One day on the way to school, after getting used to the highschool life, the first spring brought a sight of a female student with the front of her skirt turned up beautifully along with the petals of cherry blossoms that were dancing in the air.

Most likely a checker pattern skirt that’s slightly above knee length.

Isn’t that the same level as underwear.



I couldn’t help but let out my inner voice because of the sudden situation.

She wore the same school uniform as me, but I don’t know her name. However, she’s extremely cute.

“You saw it ?!”

With her blushed cheeks, the female student asked me in a distance.

“N-no i didn’t see….i didn’t see anything.”

“Then, what do you mean by pink?”


A dry sound effect echoed.

I crouched and pressed my cheeks.

I didn’t understand what just happened. No, I knew it, but that situation was too sudden and I couldn’t comprehend it.

It may sound pathetic that I would fall on my but just to be slapped by a girl, but her slap was too strong.

She glared at me as if she was looking at garbage, then she left the place.

I wonder if this is what they called Lucky Sukebe. If so, it would’ve been better for an amateur to have a slightly weaker simulation.

On the way to school, I couldn’t get my eyes off the contents from her revealing skirt.

“Yo, Naru.”

“Morning, Yukki.”

“What happened to your face?”

“No, i’m in luck or rather i was in some kind of unfortunate situation.”

—I told Yukki about what had happened earlier.

“Isn’t that luck? Is she cute?”

“Y-yeah, well….”

“What the hell, you spoiled the mood.”

“Look, I’m still…..”

“Aah, are you still lingering over Aika?”


“Well, I mean you guys have been together since elementary school, I don’t know much about it, but you have to forget about it quickly.”

“That’s what I wanted to do……but it’s hard.”

“What the hell, don’t get depressed every second.”

“My bad.”

Even though my new life has started, my heart has stopped since that day.

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1 year ago

if you dont post more chapters of this im gonna sue you and throw you a cake with bomb in it.

Sakura Natsuki
1 year ago

Good translation. A question, is this yuri? I mean, is the main character a boy or a girl?

1 year ago

short chapters, i have high expectations this will be fun