I talked to Tamio san about my current family circumstances and the feud with my step sister.

He replied with [Hmm…] and said nothing.

I am fully aware that other people cannot speak irresponsibly about my household circumstances, and I know that I had to solve it myself.

The same goes for my relationship with my step sister, and i think i have to talk to her without running away for once.

“You have to get used to women…”


In a low spirit, Tamio san opened his mouth heavily.

“From what I just heard, I think you’re afraid of your sister. It’s because you’re not used to dealing with women ! !”

He makes impassioned speech to me in a high spirit while clenching his fists.

I am stunned by the sight.

“Human beings make judgments based on first impressions.  I had a vague idea of how you normally behave, but that won;t make your sister open up to you. The most important thing is to dress up like you are now and become a man who doesn’t get hated ! !”

After that, Tamio san’s impassioned speech continued.

He told me stories about how he treated women and his bravery in the past.

Although it was helpful, I honestly felt annoyed by his tales of heroism about how popular he was when he’s in college.

Then, as if Tamio san had remembered something, he took out his smartphone and started calling someone. And then when the call was connected he happily talked with the other person.

He’s talking about how he wanted that person to come over here, but I don’t know what his intentions are.

I waited for him to finish the call, without knowing what he was talking about.

“I’m sorry, Matsudaira sensei. I want you to meet someone, so could you wait here for a while?’

After finishing the call, he put down his smartphone and told me.

“…Yes. Who were you talking to?”

“It’s my colleague in the editorial department… That’s why I called you here today, but can I talk about the details after she comes?”

Tamio san showed a slightly gloomy expression when he said that.

Without knowing what he was thinking, Tamio san and I sipped the coffee while waiting for her to come.

After a while, the coffee shop door opened and a woman appeared at our seats.

She had the style of a career woman, a beautiful woman with long black hair wearing a black jacket, a white shirt, and slender pants that clearly showed the line of her legs.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, senpai. It was a sudden call, so it took me a while to prepare.”

“No, I’m sorry for bothering you, Aigou kun. Well, sit down for now.”

And so, a business-like conversation unfolded in front of my eyes.

She sits next to Tamio san just as he said. And our gaze met each other.

I was taken aback when I looked into the eyes of the woman called Aigou san.

I was fascinated by the charm of an adult woman and her beauty that emanated from her. 

“So, Senpai. What business do you have with me? I don’t really have time, you know.” 

Tamio san seemed happy to hear her voice which was somewhat indifferent.

…..I can’t imagine it from the usual cool Tamio san. I wonder if this person is a masochist?

“No, the reason I called you today. I thought I’d ask you to take charge of Matsudaira sensei…”


I was speechless when he said that, then I remembered talking to Tamio san before Aigou san came.

Unfortunately, I’m not used to dealing with women.

That said, I’m not very happy that the person in charge suddenly changes to a woman, I haven’t even prepared myself.

I’ve been trained by Tamio san since I was in middle school, and I admire him more than a little.

However, despite my confusion, Tamio san began to talk to Aigou san with a somewhat worried expression.

“I’ve always thought it would be easier for you to work with a younger writer like him than with one who’s older than you. It’s not a bad deal for you right now.”

“Is that so, I understand.”

Tamio san looked at Aigou san as she gave her consent without hesitation, despite me panicking, and smiled at her kindly. He then turned back to me.

“I’m sorry to say this Matsudaira sensei, but it was already decided that I would be promoted internally, and sooner or later my responsibilities would change. Also, there’s a lot of things going on with Aigou, so I think it’s a good opportunity to change the person in charge, right?”

He said nothing more regarding her. However, i don;t know the meaning of Tamio san’s expression just now. There must be something important going on in his mind that I’m not supposed to know.

“With that said, I’ll be pulling out. I still have a lot of work to do. Aigou kun, I’ll pay for the bill, so please take care of Matsudaira sensei ! !”

“Wait, Tamio san?”

Tamio san quickly leaves the coffee shop with the billing on his hands.

….That bastard, i’ll call him a Mob from now on ! !

Being left alone, I let out a single grumble and looked at Aigou san’s face.

I felt scared for a moment when she looked at me with a beautiful and cool expression.


I made up my mind to talk to Aigou san (in a low voice). Then, she ignored me.

……..You too?

Suddenly I’m worried about whether I can get along with my new editor.

Then she stretches out with a hmm.

“Sigh, my neck is stiff ! ! That man, why is he always like that?”

As if she didn;t like the heavy atmosphere, she turned her shoulders and muttered something.

I was surprised by her rough language, which was different from the image I had of her earlier.

And when she finished complaining, Aigou san looked at me and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Matsudaira sensei. I’m Aigou Tsukasa, and I’m the editor in charge this time. I’m looking forward to working with you ! !”

My heart throbbed at her smile that she didn’t show when Mob san was around. 

I didn’t know her age, but I was drawn to her smile.

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