Episode 8 –  Encountering trouble with an impenetrable princess



After a week of living like that.

“Ah, good morning!”
“Hnn, Good morning.”

I sat down next to Saara, who was also in the crowd today.
We had decided to go to school separately.

I’ve been debating whether to treat Saara as a princess or a prince, as she seems to have been doing a lot of things in the sports club, such as showing off her more than enough to be on the team and then turning down the offer.
However, when such a perfect superhero transfers to the school, naturally there are rumors.

“Um, Ayado san! If you have time this afternoon, its ……!”

She had already earned the nickname “the best princess in the school.”
I guess everyone else will name her that, too. Of course they would.
She seems to have good grades and is really a perfect superhero.

And what about Saara?

“Oh, you too? Sudo kun called me after lunch, is it okay if I join you? Or later?”
“Sudo……. Well, after school, then.”
“After school, I have an appointment with the captain of the upper grade …… soccer team, I think. I’m sorry I’m a little busy.”
“Ah, …………. Um, okay, ……, it’s okay, I guess.’

She was able to set up appointments like this.
As you can see, this is the first time I’ve seen a third person come in for an appointment in one day. ……

The boys who had given up slumped their shoulders and returned to their own group and were stifled.
Next to Saara is Sato san, who likes to talk and operates her phone with a group of boys who seem to be interested in Saara by her side.
I contact is mother.

“How much did you know about Ayado Saara?”

My message is immediately read, and my mother returns with an illustration stamp of her smiling happily.

“It’s so sweet that you remember how you used to play with her, and she’s so sweet and healthy that she’s too good for you! Take good care of her!”

Finally, she sends me another weird stamp.
It was a dog giving a thumbs up, saying “Good” or something with a unique flavor.
No, what’s “good” about it?

“I was surprised that she changed so much. Well, we get along well”

I finally responded that way and turned it off at the beginning of morning homeroom.
If I had seen my classmates with their phones ringing and confiscated, well, I wouldn’t be inclined to turn them on until after school.

…… And yet, Saara’s is being called again
It’s really been a streak here lately.
I knew this was going to happen.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not.

“May I ask why?”

After school, I happened to be running an errand to the gym storage room for my homeroom teacher, and I heard Saara’s voice nearby.
No doubt, it would be confession time. I stopped moving without thinking.
I guess I missed the timing to get out of the …….

By the way, I heard that my lunch partner dumped him on the spot.

“R-Reason…… Yes! I heard you were good at the soccer trial!”
“I’m not going to join the club, I’m sorry.”
“Oh, really,……, that’s a waste of time, let’s join? yeah?”
“That’s what they told me at the other clubs too.”

As expected of a top caste member who is aware of what he’s doing, he’s going strong.
This senior captain of the soccer club is good looking and popular with the girls, but there were rumors that he had caused some problems.
It’s only a rumor,……, but I don’t know if it’s really the source of the smoke or arson.

” It doesn’t matter, just play with me. Come play with us yeah”

–Hey, this is a bad turn of events!

I rattled open the warehouse door without thinking, and stepped toward the direction of the voice.

“……Ah, Sora kun!”

When she sees me, Saara calls me by my first name, and the senior captain of the soccer team makes a blatantly disgusted face.

“What? What are you, eavesdropping?”
“I’m just here to pick up my tools. Do you want me to check with the faculty?”
“Tsk, you shady bastard!”

As soon as the senpai uttered the word – a terribly cold voice came from next door, “What?”

“Senpai, you are the kind of person who can say that. Totally hopeless”
“I’ll give you a word of advice.”

Saara had already begun preparing to leave and turned around for the last time.

“The type of man that women dislike the most is the type who yells at waiters who are in a weak position. The type that is embarrassing to be with, and I wouldn’t even want to start with your friends”

Saying this, Saara took my hand, “let’s go,” and started to run.

Walking to the school gate, Saara looks back.

“I’m sorry about that …….”
“I don’t know why you’re apologizing, it’s okay.”
“I’m sorry I made you feel so bad for helping me.”
“I’m used to it. I don’t mind it that much.”

I responded, and for some reason, Saara looked more and more apologetic.
I was wondering how I should reply to her …… when I heard a familiar voice saying, “Ah!” I heard a familiar voice.

“Ayado san and the homecoming boy!”
“I’m not a homecoming club member. I mean, name”
“Hahaha! Sorry, Iida kun.”

There was Sato san, who came in with a book in her hand.
It seems to be a literature club, but Sato san is a free spirit who wanders around and reads books.
The advisor could not complain because she knows the contents of the books and writes better than anyone else.

“Did something happen? How did it go, Ayado-san? If it’s against that senpai, will the stronghold of the rumored unchallenged princess finally crumble?”
“No, I’m not a princess or anything. In addition, that senior is the most NG of all. He was the type of person I fundamentally disliked.
“Hoho~….. may I ask you for more details?”

After assuring me that it was nothing to hide, Ayado san began to tell her about the exchange we had just had.
She tried to muddy the waters by asking me about the fact that he called me a shady character, so she urged me to tell her, and as a result, I ended up telling her the whole story.

After hearing the whole story, Sato san stuck out her tongue as if she had eaten some very spicy mapo and clearly revealed her disgust.

“Wow, well yeah. I see, Watanabe senpai is that type of person. I’m sure the rumors are black too. ……”
“Um, Sato san, ……?”
“No, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, but it’s worth sharing. It’s worth sharing with other girls. I have no mercy for the enemies of women, me.”

Sato san grins with an aggressive face, too dependable and scary to make enemies. ……

“And Iida kun.”
“Hmm, me?”

When I thought the topic had suddenly changed, Sato san laughed happily and poked my chest with her finger.

“you got a lot of points for getting involved with that senpai. The rumors over here are white, so you can’t rely on them. Well, I’m going to go play a little with the school’s power chart.”

With that last remark, Sato san picked up the large tape measure that I had gone to the gym storage to get and said, “I’ll hand it to you,” and disappeared into the school.
I’m not sure if that was …… approved or not.

“She’s really a stormy one. ……”
“Yes, she is. ……”

We both expressed such thoughts to each other and decided to go home together because we didn’t feel like going to club activities anymore today.
It was right after what had happened, and it would be better for us to be together today if possible.
I was acting stout, but I was shaking a little when she held my hand.

“Um, I didn’t get a chance to tell you, ……, but thank you for everything.”
“No problem. You’ve been a big help to me.”
“If it’s at home, you’ve been a big help to me too.”

With such conversation, we left the school gate, intertwining our fingers a little.

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