Episode 47 – School’s Madonna Would Like To See a Fishing tackle Store



But it seems like only yesterday that we were camping.

‘Well, it was only yesterday that I actually came back.”

At the beginning of the new semester, I met Aizawa face-to-face.

I just had a lot of fun during the summer vacation, but I no longer felt very comfortable with the fact that we were working together in this way at school.

It seems that we still attract a lot of attention from people around us, and other students are glancing at us.

Perhaps they are feasting their eyes on Aizawa, who they haven’t seen in a while, because he has become even better looking with a tan.

I’m sure I felt these glances during the opening ceremony as well, so there must be no mistake.

“So, did you finish your summer homework?”

“What do you think when you see this face?”

Aizawa’s face was thick with exhaustion. The reason is that he had put off his summer vacation homework and attended the camp, which meant that he had to stay up almost all night to finish his homework.

“Here, drink some of this and wake up.”

I gave him a can of café au lait that I had picked up from the vending machine at the store.

“Oh, thank you.”

Aizawa took it with a dizzy hand.

“By the way, what kind of wind is blowing around?”

Aizawa looked at me as if he was trying to find out what I was up to.

“Accept people’s good intentions graciously.”

I’m still grateful to Aizawa. Originally, he could have refused because his homework was too difficult, but he participated in order to maintain the relationship of this group.

Thanks to this, the group is safely united, and I’m welcoming the new semester in a cheerful mood.


A message came through to my phone. It was probably from her.

“Then, Aizawa, do your best with the rest of your homework.”

I stand up and prepare to leave the classroom, wanting to check the contents of the message as soon as possible.

“Eh ! You could at least take me out to lunch afterwards, right?”

That is a tempting offer, but Aizawa must not have the luxury of such an offer.

Some summer vacation homework assignments are due on different dates, so Aizawa finished yesterday’s homework up to the one due today, and Sawaguchi san made a reproachful remark on the way home saying, [I can’t finish my homework ! It’s Aikawacchi’s fault ] Sawaguchi must not have finished her homework as well.

They will have to pay for enjoying their vacation, and they will be busy with their homework for the next few days.

“Unfortunately, I have to prepare for the weekend’s fishing trip.”

I left the classroom under Aizawa’s resentful gaze.

“Fufufu, I was looking forward to fishing this weekend.”

Many people were paying attention to her as she walked next to me in a good mood.

“True, but the weather forecast looks like it’s going to be sunny at the moment.”

I’m currently walking shoulder to shoulder with Watanabe san, the school’s Madonna.

The goal is to do some shopping for a weekend of fishing.


She raises her shapely eyebrows and looks somewhat dissatisfied. It’s an after-school date, and I wonder if I’ve done something wrong.

“Aikawa kun, you ended up getting your hair done, didn’t you?”

“That’s because it’s still hot…..”

Besides, it’s a date with Watanabe san, so I can’t bring myself to embarrass her with an unfashionable hairstyle.

“Thanks to that, there were rumors at the school too, you know?”

“Ah, I think they said it’s a debut for a shady person?”

This is a term used to describe a certain group of students who suddenly lose their innocence after the summer break.

If people around me were to gossip about it, it would not be a very pleasant story.

“I was hoping to have the good-looking Aikawa kun all to myself…….”

Watanabe san seems to be worried about something that’s out of place. Even if you are careful about your appearance, it doesn’t change what’s inside. I may be attracting attention because it’s a rarity, but soon everyone will get tired of me and start talking about something else.

“I’m only looking at Watanabe san though.”

We spent the summer vacation together, and I’m so attracted to her that she’s the only one I can see.

“Is…that so……”

Watanabe san blushes and plays with her flaxen hair, which glistens in the sunlight. After a while, she glanced at me and averted her eyes again. It seems that she is embarrassed, but her gesture is so cute that I can’t help but stare at her.

“Aikawa kun, may I hold your hand?”

Watanabe san looked around to make sure there were no other students from the school and held out her hand.

Since this place is a 30-minute train ride away from the school, I would not run into anyone I knew unless I had to.

When I nodded silently, she said, [Excuse me] and then intertwined her own hand with my left one.

W-Watanabe san?”

When she said she was going to hold my hand, I thought she was going to hold it lightly, but she intertwined her fingers with mine. I’m very happy that she’s asking for physical contact with me, constantly moving her fingers as if she’s being spoiled, and confirming my reaction, but…


“No, I think it’s a little embarrassing……and.”

I don’t remember ever holding hands like this outside before.

Originally, Watanabe san and I are the type to be shy, and we are people who care about the appearance of others. I thought that somehow I could get her to go a little easy on me, so I suggested…….

“No. I’ve been holding back throughout the camp. This time, Aikawa kun, you have to endure.”

Her ears are red for saying so. She was probably forcing herself, but she said some words that I couldn’t bear to hear.

“If you put it that way, I’ve been putting up with a lot too, you know?”

“Is that so?”

She tilted her head as she walked beside me, receiving my reproachful look.

“I wanted to touch you more and pat your head, too, Watanabe san, you know?”

I couldn’t make any bewitching moves in case those three–especially Aizawa–found out, but how many times have I wanted to hug her?

“I-is that so? Then, Aikawa kun, don’t hold back either……please.”

She puts her head on my shoulder saying so, but the gazes of the people around us are piercing into us.

In Tokyo, where there are many salarymen, high school boys and girls in school uniforms are flirting. It would be strange if we didn’t stand out.

“W-we’ve got shopping to do first now…….”

I cut off her temptation, and Watanabe san’s eyes fluttered and she looked around, satisfied.

She covers her mouth with her hand and brings her face close to mine. Shaped lips flashed into view, and a soft citrus scent wafted in, tickling my nostrils.

“Then, let’s continue this conversation at Aikawa kun’s house, shall we?”

That would take a lot of courage.

We even have plans to cook a meal and relax at home afterwards, but once again, I have to be prepared not to overplay my hand if she declares to flirt around.

“So, it’s about the fish we’re going fishing for the weekend……”

We walked into the fishing tackle store, conversing.

“Yeah. This time we’re going to fish for thread-sail filefish.

Watanabe san changed the subject and looked around the fishing tackle section.

“There are a great number of traps. There is even a special section for each fish.”

“Yeah, each manufacturer does a lot of research on how to catch fish. There are appropriate traps depending on the time of year and location.”

It is rather difficult to choose the right one.

“What would you choose?”

“The same goes for filefish, but pufferfish that take bait have strong teeth, and the hooks bend easily. So I decided to buy a hook that I can replace the hook with another one.”

I said this and picked up a trap from the store.

“What kind of bait do you use for this filefish? Will it be an insect again?”

For a moment, Watanabe san’s expression changes. She is able to put on the bait on her own, but she is not very good at putting live, moving bait on the hook.

“You can catch filefish with clams.”

I pointed to the bait in the fridge, but decided not to buy it here.

Instead, I buy some fishing liquid to soak the bait in.

“Why don’t you buy the bait here?”

Watanabe san asked, tilting her head curiously.

“If I buy it here, it’s too expensive and in small quantities. The clams for filefish are sold in large quantities at supermarkets and are very economical.”

Like a student, I was going to use the cheapest possible price.

“Speaking of which, what should we have for lunch?”

After buying the traps, we are supposed to go to my house and cook a meal. I’m going to ask Watanabe san what she wants to eat…..

“Listening to what you just said, I kind of want to eat clams.”

She put her hand over her mouth and said thoughtfully.

“Well, do you want to try making some vongole?”

“Yes, let’s taste it before the filefish.”

Watanabe san said happily and looked at me from the side.

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