The match place that Ann brought me to was in the Kubota family house. The first artist that Ann respects is definitely Gaku san. Perhaps Ann also participated in some of Gaku san’s recordings.

“It’s me.”

[[Ah, yes.]]

Ann called over the intercom and Kaori san greeted her.

“Hm? Were you guys together?”


Ann was puzzled. That’s no wonder. The probability that the person you’re competing with is the daughter of someone you respect is very high.

“Ann……, this is my house,…….”

“Eh—— !”

Ann was surprised. Of course she was surprised. If I was Ann, I would be surprised too.

This time, I’m the one who’s surprised when I was shown into the living room.

“Rin !? Why are you here with Ann……?”

Otonashi Jin, even my father was here.

“Hm? It’s been a while, Rin chan.”

“Eh, Rin !? You’re not Runa?”

Anne is puzzled by my father and Gaku san’s reaction. It’s no use,……, I can’t hide it anymore.

I glanced at Iori. And she nodded.

I’m not cross-dressing because I wanted to, but felt sorry for deceiving Ann.

I made up my mind and came out with my own voice.

“I’m Naru…..sorry.”

[[Eh !]]

“Naru….were you always having such a hobby……?”

When my father was surprised and dropped his 2 million guitar he was holsding.

“That’s not true, Father !”

“As expected of twins, I misunderstood.”

Gaku san is completely unfazed. They’re just like each other.

“What, eh, eh……Naru……Naru Otonashi?”

Anne, whose understanding hasn’t caught up.

Anyway, I borrowed Iori’s room and went to change my clothes.

–“I’m so sorry.”

I bowed deeply and apologized to Ann. Even though I had no malicious intentions,  I was still deceiving her.

“Naru Otonashi……you were Runa?”

“Yes……I’m sorry I deceived you.”

“Why? I don’t understand? Can you explain it to me?”

“I don’t understand either…..can you tell me more?”

My father looked unusually confused.

With Iori’s support, I explained to them how I came to dress up as a woman. They came to an understanding, but Ann was clearly in a bad mood.

— “That means, there will be no match this time……”

“Naru Otonashi, what kind of joke is that?”

“Eh that’s because I’m Naru, not Runa…..I’m a man, you know?”

“What’s wrong with that? Your play at that time wasn’t fake, was it?”

That’s true but…..what’s more problematic is that… don’t care which gender I am?!

“Okay, let’s have a match.”


Iori didn’t back down.

It seems that no matter what happens, this match is inevitable.


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