A few days have passed since I transferred to my new school. As usual, I do not get along well with Asagiri, who sits next to me, but for the time being, I no longer face unconditional hostility from her.
I guess that’s better than before.

I was on my way to school slowly because I overslept and was definitely going to be late.
It was my fault for not waking up to the alarm, but when I rushed out of my room, I found Ayako-san in the living room having an elegant breakfast.

When I asked her why she didn’t wake me up, she replied obliquely, “When I see a sleeping man, I want to attack him.”
I think I will buy a key from Home Depot and put it on my room next time.

“Fuaaaa~ sleepy”

At the moment I woke up, I was in a hurry, but when you realize that there is nothing you can do about it, human beings, on the contrary, become calm.

I decided to wake up and slowly make my way to the school.


But then came the sudden pain in my head.


“Hey, hey, you? Where are you going?”
“Let’s skip school. Let’s go have fun.”
“Hey, it’s fine right?”
“…… haa?”

A girl was being tangled up with two ruffian-looking high school boys on the side of the road.
It was what is called a pick-up.

I was watching them from a distance on the side of the road.

A silver-haired girl in a uniform from the same school as me took one look at them and let out a sigh, looking deeply annoyed.

“You’re in my way. I’m not going to play with you. Can you get out of my face?”
“Heee? so brave”
“I think you’d better take it easy.”

The men shrugged at the girl who refused to play with them.

“What are you looking at?”

Then, I was watching them and got tangled up with them.



The image was cut off there.
The road ahead looks familiar. That’s because that’s the road I’m going to use to get to school.

“I’m seeing trouble again.”

I mutter to myself.
Ignore people like that.

If possible, I don’t even want them in my sight. Let’s just let them pass by so I don’t get into an encounter with them.
I proceeded on my way to the school as quickly as possible.

I’m sorry to the girl who was tangled up with them, but leaving them alone won’t affect my life in any way. The girl will just get picked up by some flirtatious guy. And then she rejects it and things get rough. That’s all.

There are plenty of other paths. I don’t need to take that road to get to school. All I have to do is not turn the next corner, but go straight.

If it had been life-threatening, like the other day, I wouldn’t have just let it go. But it was just a pick-up.

—To be honest, it was a pain in the ass to get involved.

That was my honest feeling.


But just as I was thinking that.
At the corner where I should have turned, a silver-haired girl from the earlier video passed in front of me.
If I went straight ahead, the men ahead of me and what I predicted would happen would happen.

If that happens, she will….

“I don’t think you should go there.”
“I don’t understand.”

I know, right? I don’t get it either. Why did I call out to her?
I regretted talking to her.

The girl stared at me quizzically.

She had silver hair, a worn-out school uniform, and sharp eyes. Her makeup was a little heavy, but she had long eyelashes and was quite beautiful. And intimidating.
She looks like the type of …… gal that I hate the most.

I have called out to such a being of all people.

I’m in trouble. What should I do ……?
If I don’t do it, bad guys may come.



“Hey, leave him alone and come play with us.”
“No, I don’t. ……”
“I’m not talking to you!”


And while I was thinking about what to do, I saw the future again, albeit for a moment.

A future where, while I’m leaning back, I’m getting tangled up with the whole thing, and I’m getting beaten up without question.


It’s getting worse!
I mean, what’s with the rattles? What is it with these guys?

Ah, damn it. I’ve got to get out of here as soon as possible!

The voices of the men are approaching us steadily, though impatiently. And the gal who is still glaring at me with cold eyes.

At times like this, I feel sad about my poor communication skills.

No, I really made a mistake.
I was thinking about what the pick-up artists would say, and here I am.
I was in such a hurry that I said something ridiculous.
What the hell am I talking about? Am I an idiot for picking up girls to save them from being picked up?

It’s too late for regret.
The answer to this is absolutely obvious. If I mess up, I have to come over to this side and prepare for a second slap in the face.

“Well it’s fine”

Huh? What did you say? 

I realized a few seconds late that the words that came back were not what I had expected.
Hence, I froze.

“…… For now, come here“

The silver-haired gal took one look in the direction of the approaching voice, then pulled my hand and left the place as it was.

The silver-haired gal took me to a place under a bridge.
The gal bought a loaf of bread at a convenience store she stopped at on the way, opened the bag, and put it in her mouth.

The gal sits there, not caring about the concrete ground.
I noticed that I could almost see her panties through her short skirt, and I hurriedly looked away.

I was in the middle of a situation where I was not supposed to be looking …….
I’m the one who asked her out, but …… why under the bridge? What are we doing here?

I looked at my phone but the time marked the end of the first period. I knew I was going to be late when I left the house, so it wasn’t something to worry about now, but I totally skipped it.

I looked at the gal and saw that she had finished her bread and was drinking a paper packet of milk tea through a straw.
After a while, zukoo (Sfx), the sound of the empty contents of the paper packet coming from there.

“Puhaa~ I didn’t eat this morning, so I’m coming back to life. So, do you want something from me?”
“No, I mean ……”
“You’re the one who asked me to hang out with you, right?”
“That’s right. ……”

It’s hard to say that these are the words that came out of my mouth to avoid getting tangled up with those guys.

“What is it? Do you want to do it with me?”
“W-What?! What are you talking about out of the blue?”

Seriously, what is she talking about?
I don’t judge people by their looks, but is she really that type?
That’s way too…..

“Wow, that’s a virgin’s reaction.”
“Anyone would react like this if someone said that to me out of the blue!”
“You lie. You were just glancing at my underwear.”
“I-I wasn’t!”

That was just a glimpse!
I didn’t look at them!

“Hee~, so my pants aren’t worth looking at?”

The gal stands up and flutters her own skirt with a mischievous laugh.


However, no matter how many excuses they make, men are sad creatures.
There is no escaping that fact. For a moment, I was glued to the action.

“You want to see it after all, don’t you? You are dirty.”
“Ah, no, that’s…….”

This was a total loss for me. I lost the game with this gal.

…… So my next alias is pervert
After Asagiri, this gal is next. I’ve been on a perverted path ever since I transferred to this school. How did this happen?

“Ahaha, yes yes. I was just teasing you”

The gal saw my impatient expression and started laughing, clutching her stomach.
She’s playing with me. I was being played with perfectly.

This is why I don’t like gals.

“You told me it was dangerous, didn’t you?”
“If I had gone straight down the road earlier, there was a guy from East High School. If I had continued on that way, I would have been tangled up with him for sure.”

Apparently, what I did was not in vain. I don’t know what kind of a man East High School is, but apparently it is not as good as it looks.

“So, I’d like to thank you in advance. Thank you.”
“Ah, yeah.”

I was surprised that she thanked me so frankly, but I responded.
Judging by appearances is not a good idea. Is she better than I thought she would be?

“So, do you want to do me in return?”
“Hahaha, I’m kidding. I’m not going to do it with a guy I just met today. You’re all red in the face.”

I take back what I said before. I was made fun of again. You bastard!

“Well, since you skipped school. Will you go out with me for a while?”
“Eh? Ah, wait!?”

I left the place with the gal pulling me by the hand again.

I realized again that I’m still not good with gals who say and act freely…

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At least this one has a good head… temporarily