Aoi is confused.

“I’d like to do the second game with you, if you don’t mind.”

Originally, Aoi, who was not at all interested in the game as she had been with Shinozuka Suzu, was going to refuse the offer.
If she wants to run next to her, you can do it on your own. That’s what she was going to suggest this time as well.

However, something tugged at the back of her chest, and she swallowed the refusal words that had been halfway out of her mouth.


For some reason, She did not want to run away from this competition with Mitsushima Aki. Such was the feeling that was running through her heart.
When she thinks about it, she feels uncomfortable with the actions she had just taken.

Why did she say something that made her doubt the relationship between Hitomi and Aki, when normally she would show absolutely no interest in anyone other than Shizuka, except Youta?
Why did she want to outsmart Aki?

Calmly conduct a self-analysis. And reach one conclusion.

[I wonder if this is jealousy.]

The other day. That had planted in Aoi’s mind a sense of dislike toward Aki.

Weak, This may be a poor way of putting it.
It’s not that it’s painful to see each other.
But she doesn’t want to lose to this opponent, that’s how she feels.

She felt inexplicably anxious about being struck by such an unknown emotion, and she acted impulsively.

She had told Youta herself that she might be jealous, but she had not the slightest idea that she would really be.

[….No, I can’t be jealous….]

She was aware of it but didn’t want to admit it.

“Well, It’s fine. I’ll take that match.”
However, She found herself accepting Aki’s proposal.

Her opponent was an ace in the short-distance track and field team. It was obvious that there was no way she, who was not even active in the club, could win.

Still, it must have been willpower that led her to accept the match.

[If this is jealousy or not, maybe a match will tell me something. The chances of winning may be slim, but I can’t help it if I don’t want to lose. If I lose, I’ll ask Komiya kun to comfort me later.]

“Fufu, I’d like that.”
“……Then I guess it’s settled.”

For a moment, Aki was puzzled when Aoi smiled at her, but she was able to accept the match and switched.

“We’re serious about this, right?”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t cut corners either.”
“Yeah, I don’t want to lose later and have to make excuses.”
“Same as you”

A strange atmosphere had formed between them.
On the one hand, she is a beautiful girl who is called the goddess of the school and is popular mainly among boys.
And on the other hand, she is called the prince of the school, a beautiful girl who is popular mainly among girls.

There was a commotion all around, with no idea why the two were staring at each other.

“Heyy, that”
“What’s wrong, Naka ?’

The men’s grip strength test was over, and all that remained was to wait for the women to complete their second measurement.
The boys begin to move to the ground side and watch the rest of the girls’ 50-meter run as they walk.

Then, as I was moving around talking with Naka, Naka looked at the girls and muttered.
Looking around, the other boys are all looking at the girls.

Not the people competing, but the girls lined up behind the lanes that had not yet been run.


The two people who were at the end of the line of sight were Ichikawa san and Mitsushima san.

What’s going on?
They buzzed each other and looked at each other, and sparks were flying.

“Are those two guys not getting along? I haven’t seen them talk much.”

I can think of some.

I think it’s a possibility, or rather a certainty, because of what happened that morning.
That dangerous atmosphere. I don’t want to remember it.

After a few days …… why?

Youta doesn’t think for a second that the two are fighting because of him.

As many boys and girls watched, the staring contest between the two continued, and the 50-meter run proceeded.

“W-Wait a minute!”

At such a time, while Aoi and Aki were both in a fighting spirit, someone intervened between them.

“Why, you didn’t compete when it was me, but you’ll take it when it’s her! Who is this boy? Why is there a boy here? Wait, she’s so ikemen!”
“You need to calm down a little.”

The one who came in between us was Suzu, who had just lost a game without being taken seriously.
Aoi was a little taken back by Suzu’s machine-gun-like questioning, but she quieted her down.

Aoi understands what Suzu is trying to say.
Among the group of girls, she floats differently than Aoi and Suzu.

“boy is …… a little hurtful. I’m still a girl after all these years.”
“What? A good-looking guy like you can’t possibly be a girl!”
“Suzu chan, calm down!”

Then came Hitomi, a childhood friend of Aki’s.
She came out of the crowd thinking that Aki and Suzu, who transferred today and became friends, were in a struggle.
With the appearance of Hitomi, Suzu regains her composure and comes to her senses.

“Aki chan is a fully-fledged girl !!”
“…..Hitomi, is that the truth?”
“Yes, I’m her childho- ……we’re in the same middle school. It’s true that Aki’s looks are boyish, but if you look closely, you’ll see that she has long eyelashes, beautiful skin, a small face, and her happy face when she eats her favorite strawberry daifuku is soooo cute!”
“W-wait !? H-Hitomi ?! What were you saying ?!”

Hitomi now realizes her blunder.
Aki, on the other hand, was red in the face.

Aki, who usually displays a princely air and has captivated all kinds of girls with her boyish personality and face, is dismayed.
All the girls who had seen her in such a rare form had formed a pool of blood in unison.


And this sighting was also witnessed by many boys, evoking some inexplicable feelings in some places.

“A-Anyway! I know this is off-topic, but I just don’t get it! Why did you run away from my match, but play with yours!”
“I’m not running away. Besides, I just won, didn’t I? I told you not to complain if I won.”
“That was just an accident! If I put my mind to it, I’ll win this time!”
“You’re not going to make it.”

Aoi’s sighs only increased from earlier.
She’s also dealing with her own unfamiliar emotions and being so entangled with Suzu, who just transferred to her new school today.

[Though that’s pretty much a given]

When she looks at Shizuka, she is watching us quietly. She seems to be a little timid because of the incident the other day.

“Then, why don’t you run with her? Since we’re going to run in the same lane, it will be easier for us to compete.”
“You’ve got a good point! You’re not only good-looking!”

In the end, Aki suggested that Suzu participate in the game.
And even Suzu, who had been at Aki’s heels just a moment ago, agreed with her in good spirits.

“Haaaah….do what you want”

Aoi, taken aback, allowed Suzu to participate in the game.

Then the rows in front of us were rapidly being erased, and Aoi and her group were the only ones left.

The curtain rises on the battle as both boys and girls look on.
This level of attention is extraordinary for mere physical education.

“Ah….helloo…why me, too…”
“Come on just run along us Hitomi”

Hitomi, forced by Suzu, looked resigned.

Four people line up in the lane.
And the teacher holds the flag.

“Get set, Go!”

The real battle of the maidens begins here!

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