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“Yo, bro.”

While Saki and I were having lunch in the classroom, Daiki approached us with a pastry in his hand. He had a smirk on his face, and it was obvious that he was looking down on me.

“I heard you and Saki chan got together.”

After telling me the reason for his visit, Daiki took the empty chair next to Saki’s and sat down next to her. Even though this was an upperclassman’s classroom, he has no self restraint.

“This guy is no good, Saki chan. If you go out with him, your reputation will go down too, you know?”

And then he dared to loudly oppose my relationship with her. This must be Daiki’s purpose. He wants to make us, who were in the low caste, to be looked down on in public. It’s a typical behavior of Daiki, who cannot live without looking down on me. But it is nothing more or less than that. He doesn’t understand. Every move he makes, every action he takes has a meaning.

“Who cares what other people think?”

From Daiki’s point of view, he may have come to interrupt our time together, but not me. I dared to invite Daiki and tell him. To Saki and the rest of the class. What kind of person is Igarashi Daiki.

“I confessed because I like her. Saki chan accepted my confession because she likes me too. That’s the end of the story. Do you make a girlfriend to show off to everyone around you? Daiki. I’m not interested in whether you’re using your girlfriend as a trophy, but we’re different. Don’t lump me with people like you who’re preoccupied with appearing popular.”

Daiki is popular. He is good looking and has good communication skills. There was no one at school who didn’t know him. But that’s just my impression when I look back on my school life as a 26 year old. At the present time. That’s not the case, as of may when Daiki was in his first year of high school. At the most, I would have thought that I had a flamboyant younger brother, unlike his plain older brother.

That’s why I put a label on it. I deliberately use easy-to-understand words and imagine that Igarashi Daiki is a typical fence-sitter. It takes quite a long time to rewrite that first impression, and above all. Daiki’s pride is going to hurt.

“You prick….who the hell do you think you are……!?”

Just as planned. By calling Daiki a person who’s self conscious about his appearance,  I was able to make him angry. If it’s at home, I guess that’s fine, but this is a second grade class. Even though I don’t fit in, it’s my home ground.

“Isn’t that right? You dyed your hair like that as soon as you entered high school. Well, it’s up to you anyway.”

“You…..don’t get carried away just because you got yourself a girlfriend !”

“Haha. What do you mean by getting carried away just because I got a girlfriend? Daiki, are you wearing your hair like that because you want to be popular? Whether you have a girlfriend or not, it doesn’t change your value, you know? Maybe you don’t understand that, Daiki.

“You asshole !”

Daiki grabbed my collar as he knocked over the chair. He really doesn’t understand what this action means.

“Make sure you fix the chair you knocked over. Don’t cause trouble for the people around you.”

There is a difference between a normie and a delinquent. A fresh, good-looking guy may be popular, but only a stupid girl would follow such a violent delinquent. At least to my classmates, Igarashi Daiki was able to create the image that he was a violent delinquent. And the rumors will keep spreading. And it was right after his brother got a girlfriend. It would be just the thing for a sidebar to talk about. In addition.

“Saki, I’m sorry but can you call the teacher? I have to apologize for the trouble my brother caused.”


As soon as the teacher’s name was mentioned, Daiki let go of my chest and walked out of the classroom. Daiki is smart. He knows that a violent incident will affect his internal report. But it wasn’t his future that I should be concerned about now. He doesn’t want to be tipped off by a teacher for being violent. He was born as such a lame delinquent.

“I’m sorry, Saki chan. And everyone in the class. My brother, he’s not a bad guy. He was just a little irritated. I’d appreciate it if you’d forget about it.”

And I showed them that I had the presence and mind of an adult. This should’ve shown to Saki as well. There’s nothing good will come out if you date Daiki. It’s a good start. But I won’t let it end like this. My 10 years of revenge. I’m going to break his pride thoroughly.

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  1. Okay, he’s going for a more subtle approach first. It actually feels like he used to be an adult, fingers crossed it continues to be consistent. Also, thanks for the translations!

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