Just as I was about to return to Iori’s room when she had calmed down, I heard voices coming from the doorway. It seemed that Gaku san and Kaori san had returned. I had heard that they had guests, so I thought I would just say a quick hello and go back to the room.

“Gaku san, Kaori san, I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“Oh, You’re here Naru kun, take your time.”



The voice sounded familiar. Gaku san and Kaori san’s guest is …….


It was my father. My father is a guitar teacher at a famous music college in the United States. It would be no surprise if he was Gaku san and Kaori san acquaintance…..what a coincidence.

“Otonashi, Is he your son?”

“Yeah, he’s my foolish son, Naru.”

“I didn’t know his last name because Iori always called him Naru. I didn’t realize he was your son, Jin san….”

I was his soon to be son-in-law that he didn’t even know who I was…… How confusing.

“Eh….What do you mean?”

For the time being, I sat down on the sofa and learned about the relationship between my father, Gaku san and Kaori san.

The three of them had been music friends since their school days and had worked together for a while.

This time, my father came back to Japan to participate in the recording of Gaku san’s album.

“But, I feel safer if it’s with your son, Otonashi.”

“What makes you feel safe?”

“Iori and Naru kun. They’re dating with the intention of marriage !”

Gaku san skipped over everything.

“Naru and Iori san?”

“You haven’t heard?

“No, I haven’t.”

He wasn’t at home, so he couldn’t have heard it.

“Is it true, Naru?

“Well, I’m going out with her with that in mind.”

“You’re a man who doesn’t know his place……did you think you’re a match for Iori san?”

Even though he’s my parent, he’s a rude guy. It’s Iori decides that ! Well, I can’t say that.

“Oh my, that’s not true.”

“Yeah, that’s not true at all.”

“Are you insane, Kubota? Have you ever heard him play?”

“I did, we had a session the other day ! I mean, he’s the young guitarist that I was talking about in the car !”


My father couldn’t hide his surprise. He was the one who knew my cowardness, so it was understandable.

“Kubota, can I borrow your studio?”

“Sure !”

“Come on, Naru. I’ll find out if Kubota’s story is true.”

How selfish……but Gaku san and Kaori san are on board, and Iori is also looking forward to it. Everyone is a music fool.


I don’t know what we were going to do, but I’m back in the studio.

But I was a little shaken up.

I wanted to show my father that I was different from then.

I wanted his approval.

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