The week is over and Monday comes again.
Monday, I don’t want it to come if possible.

[I’m going to the same school next week.]

Every time I think of these words, I feel heavy. My stomach churns. She didn’t say when, but it could very well be today.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re looking even more depressed than usual.”
“How’s that for a first thing in the morning to say to your boyfriend?”
“Ara, Boyfriend has a nice ring to it. I guess it means I’m becoming more self-aware.”

As usual, I am going to school with Ichikawa san today in the same way.
I’m still not ready to talk about my fiance.
I know I have to do it fast, but I’m just so freaked out. I’m a coward.

By the way, the arm hold seemed to be only the first week, not today.

What is it, what’s going on?
Even though she was glued to me until last week. W-well it’s not like I want it though. If she does, my heart will beat hard and my mental strength will be worn out.
It’s because I don’t miss that soft feeling.

“[I wonder why she hasn’t hugged me today] right?”
“Hey…Can you please stop reading my mind a little bit?”
“Fufu. Well, it’s good to do these things sometimes right? If I did it every day, you’d get bored, wouldn’t you? I’m going to watch you fumble forever.”

I’ve always thought Ichikawa san is an S.
She’s the type to bully the boy she likes.

“N-No, I’m not fumbling around.”
“Is that right? Then, I’ll have to come up with something more exciting next time.”
“That’s raising the bar for Ichikawa san more and more, are you okay with that?”
“I’ll be fine. Ultimately, it’s about procreation.”
“That’s why !! don’t say things like that in the morning.”

Please stop. I just yelled out loud.
Ahh, so embarrassing. even if no one else is around.

“You’re excited right? Do you want to take the day off from school and go to a hotel today?”
“I won’t !!!”

I don’t understand Ichikawa san’s thought process at all.
Perhaps, but isn’t it a crisis of chastity to be alone with Ichikawa san in a room where you live alone?

“Well, you can go ahead of me around here. I’ll wait for Shizuka and then go.”
“Ahh, okay, see you”

I parted ways with Ichikawa san on the way and I headed off to school by myself.
Basically, when I go to school with Ichikawa san, I leave home early.
That way, there is less chance of someone seeing us.
Ichikawa san then meets Sakino san on the way before going to school.

“It’s just that this means I’ll be getting to school much earlier~”

With a yawn, I walk down the hallway, which is still empty of students.

“Let’s take a nap when we get to class……Wh–?”

When I think about that, I bumped into someone in a corner.
The recoil of the reaction makes me fall on my buttocks.

“Sorry, you’re okay?”

Unlike me, the person I bumped into had the luxury of not falling over and even reaching out to me.


Then we recognize each other and our voices leak out.

“It’s yesterday’s”

It was Mitsushima san who was extending her hand.
I thanked her and went straight to stand up with the help of Mitsushima san’s hand.

When I looked at Mitsushima san, she seemed to be sweating and her hair was a little wet.
Nonetheless, it smells sweet and good.
Is it deodorant?

“I just finished morning practice and came back to class.
“You’re a hardworker, aren’t you?”
“Yes. It feels good to run. You’re welcome to join me sometime if you’d like.”
“…..I’ll pass.”
“Haha, I was dumped.”

…Ah, But thinking about it, it might not be a bad idea to train myself.
I don’t mean to be extreme, but this is another way to break away from my ordinary self.

“I might as well run in the morning after all.”
“…What’s with that?”
“I was just thinking about it. Ah, but only on weekends, I guess. School days are quirky.”
“Fufu, well, You can run with me if you want ? And on Saturdays and Sundays, too, because I run in the mornings.”
“Ah In that case…”
“Well, could we exchange contact information?”

Then Mitsushima san takes out her smartphone. I took it out too and we exchanged contact information.

I think, I didn’t get involved with girls at all until the other day, but I feel like I’ve had a lot of contact with them recently.

And I never thought I would even exchange contact information with such a celebrity.
This may be another good change from being able to associate with Ichikawa san.

“Komiya kun”

Just as I was thinking about Ichikawa san, I suddenly froze when I heard her voice coming from behind me.
Then I slowly turn around.

“What are you doing?”
“I-Ichikawa san…”

There, Ichikawa san, whom I was supposed to have left in the morning, was standing alone.

“W-What about Sakino san?”
“I’m asking the question first. What in the world were you doing?”
“N-No, this is—”
“You, you are Ichikawa san right?”

While I was still thinking, Mitsushima san interrupted as I managed to squeeze out a few words and stepped in front of Ichikawa san.

“….Yes. and you are Mitsushima san right?”
“Yes, that’s right”
“Will you step aside, please? I’m here to see Komiya kun over there”
“Sorry, I can’t do that”
“Why is that? I don’t think you have any reason to disturb me at all.”
“I don’t mean to intrude. Right now, I’m talking to him. So if you need something, I think it would be polite to wait until after that.”

They cross their gazes without taking a step back from each other. It almost has a sound effect of a bachi. (SFX buzz buzz)
For me, it’s a very awkward atmosphere. I can’t stop thinking this is bad. I can’t get in. It’s not that I’m scared or anything.

“What were you talking to him about?”
“It doesn’t matter what it’s about, does it? It’s none of Ichikawa san’s business.”
“I’ll be the judge of that. Tell me what you were talking about.”

The two are getting more and more heated up.
Both Ichikawa san and Mitsushima san are staring at each other.

It’s really not good if things continue as they are. It’s almost time for everyone to get to school. I don’t even want to imagine if word gets out that these two celebrities are fighting because of me.

I have to interrupt here!!!!

“Shut up Komiya kun”

It was impossible.

“What’s wrong with you being so obsessed with him? I don’t think he was ever in the group of good friends you always hang out with.”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Maybe you are bullying him?”
“…… me a bully? Could you please not say something that is so baseless?”
“But he was scared, you know?”

It’s a misunderstanding.
I was scared, but I wasn’t being bullied or anything. ……
I’m too scared of Ichikawa san to say anything
I’m too bad at this

Then, for a moment, Ichikawa san’s expression seemed to cloud over.
This is bad!

“Mitsushima san, about earlier–”
“Anyway, he’s freaking out, so can we do this again later?”

As soon as I was about to interject, Mitsushima san’s words were covered.

“…..Okay, that’s fine”
“Ah, Ichikawa san…Ugh!?”

Ichikawa san took a sharp glance at me, sighed a little, and entered the classroom.

I’ll have to make excuses later, though, …… it’s too scary.

“Are you okay?”
“Eh? Y-yes”
“Sorry. I had a feeling you might be in trouble. I hope I didn’t annoy you.”
“Ah no…”

It’s really getting messed up, but it’s hard to say that I am when I’m offered such a good-looking smile.
In other words, it seems that her natural sense of justice was triggered and she thought I was in trouble, so she helped me out.

“D-Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being abused by Ichikawa san.”
“…Is that right? But she did seem very angry.”
“There’s a deeper reason for that…..”
“Deeper reason?”
“A-Anyway, that was a misunderstanding earlier, and there’s really nothing going on with Ichikawa san! So, bye!”

I forced myself to end the conversation right there and then and went after Ichikawa san.

(TL/A :Ehehehe…shuraba)

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