Volume 2 Epilogue – What one wants to convey in this stream



A few days after that incident.
The noisy days passed by.

After the incident, it became a bit of a problem in the school.

It seems that Mitani-san, as a victim of the incident, was often asked about it by the teachers.
Unlike her previous self, she did not appear at all lacking in confidence and responded to the interview in a resolute manner.

The teachers were surprised by the sudden change in the student, who had been dressed soberly and kept a low profile.

Among the teachers, there were a few who defended Miyano san and the others.
This was a school in the countryside, and she came from a well-known family in the area, and she has been “bullying” the students.
It seems that some of the teachers – mainly the older ones – did not want to make a big deal out of it, although they may not have had any intention of covering up the fact.

Of course, our own Kirihara-sensei harshly denounced this and took the side of the victimized Mitani-san, but even so, the Miyano san side punishment was temporarily put on hold due to the intervention of the Miyano family, who, as one might expect from a prominent family, was a local authority.

Nevertheless, a certain problem arose, which led to a sudden turn of events, and the girls’ punishment was soon decided upon.

The problem was that many students had witnessed the events of that day, and above all, video evidence had been circulated among the students.
For my part, the former was something I was aware would happen, but the latter was not something I wanted.

Apparently, there were other people who had filmed it besides us.

Unlike us, however, they seemed to have filmed it for fun, and it was not our intention for it to be circulated unintentionally, although it would be an excuse.

Fortunately, Mitani san’s face was not in the video, and only Miyano and the other main culprits seemed to have been filmed in such a way that they were well emphasized.

The postings had already been confirmed on certain social networking sites, and the school had even received complaints from onlookers. This led to an unusual school-wide assembly by the faculty and staff.

The girls were suspended from school.
There were some who disagreed with the severity of the punishment, and some students wanted them expelled, but the decision was made that this punishment was appropriate because they had been socially sanctioned enough due to the social networking flame wars.

As for me, I have no complaints.
It was an unexpected outcome, but I am glad that I learned my lesson and never tried to get involved with Mitani-san again.

At any rate, I am sure that Mitani-san now has a peaceful life.

“Seen-pai! What are you doing out here all alone?” 
“You’d know if you saw me. I’m cleaning.”

And I never had a day of rest.
There was another story behind that day’s incident.

I had been summoned by my homeroom teacher, Kirihara-sensei, and was being lectured for making this incident important.

This was due to the fact that the story had been spread on social networking sites and had gone too far.
I was the one who helped Mitani san, so I did not deserve to be punished, but I was the one who was at the center of the commotion, so here we are.

Although I was being lectured, it was just a formality.
Some of the teachers in the school did not think well of the situation.
Therefore, I dared to avoid criticism by taking the punishment of a severe warning from Kirihara-sensei.

However, the lecture alone was not enough, and for some reason, I was assigned to cleaning duty for a week. And for some reason, I was assigned to clean various areas of the school that were not normally used. At the time, Kirihara-sensei said, “That bald vice principal!” She must have had a lot to deal with, and she used me as a distraction.

I really feel that I have a connection with the cleaning duty.

After this was decided, Mitani san protested to Kirihara-sensei as well, but the result remained the same until now.

Since then, Mitani san has been showing up at the cleaning site every day.

“Mitani, are you free?”
“Mouu, senpai! I told you to call me Yuyu! Look, Repeat after me! Yu-yu!”

And then, we would repeat the usual thing like this.
I no longer had any of the mature impression I had when we first met.
Hence, I had come to speak in a broken manner, too.

“Yes! Senpai!”

Her smile is dazzling. It really doesn’t look like a face, in a good way.

“How much have you changed since the first time?”
“…..Senpai told me, didn’t he? You said I could do whatever I wanted.”
“……I said it.. I said it, but…”
“What is it?”
“You don’t have to get all snug while I’m cleaning, do you?”
“Eeh? What?”

I don’t know. I have no idea what she’s thinking.
Is she trying to sabotage me? Is she trying to sabotage my cleaning?

“Ah, Arase! You’re…here…….”

And then, such a scene was seen. By Asagiri.

“…… Ah, Asagiri-senpai! Hello.”
“Hello …… Mitani-san. WWWWhat on earth are you doing……?”
“Eh? It’s nothing!”

Saying that, Mitani – Yuyu moved away from me.
Why are you blushing?

“Y-you didn’t skip cleaning and flirt with Mitani san, did you?”

Why is that? I feel a tremendous pressure from Asagiri right now.

“Eh!? We’ve been found out!?”
“Hey, Yuyu. You shut up.”
“Y-Yuyu?! Since when did you do that?!”

Ah, Mou. It’s so annoying ……, I can’t get through the cleaning …… at all!

“Let me hear more about it…!”
“Yuyu, what’s the explanation, huh?”

When I turned around, there was no yuyu there, and before I knew it, she was out in the hallway.

“Well, I’m going home, senpai! I have to get ready for today!”

That girl…She has been givingng Asagiri strange misconceptions.
But still,……, she said …… it’s today?

“Please definitely watch it! Absolutely okay!?”

Saying that, Yuyu sprinkled a beautiful smile on her face and ran off.

“What do you mean, see?”
“I heard there’s an interesting drama that’s playing today.”
“Hmmm ……”
“What’s with your eye?

Asagiri gives me a glare. I’m going to change the subject here.

“What are you doing here?”
“What …… this!”

Saying that, Asagiri pushed a piece of paper at me.

“You haven’t turned it in yet, have you? The teacher told you to do it, so get it out of here.”
“I forgot.”
“You’ll have to turn it in tomorrow for sure!”
“Hey, hey.”
“We have to work as a health committee member again.”
“Seriously? ……”
“And..! I’m going to ask you about Mitani san again.”

Asagiri said that much and left without me.
After that, I continued cleaning alone with indescribable feelings of loneliness.

“I’m sorry~, guys! I’ve been absent for so long! But it’s okay now! Akarin is back today!”

[Comment section]

Akarin! Akarin! Akarin!
We’ve been waiting for you!
Welcome back!

Today is the day that Misaki Akari resumed delivery after a long absence.
After cleaning up after school, I came home and helped Ayako san with her work.
I had been told in advance by Yuyu about the stream time, so I waited for the stream to start at that time.

And it seemed that many of her fans were the same way, and by the time Misaki Akari showed up, the waiting list had swelled to tens of thousands.

As usual, the opening began, and when she appeared and greeted the audience, the comments section erupted in a frenzy.

“You look like you’re having a blast.”

Her face was smiling in her virtual form, and although I couldn’t make out her true expression, I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was genuinely pleased with everyone’s reaction to this stream.

This is the same smile I saw on Yuyu’s face at school. I was relieved to see her smile on the stream as well.

“Today, I think I’ll mainly talk about other things. For a while, I’ll be talking about the reasons why I’ve been on hiatus, and that sort of thing~.”

And so, Misaki Akari talked about what had happened during the break. She occasionally talked about me, which made me cringe, but for the most part, she talked in a hushed tone.
She didn’t mention anything about bullying at school.

The main thing she talked about was what she was doing at home while she was absent.

And so the conversation continued, and the end time was approaching.
I had heard in advance that today’s stream was going to take about an hour, but I looked at my watch and realized that 58 minutes had already passed.

“Well, I’d like to conclude with a few words of thanks to the senpai who always support me,”

Misaki Akari clears her throat cutely. Even with that one comment, the comments section was lively.
And then…

“Thank you for always supporting me. I am here now because of you. Even when I’m going through hard times, you guys inspire me like this.”

Misaki Akari’s speech continued. The comment section was filled with tearful stamps.

“There were times when I thought a lot and felt like falling apart, but from now on I’ll have more confidence in myself and live …… as I please.”


“So watch me from now on. Okay?. I’m talking to you in front of the screen. I’m talking to Senpai, not to anyone else! I want to say something to Senpai like that.”

And Misaki Akari took a deep breath.

“I love you!”
“Be prepared, okay? From now on, I’m going to be even more serious than I am now. ……. Well, that’s it for today’s delivery! Bye, bye~!!!”

And then, as if running away as she said it off with a mysterious declaration, she switched to the ending screen.
Light music came from my phone.

For some reason, my heart was beating loudly. It was thumping and pulsing.
I felt as if I was being told what to say, even though the words were meant for the listener. (TL : Cmon man…)

“No, I’m way too self-conscious.”

I hope it didn’t become a reference to someone in particular and cause a flame war. …… so I think, and look at the comments section.

[Comment section]

I love you too!
This is me! It must be!
Akarin! Akarin! Akarin!
I’ll keep supporting you!
I love you so much!
Thank you for watching. Please watch pure love with me from here.
…↑It’s with me, of course.
Akarin belongs to everyone.
I’m waiting for the real Akarin.

“L-looks like it’s going to be ok.”

I turned off my phone, feeling a little relieved after seeing the reaction of the comments. I exhaled deeply.
Apparently, all the fans thought they were being told the same thing I was.

The expressive power…… made me think so much. I thought.

“Oh, hot.”
I looked up at my cheeks with a nearby underlay as a fan.


A sheet of print fell to the ground, stirred by the wind.

“Come to think of it, I was told to write it down.”

I picked up the paper and looked at the contents.
It read, “Questionnaire for Preferred Events in Ball Games”.

The heat on my face had not left for some time yet.

(A/N :

Chapter 2 is now complete.
What do you think? I think it came together nicely from the author’s point of view.
And in order to do this public confession, She decided to start as a VTuber. I have no regrets.

I wrote this chapter by just thinking about the characterization and going with the flow.
So I regret that I could not describe the resolution of the case in depth in the latter half of the chapter. I prioritized pacing over that.

If it were true, I would have liked to have described a little more preparation beforehand, such as talking with classmates, but I came up with the idea just before the event, so I couldn’t write that much. I regret that.

The next chapter, Chapter 3, is a story centered on the secretly popular heroine.
No, or rather, it could be the most popular one. …… The author also likes this heroine. Speaking of ball games, it is …….

The story will be a bit different from the previous ones and may have more of a coming-of-age feel to it. (Influenced by a novel I recently read)
I’m thinking of intertwining more romantic elements in these days.

Thank you for reading this far.
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Thank you again when it is published.

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