“I’m sorry, but could you please walk about five meters away from me? You know what will happen if you run away right”

The beautiful woman’s smiling face is beautiful but very scary.
The pressure is so strong that I can’t escape. It was a boss fight.
The most popular girl in school, Asahina Arisa, walks in front of me and I follow behind her.
To be honest, I wanted to run away, but if Asahina’s goal is regarding a connection with Otsuki-san, I couldn’t run away any more.

I left the school building, passed the back gate, and walked along the tree-lined avenue along the school building. I turned the corner and walked straight at the same pace as I had been walking before, taking a different path from the school’s path.
It is strange that there is only one road from the two school paths leading out of the main gate and the back gate, which are used by all students, to the main street. 
No student would choose the path that Asahina-san is walking on right now.
It’s not like she’s trying to lure me out to a less crowded place and scare me off.
Asahina-san suddenly stops and looks at me behind her.
She looked around as if checking the surroundings, and then went straight into the building. Does that mean she wants me to come here?

I quickly followed her and found a small café, which I couldn’t see from the outside.
She seemed to have entered here.
I didn’t know there was a café here. The building looked a little old, like it was several decades old.
This area is a residential area, and students don’t stop by here.
I had been going to high school for quite a while, but I had never heard of this place. When I entered the building, I heard comfortable healing music.


The elderly master called out to me in a heavy bass tone. In front of him was Asahina-san.

“Master, may I use your usual place? He’s being escorted.”
“Yes, please.”
“Thank you.”

This was the first time I heard the soft voice of Asahina-san, who is usually known for her high-pressure tone.
It seems that she has a close relationship with this master.

“Come this way.”

Except for us, most of the customers are ladies.
It might be an old-fashioned place of relaxation for the locals.
The building is old but clean, and the decorations are interesting. It is not a place for students, though.

“Sit down in front of me.”
“Ah, yes.”

We were allowed to use the corner seats, with Asahina-san sitting in the back and me sitting on the entrance side. I faced Asahina-san.

“I-It’s nothing.”

I faced Asahina Arisa at close range and noticed her awesomeness.

The long platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes.
She has a face with a well-defined bridge of the nose. I’ve heard that half-breeds are not always beautiful.
No matter how you look at it, Asahina Arisa is an incredibly beautiful woman.
I have not seen such a beautiful woman in a long time.

“Well, why did I get called out? Wasn’t school good enough?”
“Yes, you’re right. But before that, can I ask you if you knew about this place?”
“No, I don’t. I didn’t know there was such a nice cafe near the school.”
“I see, you didn’t know. I haven’t seen any other students here except for me. I’ll be in trouble if you come.”

Asahina-san leaned forward a bit in front of the table and glanced outside.
The proximity of the beautiful woman disturbs me, but more than that, my eyes are drawn to the volume of a certain part of her.
I feel bad and look away. A beautiful woman with good style is a foul, isn’t it?

“Phew, there’s no one here.”

Asahina-san seems to be very wary of her surroundings.
Come to think of it, Asahina-san is sitting at the far end of the seats in this restaurant.
That seat is located in the recess of the building and cannot be seen from the outside.
As I recall, Suzuki and Sato told me that Asahina Arisa does not participate in club activities and goes home early after classes are over.
Moreover, they said that she disappears after leaving the school building, so it would be difficult to invite her to play after school.
Is it possible that she disappears intentionally?

“Is it something like you don’t want people to know where you are?”
“Yes. I don’t want people to know where I am at school, because I don’t want them to try all kinds of tricks to get me to go out with them.”

You are very popular, aren’t you? I guess She probably get asked out by people other than her acquaintances.

“Why don’t you join the club? Why don’t you just kill some time until the evening?”
“At first, I was thinking of joining the gardening club like Shizuku, but when I was tentatively accepted into the club, the gardening club was swarmed with people. All of them were boys who were looking for me.”
“Wow. ……”
“I decided not to join the club because it would be a nuisance indeed.”

Asahina-san looks up and gives a distant look.

“Even if I ran to the library, they would come after me, so I didn’t have a place to stay on school grounds. I was looking for a place to escape and found this place.”
“I see. The place where Asahina-san is now is also not visible from the outside, so it’s perfect for killing time.”

I feel like she’s struggling with a story that’s more earnest than I thought. If so.

“Are you okay you told me about this place?”
“No, it’s not good. I didn’t want to expose this place of relaxation to anyone. But I still had to talk to you.”

You were thinking that much, weren’t you? Knowing the risk of my leaking it to other boys, Asahina-san contacted me.

“I won’t tell them.” 

If that’s the case, I should take that thought into consideration.

“I swear. I promise I won’t tell where Asahina-san is.”
“Why? You don’t have the advantage of hiding it for me. ……”
“My friend once went through something similar, so I understand how you feel.”

My best friend, Reo, had a similar experience when he was in junior high school.
When he became a junior high school student, his face became more masculine and he grew taller rapidly, and as a result, he began to be followed around by radical female students.
They followed him around all hours of the day and night, and even stalked him.
As a childhood friend, I got involved too, so it was tough.
It was a real mess when someone pulled a knife on me and told me to stay away from him because I was not compatible with a Reo.

I was like, “Don’t say that to me, I’m a guy”.
My mentality becomes really strong after an experience like that. No matter what I do, I don’t get upset.
But I’m now afraid of girls who are bossy, and to be honest, I’m also afraid of the girl in front of me.

By the way, the reason he is not dating anyone at this point is because he is distrustful of girls.
Because even Reo is obessed of, Asahina-san, the girl, must be even more frightened. I know how hard it is to be popular, because I saw it up close.

“Thank you. Well, I think it would be better for you to keep quiet because if you say so, something very painful may happen to you.”
“Do you want to know?”

She is the most popular and smart girl in school. I can’t get past that. There are many ways to trick me.

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