It was a peaceful day.

I went to school with a smile on my face, even though I had to listen to the rest of yesterday’s complaints, and I even made an appointment at lunch break to visit Iori’s house to talk about why I stopped playing guitar.

It was so peaceful, as if yesterday’s events were a lie.

It was until after school……

–The news was brought to me by Misaki senpai.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ann Mayer ! Ann Mayer is at the school gate visiting Runa chan !”

[[Ann Mayer !]]

I don’t know why would Ann……or how she knew the school.

I told the confused club members what happened yesterday.

“Ahaha, it was all Runa yesterday. They really got you Naru.”

They got me…… even though it was Yui san who caused most of the trouble.

I quickly disguised myself as Runa and rushed to the school gate.

There was a huge crowd. I wonder what would happen if a famous foreign artist suddenly showed up at school.

I pushed my way through the crowd and headed for Ann.

“Ann, what’s wrong?”

I changed my tone and spoke to her in French. I hate myself for getting used to my girlish tones.

[It’s Runa chan.] [Runa chan, you speak French?] [Amazing !] [You look so cute today.]

I could hear them praising Runa, but it didn’t make me happy at all.

“Runa, you were a student here after all. I knew it because of your uniform.”

You looked for me by my uniform….hm…rather, did she use japanese right now?

“Ann, you speak Japanese?”

“Yes, well,…… I talk to a lot of Japanese artists, so Iearned it.”

Yesterday, when she asked me if I could speak french and I said yes, she said ‘Thank god’, so I thought she can’t speak japanese at all. Well, putting that aside, I’m more interested in why Ann came to visit me at school.

“Ann……, what’s the matter with you today, do you need something from me? Do you want me to be your friend?””

I replied in Japanese without hesitation. Why am I saying that she wants to be my friend !

“Well……F….fr…fri…fried are not so bad…….”

Ann’s blushed while facing down,……not bad at all.

“That’s not it, Runa. I have something important to tell you today.”

“something important?”

I wonder why Ann said it was important….did she perhaps know that I’m Naru?

“Runa, let’s for a guitar duo with me.”


Ann’s statement caused a stir around the place.

Duo with Ann……why all of a sudden.

“I’ll never forget……how you played…..yesterday….It was amazing. I need you !”

Ann appealed with pleading eyes. What a misleading statement …… Everyone is blushing slightly and completely suspicious.

Yuri while dressing as a woman, I’m like a normal bad person.

“No, I won’t give you Runa.”

Iori, who had been silent up until now, suddenly took part in the competition.

“Who…are you?”

Ann stared at Iori with her beautiful eyes.

“I am Runa’s unit member, Iori.”

Iori stared back at Ann with her beautiful eyes.

The peace that had existed until a moment ago was gone.

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