My heart is hot. It feels like it’s about to explode.
I never thought I would have to confess my feelings. I had not prepared for anything. I just went with the flow and spoke the words that came to me from the bottom of my heart. To be honest, I don’t even remember what I said.
Honami remained silent, showing her confusion. Her mouth was gaping open, but no “answer” seemed to come out of it. She looked like a lost child with her young face.
That’s not surprising, since I told her out of the blue. I’m not sure if she considers me her boyfriend yet, but I’m going to tell her. ……
I felt a heavy weight on my chest. Now, as I remembered, I felt a pang of guilt.
I didn’t want to make her sad. I didn’t want to make her ” heartbroken”. I wanted to take Honami away from my brother before he dumped her – before she found out he had a girlfriend. I wanted to make her happy so that she would forget about my brother. And yet, …….
I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I’m sure. I made her sad right away, I guess.

“—It’s the worst confession I’ve ever heard.”

I know, right? I almost chuckled….. and then huffed.

“Kouki…Do you understand?”

Honami’s expression changed from stunned to grim as she asked me this. Her eyes were sharp, and the way she stared at me seemed to be the same as usual ……. The sullen expression, the piercing voice, the cold stare, they were all the same – but something was different. I have never felt …… anything more sinister than I have felt before – clearly, I was feeling an atmosphere of disaster from Honami that could be described as ‘hostility’.

“Understand …… you’re talking about–“
“What Kouki is talking about, two-timing, you know?”
“Two-timing ……?”

The words came out unexpectedly, and I was flustered.

“Why, ……, would I do that? Why, suddenly, two-timing!
“There is someone else, but you like another person. …… That’s such a two-timing, isn’t it! You didn’t even know!?”
“Eh,……, yeah,…….”

Is that so ……?
Surely, even though my brother has a girlfriend, it doesn’t change the fact that Honami likes my brother. Even if Honami gives up on him, it doesn’t mean that those feelings will disappear anytime soon. I too …… have remained in love with Honami and have been by her side for a long time.
So, I wonder if seeing …… me as a man would be a two-timing from Honami’s perspective.

“So ……. From Honami’s point of view, it’s a two-way …… thing. Sorry, I didn’t think that far ahead.”
” …… think about it!”
“But,” she quickly recomposed herself and cut the conversation short. “I don’t care. It’s always been that way.”
“always been like that!? Always ……!?”
“–Ah, yeah. Always.”
“How can you say …… with such confidence?”

After being astonished, Honami blurted out, “It’s impossible …….”

“I didn’t think Kouki was …… such a man. I thought he was more …… sincere …… so …….”

Suddenly losing momentum and retreating, Honami clammed up.
Stunned, Honami stared at me without much strength. Her eyes seemed to be beginning to moisten again.
I felt a horrible sense of frustration.


As soon as I tried to get close enough

“Stay away from me!” Honami shrank back in alarm and pointed at me sharply. “You …… hentai!”
“Greedy, lustful, lustful demon!”
“Who’s the …… youkai?”
“Just put on your bathrobe and go wherever you want!”
“That’s exactly what hentai is?!”
“I can’t do this! I’m not going to do it! The three of us can’t do ……!”
“The three of us?”

What is it? What are you talking about? The three of us are …… me, Honami, and my brother? 
Do you think the three of us are going to get into a fight?

“Honami, calm down! It’s all right. It’s not like me and my brother got into a fight or …… anything like that.”
“Why is Hiroyuki san coming out?”

Honami’s eyes widened and she raised her voice.

“I don’t know what else you’re thinking about, dating Sada san and the three of us, wearing matching bathrobes,…… but all that stuff just doesn’t work for me! I want Kouki all to myself! I don’t want another girl in your head! I don’t want you touching another girl! I want you all to myself!”

As if a child was being a spoiled brat, Honami’s face turned bright red as if she had just come to her senses.

“Wha….. what do you make me say, hentai!”

You said it on your own – and normally, I would have said it back. But now, there was no time for that.
I felt a numbing sensation in my body as I looked at Honami, who was crying tears and turning away as if ashamed.
I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe my ears. I even wondered if I was hallucinating or something.
There was nothing cute about her tone of voice, as usual. There was no venom in the stinging words that she spun. On the contrary, they were so sweet that I felt as if my whole body was being melted. It was as if my brain had been melted, and I couldn’t think of anything else.
She was dressed in a soft, fuzzy nightgown and her hair was slightly bedraggled,…… and she looked even younger and more vulnerable than usual. The way she writhed in shame with her cheeks stained in such an outfit was teasing and irresistible.
So, you want to keep it all to yourself–…..
The reason that I had tried so hard to suppress wobbles. Something violent like a wave rises up from deep within my chest, and I feel as if my body will be taken away at any moment.

I don’t want anyone else in Honami’s head either. I don’t want anyone else to touch Honami. I don’t want to go on a date with Sada san and the three of us. ……, huh? Sada san?

“Why is Sada san coming out!”

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