Confinement Life Day 2 One the Verge of Being Eaten


Early morning.

The sun had not yet risen and the sky was beginning to turn gray.

I was asleep in bed when I was awakened by the feeling of something shifting in the blankets.

I lightly lifted the blanket and searched for what it was.

“Ah, Asumi Nii, you woke up♪”


I silently pulled down the lifted blanket.

“Wait wait ! Asumi Nii ! ! At least say something ! !”

“No, because ! If you were sleeping and there was an elementary school girl in the blanket, it would be a problem ! ! I’ll at least pretend I didn’t see ! !”

The girl who was hiding in my bed.

She has a pretty face that will become a beauty in the future, and when she smiles you can see a glimpse of her protruding tooth.

This girl is Aina chan.

She is the sixth daughter of the Shinryuuji family and is the one who teases me a lot.

I believe she is in the fifth grade this year.

Sleeping in the same bed with such a young girl would be a case of arrest.

But I’m still a minor too, so I’m just barely in the clear, right?

“Hmm, if that’s the way you’re acting, then……here.”

“Whoa !?”

“Pfft, you’re flustered, lame♪”

Aina chan straddled me as I lay on my back and mounted me.

The sweet smell of fluffy girl tickles my nose.

Wait ! ! Am I a pervert ! !

Smelling the sweet smell of an elementary school girl is too gross, even for me ! !

“Wow♪ Asumi Nii, you’re gross♪”

“Eh? W-what?:

“Don’t you realize it yourself? Something hard is hitting me, Asumi Nii♡”

“Ah, t-this is not.”

A physiological phenomenon was occurring.

My Excalibur had been unsheathed without me noticing.

Aina chan smirked at me.

“I’m still physically incapable of having a baby, but Asumi Nii is determined to have a baby with me, huh? Asuumi Nii’s dirty♪ You’re going straight to becoming a sex offender♪ Really perverted♡”

“I-I can’t deny it, but I definitely don’t have any evil feelings towards you ! ! R-right ! ! This is just a physiological phenomenon ! !”

“Hmm? So you don’t mind if I do this?

“Noooooo !?”

Aina chan was pressing her hips against my body.

I’m not going to say what it is, but my Excalibur is rubbing against it through my pants.

Oh calm down. Calm down, Amanogawa Asumi.

I’m not a beast without reason.

I have to calm my mind like a Buddha, yes, like a Bodhisattva.

“Eh? H-hm? No way !? Asumi Nii is calming down !? Why !?”

“Hmph, I was better at it than you.”

Now I’m in Bodhisattva mode.

I’m a person with a Buddha’s heart who will never give in to any temptation.

“You, I’ll leave you alone for today ! !”

“Oh, you can’t run.:

“Shut up ! ! Asumi Nii you stupid ! !”

Aina chan jumped off the bed and left the room in a hurry.

I noticed something.

“Ah. The door is left open…..”

I thought I could escape from this.

I opened the door slowly and checked carefully to make sure there was no one around.

“Asumi chan?”

“Hyoa !?”

“Ufufu, did I scare you?”

Akane san was standing in the place behind the door.

She was the one who paid my parents’ debt and was the reason I was locked up.

I called out to Akane san with some caution.

“G-good morning, Akane san.”

“Yes, good morning. But still, how did you unlock the room?”

“Erm, well, actually, it’s…….”

I told her what had happened as it was.

“…I see. Seriously, Aina chan. She’s so careless not to close the door tightly.”

“T-true. I’m going to go now.”

“Oh my, where are you going?”

“…….Oops. I’m going back to my room.”

When I casually tried to escape, Akane san with a cheerful smile stood in front of me.

One should not forget Akane san’s height.

Akane san is about 190 cm tall, which is quite tall.

Combined with the fact that I myself am not a tall person, I felt quite intimidated.

I decided to return to the confinement room quietly.

However, as I was about to return to my room, Akane san stopped me as if she had remembered something.

“Wait, Asumi chan.”


“Why don’t you go and refresh yourself.”


Akane san said while shaking her big, bouncy boobs.

Refreshing myself?

No, no, no. Keep calm. I’m in the same bodhisattva mode as before.

Now, no matter what happens, I won’t budge.

“Ufufu. Let’s do something pleasant together♡”

“Yes ! !”

Bodhisattva mode is forcibly released.

I am a man, too.

When a beautiful older sister with a glamorous style comes on to me, I can’t resist the temptation.

I followed Akane san while suppressing the Excalibur between my legs.

“Well, you know. I didn’t think you meant it that way. Yes, I didn’t expect it at all.”

I visited a large bathhouse where hot water was poured from the Merlion into a bathtub that looked like a swimming pool.

It was a mansion, after all.

The lock-up room also had a shower room with a toilet, but I had not expected such a large bathroom.

“I think I’ve never seen the Merlion before.”

I muttered to myself as I stared into the distance, remembering the conversation I had just had with Akane san.

I was imagining all kinds of things when she said, [Let’s do something pleasant] with her big boobs shaking like that.

No, it’s true that taking a bath feels good. It’s refreshing, but….

“Ufufu. I asked a craftsman in Singapore to make this Merlion for me.”

“Really? So it’s the real Merlion. ……Eh? Um, ah, Akane san !?”

At that time, Akane san came into the large bathroom with a cheerful smile on her face.

In case you are wondering, she seems to have a towel wrapped around her……

It didn’t hide her glamorous and outstanding style in the slightest.

“Ufufu, I’ve told you, Right? I said…let’s do something nice together. I’m on duty today, so I’ll do my best to take care of you♡”


I completely forgot about Aina chan’s attack, but now that I’ve been told, Aoi chan certainly said that when she left.

[Well then, I’ll leave you with this. From now on, all the sisters will decide who will take care of you. It’s goodbye for a little while.]

This must be what Akane san meant by [Taking care of]

T-this is, can I expect this !?

Can I assume that there is a lot going on !? Can I think that there is something waiting for me !?

As I was involuntarily screaming in my heart, Akane san stood behind me and hugged me gently, yet strongly.

Oh, oof.

My whole head is wrapped in something soft…..

Oh, no, no, no.

I have to be calm and careful here. I don’t want to be thought of as a greedy man.

“Ah, um, Akane san? Umm, what are you doing…..?”

“Since we’re taking a bath together, let’s wash each other. Don’t be shy.”

This is, this is definitely dangerous ! !

Even though she was the one who imprisoned me, I can’t believe I’m going to take a bath and have a wash with a very beautiful sister I know…..

I must have saved the world in my previous life.

“Ufufu, good for you. Here, close your eyes. Your sister will wash your hair for you.”


I closed my eyes.

Then, without a pause, I heard the sound of a bottle being pushed, and Akane san touched my head.

Wash, wash, wash, wash, wash. Ruffling.

When was the last time I had someone wash my hair?

I felt a sense of relief, or perhaps it was a strange feeling of calmness.

“Okay, I’m going to wash it off.”

A warm shower pours over my head, rinsing away the bubbles.

At that moment, I casually opened my eyes and…….


Like a big, big peach, no. There was a fruit in front of me that looked like a large watermelon.

I opened my eyes.

I didn’t think about such wild things as where the towel that was wrapping the fruit had gone.

I didn’t care at all if the shampoo was smeared in my eyes, I just kept my eyes fixed on that big watermelon.

“Okay. ……Nn, no. How long have you been watching?”

“Ah, I-I’m sorry ! !”

I closed my eyes in a panic as I was caught staring.

Damn, the shampoo stings my eyes……

While thinking about such things, I thought that I might be scolded, so I prepared myself for reprimand.

However, unexpectedly, Akane san said in a gentle tone of voice,

“Ufufu, I’m not angry with you. We’re taking a bath together, so an accident like this can’t be helped.”

Accident, huh? That’s right, this is an accident. I never intend anything.

Yes, this is an inevitability ! !

“An accident ! ! If it’s an accident, it can’t be helped ! !”

“Yes, yes, it can’t be helped. What we are about to do is also an accident.”


The next moment Akane san said that, something soft hit my back.

I can’t tell clearly in the dark world with my eyes closed, but I guess it was definitely that fruit.

The fruit was covered with a slimy liquid that looked like body soap and pressed against my back.

“U-um ! ! This, this, this is too much though !?”

“I heard that boys like this kind of thing……. Did you not like it, by any chance?”

“I love it.”

“Ufufu. I’m so glad you said that.”

I felt like I was in paradise, my whole body covered in bubbles and soft fruit.

My head was also a bit fuzzy.

Perhaps I was getting a little tipsy from all the events that had happened to me.

“Oh my, Ufufu. It seems to be working, doesn’t it?”

“…… Eh?”

“The body soap is actually specially made with a medicine that Aoi chan developed that makes you feel a little bit better. It will make any boy fall in love with you♡”



I was gently pushed down by Akane san.

Lying on the cool and cold tiles, Akane san mounted me.

Akane san’s eyes were glistening like those of a predator.

It was the same expression she had shown me when she put me to sleep with a sleeping spray after she took over my debt that time.

I-I’m going to be eaten ! !

I understood that intuitively.

“A-Akane san !?”

“It’s fine. Don’t be anxious, okay? Leave everything to your sister….no, to your mommy. Mommy will make you feel good, Asumi chan♡”

“Wait, wait–“

“Wait a minute aaaaaaaaaahhh ! ! ! !”

Just before I was about to be eaten, a woman’s voice different from Akane san’s echoed in the bathroom.

“Akane NEe chan ! ! We all agreed yesterday that you’re not allowed to sneak out ! !”

“What, Touka chan !?”

Thanks to the blonde-haired, brown skin gyaru who suddenly burst into the bathroom, my virginity was somehow protected.

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