On the day of the exam, my mind was so blank that I couldn’t enjoy my time at the high school. I took the exam with people who moved and went straight home.

When I go back, I’ll look at it properly…..what the, will I end up living there? Probably.

On the day of the result announcement, it was raining heavily. I couldn’t go to Misaka High School because the boat couldn’t sail, so I watched it at the community center where the internet was connected.

The neighbors’ grandfathers and grandmothers also watched the result announcement together. There was no need for me to worry about the awkwardness that might occur if I failed. I opened the website of Misaka High School on my computer.

Then opened the column results announcement. There’s no number, but rather an announcement of whether you have been accepted or rejected. I opened my eyes and looked at it.

“····· I passed. Passed ! I Passed !”

I shouted and everyone around me was as happy as I was. Some of them even shed tears of joy at the happiness of others. It was a rural area, and some people even thought of me as their child.

[[Congratulations ! Sho !]]

“Thanks. Everyone…..”

Amidst those tears, I proceeded to prepare to leave the island. I had to leave the next day.

I went to say goodbye to those two guys, just in case.

“I’ll miss yoouuuuu !”

“Don’t cry, idiot. See you later, Sho.”

One of them sent me off crying, the other one was laughing.

“Farewell/ See you again.”

I almost cried a little, but that’s for another story.

My mother, who was cutting green onions in the kitchen, started talking to me.

“……I have some good news for you,  Sho.”

“What? More than the fact that I passed the entrance exam?”

“Maybe…..? The thing is that if you go over there, you will be allowed to live at Sawa chan’s house.”

I stopped thinking for a moment. Why am I going to live together with Sawa chan whom I admire?

“Seriously !?…..Alright–!”

I took a guts post more than when I passed the entrance exam.  Me and Sawa chan will be living together under the same roof. I’m too excited. It was worth studying to death.

I was in a fluffy mood the whole time.

The next day, after some time passed, the ferry arrived for departure. This is my dream boat !

I couldn’t even hear the words from others,  it was the ship I had been waiting for so long.

“See you, bye-bye !”

I waved to everyone on the island and got out of here. But I’ll show my face at least at New Year’s and Obon festival. I’ll miss them.

What impressed me the most was that my father, who usually looks so stern, was crying. It wasn’t even a lifelong goodbye…..

I could understand what Sawa chan felt. I didn’t understand it before because I was on the other side when I sent her off, but this is bad.

Even I, who was enduring it, cried unintentionally, but I immediately wiped it with my sleeve and left.

“You’re so loved, huh……boy.”

An old man beside me with an elegant atmosphere spoke to me. I smiled shyly and said, 

“I love this island just as much.”.

As expected, the buildings are so tall…. Maybe it’s even taller because on my island, the buildings were basically one story high.

I walked around slightly intimidated, as it seemed like everyone was trying to attack me, a country boy. Ah, I’m away.

(TL/N: Like the Away team from a soccer game.)

They stare at their phone, which they probably got as a gift for passing the exam, and They don’t seem to care about me. That’s kind of cold. I thought. What will you understand by staring at that board …..?

“Oh yeah, maps.”

As I thought that, I launched the map app. I had only seen map applications on my mother’s phone.

I never got lost on the island, so I didn’t really know how to use it. But when I typed Sawa chan’s address into the search screen, it started showing me the way.

“It’s so high-tech…… Japan is so advanced…..!”

Unable to hide my excitement, I patted my phone fondly. Perhaps people on the street thought it was odd that I was doing this as they turned around to look at me.

“D-damn… They almost found out that I’m a bumpkin.”

It seems that country people are made to make fun of, So I have to keep a low profile. I’m glad to live on the  island with no strange dialect. If the dialect was too thick, I wouldn’t be able to talk properly.

I followed the directions on my phone and arrived at one apartment building. It was a noisy building that was not on the island. It was where all kinds of people were gathered in one house…..

“Room 503……”

I looked for the intercom, but couldn’t find it. What should I do? Do I press the number first? What am I going to do? I can’t get in !?

In a panic, I was struggling in the entrance hall of the apartment building, then I heard a soft voice behind me.

“What’s wrong? Do you have business with someone from the room?”

It was a girl about my age who spoke softly to me like that. She had fluffy blonde hair that was tied up on the side.

It’s what they call a side-tail. I know it from a magazine in a convenience store, it’s probably that.

“P-please help me ! I need to speak to someone here, but they won’t let me in ! This damn doo.”

“Oh, my, my ! I know. I know ! Please let go of my hand. You’re giving me a heart attack.:

Oh, shoot. I’ve been trying to figure out how islanders communicate with each other….. This would give me away that I’m from the countryside.

See….. The girl’s face turned red because she saw a country bumpkin….. I should reflect on that.

“The tenant in room 503 has an errand to run for Nakajima san.”

“That beautiful woman? Perhaps….she’s senpai. This is a personal matter…”

“Look, it’s open. Please come in.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I’ll be going.”

Then, the girl quickly walked away. She’s a cute girl. A city level !

With these thoughts in mind, I climbed the stairs to room 503. It was around noon. It’s a holiday, so it would be the best time.

While standing in front of the door, I took a deep breath. I was about to meet my first love. I pressed the intercom with all my might.

“Yes ! Hold on a second !”

I heard the voice of the girl I like. I hadn’t seen her for two years, so it was an emotional reunion. The door slammed and opened. And inside is the woman of my dreams, Sawa chan !

 “Welcome……wait, a boy? I heard you are my junior. I thought it was a girl. I don’t know this handsome guy….who might you be?”

Sawa chan looked dumbfounded. She has short-cut black hair. Her hair has not changed since then. She has big eyes and a beautiful nose.

“I mean, it’s me. Don’t you remember me…..?”

“Sawa chan…’s me, Natsume Sho, you know?”

“Natsume Sho !? You’re Sho ! Wait, wait. I’m going to calm down a bit. Could it be you who’s going to live with me, Sho?”

“Yeah that’s right. Sawa chan. Please take care of me.”

“E-Eh? Eh ! Eeeehhh !?”

….Sawa chan’s eyes rolled up. Her cute face was distorted with astonishment.


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