“Well then, let’s do some studying.”

“Yes, now that I know how the filefish feels, I’ll do my best.”

After returning home and finishing my meal, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down on the sofa.

Watanabe san is sitting next to me, and she leaned in a little closer to me as I lifted my hips.

I wondered if I was sitting in the wrong place.

We are going to watch a filefish fishing video.

Until now, I had taught her how to fish on the spot, but for a fish like filefish, which requires a lot of skill to catch, it is best to learn how to fish by watching a video.

That’s why we’re going to watch it at my house……

:Maybe I should have studied like this before?”

Watanabe san uttered such a question.

She turned her pretty face to me and insisted that it would be more efficient that way.

It is true, if you ask me,

“Back then, I wasn’t in a situation where I could call this home yet…….:

I give her the permission to come over now, but when we first started dating, I was hesitant to invite her over.

The man and woman who became lovers are sitting on the same couch. I can’t tell you how hard I had to work to strengthen my self-control not to touch her…….

“A date at home with Aikawa kun after school. It’s fun.”

When she said it again, I felt a surge of embarrassment. She has always been cute in her plain clothes, but seeing her in her school uniform for the first time in a while is refreshing, and since she is still in her summer uniform, I can see the strings that shouldn’t be visible even faintly.

Watanabe san, perhaps unaware of this, set her phone down and began to play a video of fishing on the monitor in front.

“I see… shouldn’t immediately pull it when you get a bite. I’m learning a lot…….”

She was taking notes as she watched the video.

“The way to put the bait on is to put it through the water pipe and twist it around and out of the cotton……”

Many of the videos she was watching I had already watched many times, so of course I had the content in my head.

Because of that, I gradually fell asleep….

“Aikawa kun?”

Perhaps because it was after lunch, I lost consciousness.

Misa stiffened and focused on the weight she felt on her shoulders.

Ryoichi’s head was resting there, and she could hear him breathing in his sleep.

“A-Aikawa kun?”

Misa called out to Ryoichi with caution, but there was no response from the completely asleep Ryoichi.

For a while, the TV in front of her is playing a video of fishing, but Misa is not interested in that, she is glancing at Ryoichi.

(What is this happy feeling?)

In the past, Misa had spent time at Ryoichi’s house many times during the summer vacation.

Ryoichi was careful to keep an appropriate distance from Misa and never made himself physically close to her.

He always took care of Misa while she was there and acted as if there was no inconvenience, but in other words, he never showed any openings.

Misa wanted Ryoichi to spoil her more.

How much time had passed since Ryoichi fell asleep?

The video finished playing and the sound disappeared from the living room.

Misa, gradually becoming accustomed to this situation, begins to act boldly.

“A-Aikawa kun, it’s…..morning, you know?”

She whispers in his ear and touches his hair when she confirms that Ryoichi will not wake up.

“Fufufu, it tingles.”

The ends of the hair are stiff because of the wax.

“Then again… looks like it’s going to be just as I feared after all.”

Misa raises her eyebrows and looks at Ryoichi with a somewhat dissatisfied face.

During the opening ceremony, she witnessed some of the girls looking at Ryoichi and whispering something.

Although he has not stood out so far, Ryoichi has the elements to be popular in his own way if he dresses properly.

He is also tanned from fishing and his body is well-trained, so he attracts attention.


Ryoichi looked like he was having trouble sleeping, and Misa guided his head to her lap.

“Fufufu, he’s so cute.”

She couldn’t act this bold when he was awake, but a sleeping Ryoichi looked more childish than usual, and she couldn’t help but feel protective of him.

Misa enjoys stroking Ryoichi’s head for a while, but suddenly her finger touches Ryoichi’s lips.

“Hyah !”

Misa’s heart pounds as her voice leaks out at the unexpected touch, and she falls silent as her face turns bright red.

(Come to think of it, we’ve been dating for a month already…….)

According to Maho, who knows a lot about love affairs, she heard that couples usually kiss within a month of dating.

Considering that, she thinks it’s probably okay for them to do it soon too, right?

Misa couldn’t take her eyes off Ryoichi’s lips even as she thought this.

His mouth was slightly opened to breathe, revealing white teeth. The teeth are lined up neatly, seemingly without a single cavity.

We see each other brushing our teeth after lunch, so what would it taste like if we kissed now?

Even as she thinks about this, her heart is beating faster and faster, and her body temperature is rising.

It is impossible in Misa’s mind to kiss a sleeping partner, but if so, she thinks about how she can kiss Ryoichi.

[Aikawa kun, I want to kiss you.]

Should I proactively tell him I want to?

[Watanabe san, may I kiss you?]

Should I set the mood and wait for him to kiss me?

But to begin with. The two of them are sitting next to each other on the sofa alone at Ryoichi’s house, and the situation has become quite compromising.

And yet, Ryoichi has always treated Misa like a gentleman and has never made any attempt to expose his desires to her.

(Perhaps…..I’m not attractive enough?)

Should she be more exposed like Maho, or should she put more effort into dressing up and putting on makeup like Riho?

Even if she did that, Misa had no idea how Ryoichi would approach her with a kiss.

“It’s hard to know what he thinks of me !”

She knows he likes her. However, rather than being of the opposite sex, Misa thought that she wanted him to come a little more aggressively, as his attitude was more like a relative, an older sister or a younger sister.

(For once, I will take the lead…..)

The ethics she had just considered were being pushed to one corner. Misa was nervous and thought about what would happen if she took Ryoichi’s lips here.

She placed her right hand on Ryoichi’s cheek and gradually moved her face closer to his.

A conflict arises in her head, if she continues like this, she can take his lips. In such a situation…….

“Mmm, I can’t~”

Misa, who imagined herself after kissing Ryoichi when she was almost there, exclaimed that as heat came out of her face.

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