“Ramen is always great.”
“Yes, the pork bone broth is exceptionally good.”

After getting off the Ferris wheel, we left Cosmo World and took the train to a ramen shop near the nearest station.

During that time, Shiina and I talked about everything.
We talked about school, the game I’ve been into recently, and even Shiina’s work.

Our mouths moved as if overflowing with things we had never talked about before.
We finished eating our ramen and were on our way home with a good sense of distance between us.

“It’s been a while since we’ve walked together like this,”

Shiina, with her arms crossed behind her back, bends at the waist a little as she says

“That’s for sure. It’s been a long time since we’ve walked properly.”

Until recently, I’ve been clutched in her arms and hugged by her.

“When I become more famous as a model, I may not be able to do this anymore,”
“How can you say that when you’re not famous yet?”
“Moo, I’ll definitely make you regret it when I sell.”
“Ah, go ahead, if you can.”
“I’ll say a lot of things about you in the magazine.”
“Oh, by the way, you should clear up the misunderstanding about that interview.”
“That’s fine. Leave it as it is.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“It’s a national publication. You can’t take it back. Besides, it could turn out to be true.”
“……say what you want.”

The annoyance still seems to be alive and well.
But it’s not just the first time I’ve seen this. 

“Well, I’m already home,”
“Well, it’s close to the station.”

As we talked, we were in front of the house in no time at all.

“Thanks for everything you did for me today,”
“I’m glad to have heard about you, too, Saku-kun.”
“Well, let’s be like a good, long-lived relationship from now on.”
“Eh~, is that a proposal?”
“Of course not.”

I give Shiina, who looks at me with narrowed eyes, a bump.

“That’s what I’m talking about,~……………, Saku-kun.”
“That’s what I’m talking about, too.”

I’ve been enjoying this silly exchange for the first time in a long time.
After all, it’s comfortable to be with Shiina, just because I had rejected her.
“I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah, see you at school.”

We walked into the house across the street from each other.
When I close the front door, I see a little of Shiina’s face.
A moment later, Shiina’s face appeared and she said

“Nice to meet you from now on. boyfriend san.”

With a small smile, she waves her hand.
I was thrilled to see Shiina’s expression, which looked ten times cuter and prettier than before,

“Don’t get carried away.”

She snickered to hide it and replied with a laugh.

“Moou~, Saku-kun is so stubborn to the end”
“You can say whatever you want.”
“Ah, okay. See you tomorrow.~”

Waving her hand, Shiina went inside the house.
I too closed the front door when I saw Shiina enter the house.

A Beautiful Girl Who Is Under the Delusion That She’s Dating Me, I Can’t Escape Because We Are Childhood Friends

But from now on, I won’t run away.

Because we’ve been friends since childhood.


(TL/N : wow…a bit disappointed with the ending, but well…can’t help it

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1 year ago

Thanks For Chapter Nano Desu ~~~~~~ The ending could have been better, but I liked the story as a way to pass the time.