I Dreamed That I Married My Distant Childhood Friend in Another World, but Then My Childhood Friend Started Acting Strangely?

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Kanzaki Amane, a childhood friend who he used to play with when he was a child, he naturally drifted apart from her just because she was the opposite gender. …… When he became a high school student, he realized that she was beautiful, bright, had excellent grades, and was an all-around athlete, and she was so high class that he could not even mention that they were childhood friends anymore. he’s not sure if it’s a good idea to say that they’ve been childhood friends for a while now.

“Tenchi Yumeji” watches her from afar, but one day he obtains a mysterious book that can manipulate dreams.

At first, he enjoyed dreaming various dreams that he liked according to his wishes, but gradually, Amane, who was supposed to be distant from him, started invading his room through the window, triggered by the “dream”. …………The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the dream is not a dream at all?

Prologue – The First Dream Fall

Episode 1 – Reality with a Familiar Childhood Friend

Episode 2 – book that smells of fishy

Episode 3 – A convenient situation for me to be in

Episode 4 – The reality is that if you don’t move, you can’t start

Episode 5 – A nightmare called a predictive dream

Episode 6 – The Dream Adolescent Boys Want Most