room immediately after class”

I nodded at the teacher’s unforgiving announcement.

In the end, I was unable to talk to Aoi after class.
The awkwardness of the situation got the better of me and I just couldn’t take the plunge.

That’s why, I can get it from Komiya kun….
It may be an escape, but it was the only choice I could take.

Right after class.
I dash to the staff room.

If I don’t do this, I will miss the time to apologize to Komiya kun.
If I get there early and have it returned right away, I just might make it!

But that idea was naive.

“Excuse me.”

Released from the teacher, I breathe a sigh of relief.

………… That was a pretty stiff lecture
When he confiscated it in the classroom, it wasn’t like that, but in the staff room, I feel like the teacher’s anger is getting stronger.

When I returned to the classroom, no one was there anymore.
Too much time had passed.

“Ah…If it’s like this, Aoi will hate me…”

If possible, I want to talk to both Komiya and Aoi. But I missed that timing.

I’ll contact them in line…ah, But what if they ignore me? ……
But I don’t want to put it off until tomorrow. ……

“Uuu….what should I do…”

Tears well up in my eyes.
My best friend might have hated me. The fear makes my heart ache.
If you say I deserved it, that’s all I’m saying, but …… still.

“Gusu…Gusu” (SFX Crying)
“Ah– Sakino san ?”

Then someone called out to me.

When I tried to take Ichikawa san home, she refused.
She wants to go home alone today.

I nodded in agreement, guessing that she had a lot on her mind.

I’m such a sensitive guy!
Just kidding.

When I returned to the classroom, I thought I was going to get another painful look, but I wasn’t.
Nagano was still the same though. Well, it was fortunate that he just stared at me and didn’t do anything.
The Neighbor Tohno san was worried about me.
For some reason, Suzu’s gaze was discouraging to me.

Apparently, Sakino san made her classmates quiet.
It was unexpected.
Or, rather, I can’t help but think that it was Sakino san’s fault in the first place.
Well, clearly some of the boys (mainly Nagano) were on the verge of going out of control.

Did I do something to make him hate me?

Then I come home and realize something.
I’ve forgotten my phone.

Although a pain in the ass, living without a smartphone is an unbearable task in today’s society.
I had no choice but to go back to the school to get it.

What would it be ?
I could hear what sounded like sobbing coming from the classroom.

I’m scared. The time is just before 6 pm.
Twilight time, you say? The sound of crying from an empty classroom at a time of day when things out of this world are said to come out.

Eh, Scary.

Still, I take a deep breath and then open the classroom door.
And inside…

“Sakino san?”

She is Ichikawa san’s best friend.

I call out to her, and Sakino san looks up.
Her face was wet with tears and her eyes were red.

“Eh, W-wait, don’t look !!”

I felt a sense of immorality as if I had peeked at the scene of a change of clothes.
No, I just saw her cry.

Sakino san frantically wipes away her tears.
However, the traces of tears remained clearly visible.

“What happened to you Sakino san?”
“I-I am…”

Sakino san is at a loss for words and turns her head down. It is a rare sight to see her in such spirits.

I have an idea of what to expect. It must be Ichikawa san.
I didn’t see them talking after she left the classroom and came back.
I am sure that Ichikawa san must have been aware of Sakino san’s situation.

“About Ichikawa san?”
“……tss. About that…yeah…”

I’m correct. Sakino san seems to think that the root cause of Ichikawa san’s anger was her fault. That is exactly right, though.

“…… you’re surprisingly perceptive.”
“[Unexpected] is unnecessary.”

Ah, stop. Don’t hold back the tears again, okay?
It’s like I made you cry!!!!

“I …… feel like I have to apologize …… to Komiya kun as well.”

Sniffling, Sakino san struggles to squeeze out a few words.

Apologize to me? Apologize for what?

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I made you feel bad …….”

Sakino san bowed her head, her face wet with tears.
I’m sure she wanted to protect Ichikawa san from the bad people (me).
I understand. An ordinary guy like me is suspicious.
If you commit some crime and are interviewed, you can usually picture a student like me.
[[I didn’t think he looked like the kind of boy who would do something like that.]]
[[It was a shadow of its former self.]]
[[I don’t think I did anything particularly wrong.]]
Yes, like this. Who’s the criminal, hey

But that self-righteous thinking of hers is very dangerous.
Maybe she acted because she thought it was for Ichikawa san’s sake, but was it really necessary for Ichikawa san?

I do not know the relationship between Ichikawa san and Sakino san to any great depth, and I know it is a matter of consequence, but this action was thoughtless. I have to agree. I was also affected.

Perhaps this time around, there may have been a rift between the two of them.
But I didn’t want them to stay that way.
Most importantly, I know that Ichikawa san speaks happily of Sakino san.

“I won’t forgive you”
“….I know right…Sorry…”
“So I’m going to punish Sakino san.”

Not the dirty kind, okay?

“Let’s go see Ichikawa san now!”

Sakino san’s tear-stained face looked a little silly with her makeup removed.

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