“What the……? What’s going on…..!?”

Just a few moments ago, I was on a boat looking out over the night sea. And yet, I saw old school buildings and some familiar faces. The shirt I was wearing has changed from the one I bought for this day to a 3 years old worn out uniform.

It might be a dream. But this place. This was the high school I graduated from about eight years ago.

“It’s a dream……right…..?”

If it was a dream, then it’s fine. But what if this was reality? I’m so anxious that I want to go back to that hopeless present. I don’t know. I have to understand this situation. So I decided to throw a ten-yen coin into the pond in the courtyard.

“……What the hell am I doing?”

I don’t think there’s any meaning in this action. But, I just had to do the same thing. Throwing down something precious to the surface of the water. I thought that if I did this again, it might come out. That fairytale woman.

“Is it a gold ten-yen coin that you dropped? Or was it a silver 10 ten-yen coin?”

.”…..It really did come out.”

I can’t understand everything, but I’ll tell you what. The same woman appeared from the dirty pond just like that time.

 “……The bronze ten-yen coin.”

“You are an honest person. I will give you all the coins as a reward.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait !”

I put a stop to the woman in the pure white garment that everyone imagines in the golden ax fairy tale. This is not the time to be getting fake coins like that.

“Um……can you tell me everything……? Everything about this situation……! Who are you……?”

“I am an Agent. I’m a goddess-shaped robot.”


“Well then.”

I guess because she had done her job. She answered one of my questions, and she immediately went back into the pond.


“Is it a gold ten-yen coin you dropped? Or was it a silver ten-yen coin?”

I threw in another ten-yen coin, and the goddess robot agent returned, spouting the same line as before.

“It’s the…… bronze ten-yen coin.”

“You are an honest man. I will give you all the ten-yen coins as a reward.”

“No, I don’t want that, so please tell me what you mean by……goddess-type robot.”

“I mean it as it is.  I was released into the sea to be experimented on, and right after that, you threw away the ring, so I served as a goddess-type robot. And I am observing your behavior in order to obtain the results of the experiment.”

The agent answered my questions and left again. In other words, I happened to be the subject of some kind of experiment. I want to dig deeper into that, but right now, there’s something more important. It was a waste, so I kept throwing the coins and listening to the answer.

“Igarashi Kouki sama said he didn’t want the ring, so I decided to return him to 10 years ago because this time was the cause of the ring’s creation.”

“Yes. This is not a dream. It is a time reversal using your wishes and my technology.”

“There is no way to go back, because I have overwritten you exactly as you were ten years ago.”

“That is correct. No matter what you do, this is your reality, Igarashi Kouki sama. This is the stage of your new life.”

“Yes. The contents of the experiment will not be disclosed anywhere. It will only be used for further technological development.”

After the most bizarre series of conversations, the answer finally came. It seems that I have really gone back 10 years ago. And there is no way back. This seems to be my new reality.

Just a few minutes ago I was going crazy with anxiety and frustration, but thanks to hearing the reason, I was able to calm down a little.

In other words, I can redo the 10 years I wasted by being deceived by Daiki and Saki. Not only that, I could destroy their schemes and give them what they deserve. I, who know everything, can take revenge on those who took everything away from me.

“So long.”

The agent returned back into the pond. There were still some questions I had to ask, so I was about to throw a coin, and then.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Igarashi kun.”

A familiar voice that I didn’t want to hear.


There she was, my ex-girlfriend, Aioi Saki. Apparently, I’m the one who called her. There was only one reason.

“So…..what are you going to talk about….?”

My ex-girlfriend who hasn’t even been my girlfriend for a period of time is here now. Now is the time when she became my girlfriend.

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