“Will you forgive me?” How could she asked such a request.

Without knowing how much I was suffering at that time…..

I was almost overcome with anger when I heard Aika’s words.


I kept my composure as I remembered the time when I confessed to Iori.

…..Maybe, Aika had a hard time too.

For now, I tried to think like that.

“Forgive you, you said, what the hell…, forgive you or not, we’re already done. Isn’t that right?”

Even though I’m trying to keep my emotions in check, I can’t help but speak harshly.

“Yeah……,that’s right.”

Aika showed a painful expression, unlike that time.

“For now, I’ll listen, what happened?”


As expected, there’s someone ……

“It’s true that I liked someone else. It’s true…… I’ve been betraying Naru for a long time.”

She had been betraying me all along……

To be honest, I was shocked.

In my own way, I intended to face Aika properly.

“I see…….you broke up with with me because you couldn’t satnd it anymore.”


Even though she didn’t like me, was it better than being in a relationship with someone while betraying them?

“My bad, Aika,……, I’m sorry I didn’t notice it. I’m not in a position to forgve you or not, but if you worry about it, Aika, then don’t worry about it anymore.”

This was the best I could do.

“Thank you, Naru, but that’s not true.”

“What’s not true…you like someone other than me, right? I had been tormenting you, Aika,  for a long time without realizing your feelings…..Isn’t that what you mean?”

“Like I said, Than’t not true.”

“Aika, that’s not good. If you go around with this stupid brother of mine….. you too, speak straightforwardly and properly.”

What…..are you talking about?


The expression on Aika’s face…….

“The one I like is.”

No way, really…….

“Naru right now.”

It’s like Iori san said.

And then the tears started to flow.

“The one I like is Naru who’s shining. Not the Naru from when we were dating.”

Aika hadn’t changed her mind.

Aika had always been encouraging me to realize it.

But I was just taking advantage of her kindness.

That’r why Aika could only choose to break up with me.

It was all my fault.

“Hey, Naru, right now, you’re thinking that it was all your fault, right?”


She’s right on target.

“Yukki told you, right? Stop that self-solving.”

She heard it.

“I’m the one to blame. It’s true that I dumped you, Naru…..I couldn’t make Naru shine, that’s the truth.”


“I’m frustrated too, okay? So it’s selfish of me to ask for forgiveness.”

I know what you’re saying, but …….

“I also know that Naru cares about Kubota senpai.”


“That’s why, this is a declaration of war against Kubota senpai, please tell her.”


Of course I will tell Iori. It’s not like I can’t tell her.

“But I can’t respond to your feelings, Aika.”

“That’s why it’s a declaration of war. Someday, I’ll make the current Naru turn to me.”

“It’s hard being a popular guy, isn’t it? Stupid big bro.”

It’s certainly hard……because I never thought it would turn out this way.

It’s just added one more thing to worry about.

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1 year ago

What kind of stupid shit is this? The mc is getting tormented by the ex and the sister. The MC is as normal a man can get. Trying to heal but then the ex dumps this stupid shit of ‘I liked the old Naru’.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tobi

This is seriously the dumbest shit I’ve read in a really long fucking time. I don’t think I can continue this. Thanks for the translation though, I really appreciate it.

1 year ago

Fuck off, Aika

1 year ago

The gall of this bitch lol

1 year ago

That’s just some self-satisfication reason one can make after they messed up really² bad….. the one who truly loves us will never back down and will with us even in our lowest ….. She dumped him and made him his lowest…..what worse than that???….is she retarded????…that just some bullshit she’s been spouting….if she truly love him she should never dumped him to be in his lowest in the first place

8 months ago

Ok, this chapter its so so bad… stupid situation, stupid arguments… all is stupid in this situation