The following week, we entered the same high school.

Before the entrance ceremony, I was shocked again.

……you don’t say that my siblings the fuzzy boy and I are in the same class ! !

I was shocked when I saw the class division paper on the notice board. On this day alone I cursed God even though I denied his existence. 

Just before heading to the auditorium, I pulled away the fuzzy boy and took him to an empty place.

“You and I are strangers, so please keep the siblings a secret ! ! And don’t talk to me carelessly ! !” 

When I told the fuzzy boy, he replied [I understand….] with a confused expression.

“Hmph ! !”

I left him with a cold attitude and headed to the auditorium.

He didn’t follow me and just stood there for a while.

My heart ached because he never complained about anything, I had no choice but to complain. The fact that my heart  wouldn’t have lasted if I didn’t complain at least once. 

The entrance ceremony is over, and we’re divided into each class and enter the  classroom.

After the self-introduction in the class was over, as expected, the topic of the conversation was about my relationship with the fuzzy boy.

The fuzzy boy pretends to be a stranger just like I do. I actually avoid seeing him at home as much as possible, so I don’t know anything about him, so he must be a stranger to me. 

The fuzzy boy being a fuzzy boy, he flustered when the handsome guy in the back seat talked to him, which was somewhat stupid and laughable.

And so, after the entrance ceremony was over, my classmates decided to go to karaoke for a social gathering after school.

Fuzzy boy said that he can’t come because of his business, but I don’t know what he usually does at home.

I don;t want to know and i don’t want us to be the topic of conversation among my classmates again, so i said in my mind….don’t come, don’t come, hurry up and go home ! ! while cursing. 

After the fuzzy boy went home, I became friends with a girl named Izumo san, the girl who sits next to me.

She’s cute, but she has a strong image of a gyaru, but in my eyes, I think she just made her high school debut, didn’t she? She had a strong image of it.

I also became friends with an extremely cute girl named Miuchi Asuka and Reizei Ayano, who looked like a refined lady. 

The fun time was over in a flash and we parted away, each of us heading back home.

However, my steps are heavy.

It’s really hard to go home now.

It’s not like I hate my new step mother.

At first, I was worried about what kind of person she was, but my stepmother was kind to me and treated me without distinguishing me from the fuzzy boy.

Rather, she spoiled me.

I knew that this was her own way of caring for me, as I was a stranger. That’s why I want to spend my time with a smile as much as possible.

However, i didn;t like the existence of the fuzzy boy.

It wasn’t because of anything he said or did to me. If I had to sum up the reason for my dislike in one word, it would be “physically impossible ! !”.

It is a convenient term for girls, but I think it’s unreasonable to use that word when they have done nothing wrong. 

From the first day I met him, I felt disgusted at the pitiful and loppy appearance of my step brother, who had the same name as my beloved older brother.

That’s why I don’t want to go back home where that guy was. Or rather, I didn’t want to be with that guy.

As I went home with a sigh, I was unaware that I was being watched by a group of three delinquents.

“Hey, you’re so cute ! ! why don’t you play with us?” 

“No, ah….please stop ! !”

I was shocked when a stranger suddenly talked to me. The reason why I can’t turn it down even though I should is because of my shyness.

When my brother was alive, I would’ve been better off hiding behind him, but now I have to deal with it myself.

I thought I had grown up since then and should be able to speak a little, but when I was surrounded by the three of them, i’m afraid and canm;t say a word.

If it was him, I can say whatever I like to him…..

Just as I thought that, one of the men grabbed my hand.

At that moment, a feeling of fear and disgust rushed through my entire body.

….Help me, Onii chan ! !

I closed my eyes, and prayed to heaven for help from my brother.

But Onii chan is no longer…

When the man took my hand and tried to pull me, he suddenly lost his strength.

“Stop it.”

Along with that voice, there was someone standing in front of me and grabbing the man’s arm that was holding my hand.

“What the hell? Bastard….”

While letting go of my hand, the man threatened him.

I also hear his voice and see his figure standing in front of the delinquent to save me.

He’s a little taller and has slick back hair. Above all, the sharp eyes that glared towards them left a strong impression on me.

There was a sense of deja vu from him, and my heart was pounding, but it was more than that.

He was outnumbered, and it was obvious that he would be beaten one way or another.

“Wait. you’re in danger, run away ! !” 

I panicked and told him to run away, but he didn’t show any sign of it.

For some reason, I was shocked.

“Hide in the shadows..” 

With me beside him, he spoke for the first time.

His voice allowed me to get some distance.

After making sure that I had left, he won;’t let go of the man’s hand he’s holding. On the contrary, he was glaring at his opponent. The delinquents were furious at his gaze and raised their fists at him.

“Watch out ! !”

The moment I raised my voice and closed my eyes, I heard a bang. I opened my eyes feeling scared  to find out what the sound was. 

There he was with a fist on his forehead, but he didn;t move a muscle.

If anything, he was smiling.

His fearless smile stole my heart….

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1 year ago

I.hope ojou sama wins

1 year ago

I hate this bitch.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tsuwu

Same here.
So she treats him like crap cause he’s actually kind and considerate but ALL SUBMISSIVE TO REAL ASSHOLES.
She is hateful.

1 year ago

She is very unlikeable, but it’s not exactly strange that a child becomes antisocial after the traumatic loss of half of her family when she’s just 12 years old. And it’s quite difficult to get teenage children to get along in a new marriage even under the best of circumstances, so while she gets on my nerves, this actually feels like a very probable outcome. Which is kinda weird considering how silly this novel is.

1 year ago

fuck this bitch