“Do you want to do it?”

There are many things that can be imagined from the words [Do you want to do it?].

There are many, but in this situation [Do you want to do it?] is …… surely refer to that way……

I didn’t expect Iori to say….[Do you want to do it?] So I didn’t prepare an answer for that. 

And the question “Do you want to do it? is probably these two choices.

The first one is, oh yeah….that thing. We’re dating, so it is natural for us to yearn for each other. And we’re dating with marriage in mind. I have nothing to feel guilty about.

If I had to say it, I’m only 16 years old and my parents don’t know anything about it.

……Well, it’s a trivial matter.

And the other [Do you want to do it?] has to be referred to as a kiss.

Now that there aren’t many people on the street, it’s possible for us to kiss here.

Now, how can I answer…..


No, That’s not it….Naru.

In the first place, I’ve missed the point. It doesn’t matter what the [Do you want to do it?] context is.

To Iori the answer to [Do you want to do it?] is no other that {I want to.].

I have no more hesitation.

“I want to…”

I answered in few words. The rest is obvious if you look at Iori’s reaction.

But she just blushed and looked down.

I had no choice but to wait and see what would happen.

It was a battle of endurance.

I fought against this silence. I really wanted to speak. My heart was probably beating at 180 BPM. It’s the same speed as metal music.

Finally, Iori broke the silence.


What……[Okay?] But…….

I mean, what’s okay about it, damn it ! Tell me ! This…… if I get this wrong, I’ll become a sex offender…….

Think ! Think ! No, don’t think about it ! Feel it ! I think…..

I can’t ignore this [Okay?]. If I do that, not only will I be questioned like [Where are your manliness?] Not only will I be questioned, but it will also affect our future relationship.

What should I do……What should I do……What should I do !

Iori pushed me down and her lips touched mine.

It was a strong one.

The sudden event left me helpless and all I could do was roll my eyes and stare at Iori.

“You have to bear with this one for today.”


An unexpected first kiss.

Even though I was so horny….strangely my mind calmed down.

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