“Um, Ayado san, too close, too close.”
“Mooo, stranger! Ayatdo is fine. No, wait, it’s not good, it’s not good. Call me Saara.”

Ayato or Saara, nods happily and opens the bag she brought with her.

Rooftop, girls, lunch …….
Perhaps this is a homemade lunch ……!

I wondered if it was.

“Mine is this!”

It was a convenience store onigiri.

“Is that where you usually buy your food?”
“I was going to make some, but frankly, I couldn’t sleep at night, so I overslept in the morning.”
“Saara to?”

As soon as I said it, I thought “Ah shit”
This would have let Saara know that I overslept too

My eyes meet beautiful eyes peering at me with interest, and I can’t help but look away.

“…… maybe because I moved in?”
“Well, I mean, not because you moved in, but because I was thinking about how different it was before.
“Ahaha, that’s right. I was a big fat kid, wasn’t I?”

–The moment she told me that, I remembered the dim image of Saara’s old self.

Saara looked like a boy, and not only because she had a close-cropped head.
It was because she looked bigger than me, because she was thicker.
That was the reason I never once thought of her as a woman, even if she wasn’t the manly or boyish type.

As soon as I remember that, I can’t help but notice the style of Saara now.
For a high school student, her body is …… no, no, no, don’t think, don’t think.

“So you worked hard to lose weight?”
“I’ve worked so hard! So please praise me.”
“I see. That’s really great, Saara, really great.”
“I’m so glad I did it. It was worth all the hard work.”

It was an easy word to say for that effort, but Saara was pleased nonetheless.

Really, that’s great.
I can say that she is changing for the better.
That thick-cropped boy has become such a princess.

Have I …… changed in any way?
I don’t think I’m the same as I used to be, …… if you ask me if that’s for the better.

“……hnnn? Sora, is that yakisoba bread?”
“Ah, Yes, it is.”
“I don’t eat much bread these days because I feel that rice gives me more energy. I don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates like yakisoba bread.”
“Is Saarah a Japanese foodie?”
“More or less. I also eat hamburgers. I like gratin croquettes.”
“I think …… a gratin croquette burger is a flour sauce fried in flour and sandwiched between two pieces of wheat flour.”

She froze for a moment at my tsk tsk and then looked …… eyes and mouth wide open in astonishment.

“Graco burgers are bad culture, a natural enemy of diets. They must be destroyed.”
“No, that’s extreme!”
“Just kidding, just kidding.”

From the serious tone of her voice, she is a princess who smiles brightly and frighteningly.
…… I thought yesterday, this fellow is quite a jokester or has a nice personality, huh?

“Yakisoba bread, huh? I don’t buy it willingly, and since I’m here, give me a bite.”
“Hmm? Okay”

Before I could even think of tearing off a piece of bread in response to Saara’s request, ……, to my surprise, Saara bit directly into my Yakisoba bread …….

“Hnnn~, I like this kind of thing once in a while. Also, I like the extra red ginger.”

No, I had already started eating mine, but was it good? I mean, am I allowed to eat this?
I was so worried, but Saara held out her own onigiri, which she was about to bite into.

“Come on, come on, share it with me. We used to do this a lot in the past”
“No, I’m….”

I pulled a little face in front of her as she came at me aggressively, unaware that I was on my way.
At that moment, however, Saara’s brow furrowed in surprise.

“Ah …… maybe you don’t like this kind of thing any more, did you ……?”

Saara’s face fell with a sad expression on her face, as if she took my action as a rejection.
I felt a surge of guilt at the sight of her, and at the same time I was angry with myself, wondering why I was rejecting such a favorable action.

-It has nothing to do with my past and this girl, right?

“I don’t mind, and I don’t think it’s fair that I’m the only one being taken, so if that’s the case, I’ll take it.”

I forcefully took Saara’s hand and shoved the onigiri I was holding into my mouth.
The moment I touched her, the feel of her soft skin and slender fingers made me undeniably aware that Saara is now a very beautiful girl.

Maybe I was a little too pushy.
As I chewed in embarrassment, Saara smiled slightly and took the onigiri I had eaten straight into her mouth.
Sure, you used to do that kind of thing, but don’t you still care? I’m sorry
I wonder if it’s the same for other people ……. …… I’m curious, but it’s hard to ask.

But still, this is …….

“…… it’s hot spicy Takana.”
“Are you disappointed that it’s not pickled wasabi?”
“No, there’s no way I’m going to find wasabi-zuke on a convenience store rice ball menu.”

She giggles again with her hand over her mouth in response to my comment.
It’s a laugh I’ve had since my old boyish days, but it’s really elegant and beautiful when done with my current appearance.
The topic is totally like a prank princess, though.

“By the way, what’s the other one?”
“This one? Shiso ume takuan.”

I knew you were a big Japanese foodie, Princess Saara.

“Lunch is almost over.”
“Yeah, let’s go back.”

I eat the rest of the yakisoba bread, trying not to be too conscious of her dazzling smile.
But after I ate, I remembered that it was her biting indirect kiss, and I had to be extra conscious of it.

By the way, if we go to the classroom like this, won’t they know we had lunch together? ……

(TL/N : Well, most of the food’s name is not translated…it’s a food name so yeah)

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