Episode 47 – What is the right way to answer that…..



Two days have passed today since the start of the second semester supplementary classes. The homerooms have decided on everything that needs to be decided, and now it’s time for full-scale preparations for the school festival.

“……But still, it’s hot today.”

On the third day of the school festival, we went out to the field to practice for the gymnastics team, but because it was so hot outside, even though we hadn’t done anything yet, we were already sweating all over.
To be honest, practicing outside in the heat of August is quite hard. As I sat in the shade until practice started, someone came up next to me.
I looked up to see Reona standing there with a towel around her neck. She, too, was sweating as if it was hot, and her pale skin was tinged pink.

“Yahoo, Ryoya-kun.”
“…… look who it is, Reona?”
“I’m basically the only one in the class who likes to talk to Ryoya-kun, so it can’t be anyone else but me.”

I feel like I was told something really cruel, but it’s too Hot and I don’t have the time to worry about it.

“By the way, please take care of me after this”
“I know, I can’t say I don’t like it now.”

Yesterday during homeroom, we decided which sport to compete in for the gymnastics club, and I ended up competing in the three-legged race with Reona.
I had wanted to compete in an easier event, but Reona’s loudly expressed desire to compete in the three-legged race with me threw that plan into disarray.
I thought about refusing, but the atmosphere was not conducive to refusal, so I couldn’t say no.

“Let’s show everyone in the class how well we work together,”
“….Yeah, let’s do our best.”

I was a little reluctant to face the insanely high-spirited Reona, but now that I’ve decided to do it, I’m going to go for it.

After that, we started training together as a three-legged race, but my selfish expectation that it might be quite awkward was gone, and it went so well that I couldn’t believe it was my first time. The compatibility between me and Reona is very good, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

“If this is the case, we might be able to win the championship together.”
“Well, if we’re going to go to all this trouble, let’s take first place together.”

Today’s practice session was so fast that I think there’s a good chance we can get it. It goes without saying that the classmates around me were looking at me and Reona with surprised looks on their faces.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

It was time for practice to end, so we started to clean up the field. Although practicing separately for each event, everyone worked together to clean up afterwards.

“It looks like this is the last one.”
“So it’s finally over.”

Reona and I were collecting the last of the color cones and carrying them to the back of the gym at the end of the field.

“It was fun, but I’m pretty tired.”
“I feel like we got carried away and ran too fast together.”

As the two of us were leaving the gymnasium, we heard a heavy door slamming and a lock snapping from the entrance.

“Perhaps we’re locked in… ……?”

I had a bad feeling about this, so we rushed to open the door, but no matter how hard we tried, the door in front of us would not seem to open.

“….., come on, are you serious?”
“It’s like they locked the door without checking to see if we were inside at all.”

We were apparently locked inside the gymnasium. I tried to find a way to get out with Reona for a while, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything.

“I hope someone noticed we were gone,”
“At any rate, if we don’t show up at the school shoe box anytime soon, I’m sure Riona will notice us. But I doubt if the idea of being locked up in the gym will come up anytime soon.”
“I see. If it’s bad, we’ll be stuck here for a while. Then we have to wait patiently for the help to come.”

I gave up on futile resistance and sat down on a mat that was placed nearby.

“Heee, it’s softer than I thought it would be.”
“Really, I didn’t know it was this soft.”

Reona, who sat down next to me, seemed to have the same impression. It has been a long time since I have touched a gym mat, as I rarely have a chance to use one.

“Even so, it’s quite unusual for me to be alone with Reona.”
“That’s true, Riona is usually with me.”

Since Reona and Riona basically work together, it was quite rare to be alone with either of them.

“Oh, just because it’s just the two of us, don’t try to do something naughty to me.”
“No, no, I would never do that.”

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to do something naughty with Reona, but I don’t think I’d have the courage to try my hand at it.

“……It’s kind of hurtful to be denied so much, though.”
“What is the right way to answer that,……?”

Seeing Riona’s slightly dissatisfied face, I involuntarily murmured. It’s too difficult for me, a virgin, to understand a woman’s heart.
(TL/N : Virgin..Hmmmmmm)

After that, we chatted casually for a while, but after about an hour, we finally heard the sound of turning the key to the gymnasium from outside.

“It seems someone has finally noticed us.”
“Now we can finally go home.”

Reona and I tried to get up from the mat. But after sitting on the mat for so long, Reona lost her balance and almost fell.

“Watch out!?”

I grabbed Reona’s hand as quickly as I could, but I couldn’t support her weight, and we both fell toward the mat together.

“Ouch…, Ryoya kun, are you okay?”
“Yeah, thanks to the mat underneath me, I’m fine.”

If I had fallen on the concrete floor, it would have hurt a lot. While I was thinking about such things, the door of the physical education warehouse opened and Riona came inside.

“What are Ryoya and onee chan doing …… when I’ve been worried and looking for you?”

I finally realized what kind of position I was in when I heard Riona say that first thing with an exasperated look on her face.
In the eyes of Riona, it must look as if Reona is pushing me down. It’s still better that the positions of me and Reona were not reversed, but the way I was dressed now was not good in any way.
Needless to say, it took quite a while to clear up Riona’s misunderstanding after all.

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