Episode 17 – Shuraba ②ー1/2



Two days have passed since I made up with Ichikawa san, and today is Wednesday.
Since then, Ichikawa san is no longer in a bad mood when I talk to girls, including Tohno san, if only for a little while.

That’s how good that “aaaan” was, apparently.
However, she does make a few snippy remarks.

And today, as usual, I went to school with Ichikawa san.
Still, no one knows about the relationship between me and Ichikawa san.

Perhaps they saw us together, but I’m too shadowy and Ichikawa san’s aura is too strong, so it is possible that they do not recognize me.

The challenge came when we were caught off guard.

“Eh? Youta ?”
“Eh? N-Naka ?”
“Ara, Good morning. Fujimoto kun”

It is now the time where I go to school in the morning.
Naka, my best friend, sees me and Ichikawa san next to me and freezes.

“……EH? Eh? E? E? E?”

Naka looks at me and Ichikawa san in turns, repeating the same words.
It seems his brain is not processing what is happening in front of his eyes.

After all, Ichikawa san is hugging my arm with all her guts today!
What a time to meet!

It’s only past seven o’clock!
It’s too soon!!!!

This is bad…How can I fool him?
So why is Ichikawa san still hugging me! And she’s even calmly saying hello!

“Naka, this is—”
“W-What is going on? Why are Youta and Ichikawa san ……?”
“Fujimoto kun. Let me explain this to you.”

As I was wondering what to say, Ichikawa san moved away from me and approached Naka, took his hand in her and said so.
Even the mighty Naka could not hide his nervousness at being held by her hand and seeing Ichikawa san’s beauty at such close range.

The man who once went to talk to Ichikawa san and Sakino san with great enthusiasm, saying he would give me help, is no longer there.

Let’s see how Ichikawa san will excuse herself. Or will she reveal it? In her case, I think it is possible.

But as long as he sees this, I don’t think she can get away with it.
And, do you have to hold his hand ??

“I usually come to school early, but I was feeling a little sick today. Komiya kun walked by just then.”
“Ahh…so that’s what happened”
“Yes. So I asked him to help accompany me and I took him by the hand.”
“Wait a minute.”

You’re using the wrong term!!

“Yes. So there’s nothing that Fujimoto kun seems to have a hunch about.”
“Well, that makes sense.”

You’re not going to convince him? Ichikawa san was very sticky even though she was not feeling well, but can she cover it up with this? He is a bit of an idiot after all.

“But it’s too bad.”

What’s too bad?
I tilted my head, not understanding the meaning of the word.

“I thought you were rather well-matched.”
“Ugh !?”

What is this guy talking about all of a sudden!

“I think. Ichikawa san, a perfect beauty who can do anything, and Youta, a boring guy whose everything is plain, seem to have an uneven relationship, but I think they would fit each other’s sensibilities that they don’t have.”
“….You. I thought you were just an idiot, but now I’ve changed my mind. I thought you were just a stupid guy, but now I see you for what you are.”

Oi. Sorry for being such a plain and boring guy.
And, Ichikawa san, don’t be so greedy.

“Well. I want my best friend Youta to be happy. He has been sulking about his one-sided love until now, and he’s about to go to a girlfriend-less calendar = age… Ouch ! What the hell !?”

This is bad………Ts!
I rushed to cover Naka’s mouth as soon as I heard the word.

“…… one-sided love?”

But it was too late.
The sensation of sweat gushing from the pores of the skin is overwhelming.
I slowly turn my head toward the voice.

“Ugh !?”

Then I let out a small scream.

“What are you doing ?! You finally woke up to a man?!”

Naka, who had taken advantage of that moment, broke free of my restraints.
Naka was not aware of any of Ichikawa san’s condition and seemed to think I had attacked him.

“Fujimoto kun. Can you tell me more about that story?”

I turned to Ichikawa san once again and there she was, smiling as usual. However, I think her eyes are not smiling.

“Well, he has always had a one-sided love that often gets complicated. In the end, he always gets heartbroken without ever confessing it.”

Please. I’m begging you for the rest of my life, shut that mouth already!

“I said, [Get on with it and confess]. But he’s a bit of a coward.”
“Yeah. Well I know what you feel”

Ichikawa san’s unanticipated agreement made both Naka and I scream in uncontrollable excitement.

“I know how painful it is to have a one-sided love. I know what it’s like to be afraid to confess your feelings.”

It is too unexpected.
I wonder if Ichikawa san has also suffered from unrequited love.

“Have you ever had a one-sided love, Ichikawa san?”
“Seriously? even Ichikawa san can be like that.”

Naka asks a question as if he were speaking for me, and Ichikawa san answers it shortly.

“Oh, no! It’s already that time!”

When the air calmed down a bit, Naka checked the time and panicked.

“Ichikawa san, he may be an ordinary, boring guy, but he’s a pretty nice guy, so please continue to get along with him. I think he’s a good match for you! I’m going to go now. See you later! Youta, make sure you take Ichikawa san, who’s not feeling well, home too!

Naka left only what he wanted to say and ran off, saying so cheerfully.

“….It kind of makes me feel guilty for fooling him. It’s just so pure.”

We both feel like we’ve been poisoned.
There was some negativity mixed in, but I didn’t realize he felt that way about me. I’m not Ichikawa san, but I’ve changed my mind.
I had a good guy for a friend. I’m sorry for being an asshole.

Afterwards, I was relieved to have successfully avoided the shuraba.
I’m curious about the one-sided love that Ichikawa san mentioned though.

“I wonder if you care about my unrequited love?”

This time, Ichikawa san makes a good looking face.
she can see right through me completely.

“How should we do this? You tell me who you had a crush on and I’ll tell you who I had a crush on.”
“Hey, I can’t believe you looked scary just now.”
“Fufu. I was just amused at how upset you were. I wouldn’t get mad at you for having a crush on someone.”

Again, it was an act, apparently.
Please don’t do this because it will shorten my lifespan.
How much of this is an act? Is your unrequited love a lie, too?

“Still, I’m glad we did this. We’re lucky we didn’t get found out.”
“Hey. Are you glad that we are this sneaky ?”
“Eh. I’ve said it right? I said I was comfortable with it, too. It bothers me that people will talk about it all over the place, and we’ve only just started dating. I’d like to have a little more quiet time to deepen our love.”

Ichikawa san is a girl who talks about petty and embarrassing things without hesitation.
Thanks to you, my face is hot

“Ara, Are you embarrassed?”
“I’m not”
“Fufu. If you’re like that over something like this, you’ll have a hard time making a baby, won’t you? I’d whisper more love in your ear.”
“I-I told you it’s too early to talk about that!”
“Not yet? Then I’ll wait a little longer. We’re a good match.”

Damn. She’s definitely enjoying this. I don’t know how serious she is.

Ichikawa san is in quite a good mood, probably due to Naka’s comments as he was leaving.
It’s good to be in a good mood, but I can’t take being teased at this rate.

Ichikawa san hugs my arms again.
It was more intimate than before. This time, she even holds my hand.

…This is the first time I connected my hands. Are my sweaty hands okay?


And once again, I found myself in a battle with myself.

But in a little while, it will be our usual meeting place with Sakino san.

Endure! Endure, me!
My spirit is on the edge, but if I can hold out that long—-

“H-Huh?…Komiya kun…to Aoi?”
“Ugh !”

There was no way it could be helped.

One crisis goes away and another one comes back.
Why ?
Hey..Why is this happening ? Sakino san…….

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