After talking with Masaki san, I walked out of the room.


“Are you done talking?”
“Yes. I hope I got an understanding from Masaki-san.”

Misuzu was waiting for me outside the room.

“You will talk to me, right?”
“Of course. After that, I would like Misuzu to think about what happened with Rinne again.”

When I said this, Misuzu sighed

“I understand.”

She said

After leaving Rinne’s house, Misuzu and I sat down facing each other in the living room of our home.

“Then could you talk to me?”

I took a sip of ice-free barley tea and began to talk.

“First of all, Rinne used to use the phrase ‘blood family,’ but we weren’t talking about ‘blood relatives’”
“…… yeah.”
“She was talking about precious memories, time spent, and love received, which she referred to as ‘blood’”
“…… Rinne chan is not related to Shizuru san. But why was she so obsessed with ‘blood family’?”

I say, with my eyes a little downcast.

“I’m telling you this because I believe that Misuzu would never talk about it.”
“Rinne was abused by her own mother.”

“I don’t know if you remember, Misuzu, but Rinne’s personality is different now than it was when we first met.”
“….Yeah. As I recall, she used to be very quiet.”
“The first time I saw her, I thought she was a little bit of a mess. I want to make Rinne laugh. I want to make her happy. That is how my love affair with Rinne began.”
“…… I see.”

“So, Both Rinne and I wanted to be ‘family’ to each other. I wanted to marry her and become ‘husband and wife’. But you know, she watched her parents get divorced, so instead of being a ‘married couple’, She wanted an eternal and immortal bond that will be unbreakable until she dies forever. She wanted to be a ‘sibling’. But I had Misuzu, so she had no choice but to become an ‘older sister’. That’s what she told me.”
“…..I see”

“You’re an idiot, …… Rinne chan
Onii chan would never let you get a divorce. ……”

I sipped my barley tea and took a sigh of relief.

“Both Rinne and I have been thinking too much about things. That’s why, I said.”

“I’m not her childhood friend, her family, her brother, or anything else, let’s go back to being ‘strangers’. I said, and then let’s start again from the beginning and create a new bond for me and Rinne from here on out. That’s what I told her.”
“I think …… that’s not bad.”

Misuzu looked me in the eye as she said that.

“I’m going to apologize to Rinne chan …… now.”
“…Yeah. I understand.”

I didn’t …… ‘stop her’ because she seemed to be serious.

Misuzu got up and walked toward the entrance.
I followed her.

“I don’t know if I’ll be back soon.”
“Yeah. If you want, I don’t mind if you stay the night. Tomorrow is Saturday, so you don’t have school.”
“I think I’ll go sleep with her like Onii chan”

With that said, Misuzu went out the front door.

I saw her off, picked up my phone, and called Kitajima-san.


“Yes. Hello, this is Kitajima. It’s Sakurai kun, right?”

She answered very quickly.

“Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry it’s so late. Can I talk to you now?”

I was a little surprised, but I tried to make conversation.

“Yes. It’s okay. I’m in front of the house right now.”

In front of the house? Is it a radio signal? Or maybe to keep her family from overhearing our conversations?
…… Well, I’m not sure about the signal inside the house, so I think I’ll go out too.
I think it wouldn’t be bad to look at the same night sky as Kitajima-san and talk.

“I think I’ll go outside too. Shall we talk while looking at the same night sky?”
“Yes, that’s right. Then, I will be waiting for you.”

Waiting for me?

I opened the front door and stepped out of the house, wondering.

“Good evening. Sakurai kun”
“……, Kitajima-san.”

A beautiful girl in plain clothes with a large bag slung over her shoulder and a smartphone in her hand appeared.

Kitajima Towa-san was standing right in front of me, looking dazed and stagnant, with a smile on her face.

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