After the summer vacation—

My legs are sticking because of the koala woman.

I walked to school with wobbly legs.

She said she got sleepy and went home first, and then she started to back out of her part-time job.

[That Umi, she couldn’t get to her part-time job for about a week…]


[Kashiwada-kun, I’d like you to consult with me about shift changes, including extending your hours…… No, I’m sorry–to put it bluntly, Kashiwada kun, can you……help me……?]


Because I’ve been indebted to him on a daily basis, I had no choice but to say, [Manager…I know it’s tough…if it’s okay with you…….]

I thought about complaining, but my part-time job was getting too busy for that.

Instead of koala woman…..Kurokawa san was attracting customers everyday.

The customer base has also increased strangely with class changes from dandy uncles and middle-aged office workers to young students and young office workers.

I thought that beautiful, neat and tidy girls were also very attractive, but beautiful gyarus were also very attractive.

But I’m more interested in Kurokawa san…….

Hey, hey, hey.

Is it OK if koala woman is not here?

I asked.

[Can’t I come just to see Kashiwada kun?]


[After work, let’s go home together.]


[You’re going to see Hana-san on your way home, right?]

and so on.


Isn’t something funny?

We haven’t kissed since then, but when we’re alone (Hana san sometimes leaves me alone), the sweet vibe flows a little bit and I almost think we’re really dating.


[Tendo kun and I…we broke up thanks to Kashiwada kun. Then I told Umi about us…..and she said that she didn’t expect it, but that she would also… us……ehehe…….”



I’m glad she got to break up with Tendo.


Koala woman?


I’m just going to play the boyfriend for a while to fool Tendo and the people around you, right?


What’s with that face?

Why are you sulking……?


I don’t get it.

And so, the first day of the new semester arrived, with Kurokawa san and I still in a delicate relationship.

Mellow, mellow.

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