Chapter 1 Episode 2 – Confession


There are three ways that I can choose. One is to take revenge on Daiki and Saki, who deceived me for 10 years. They can’t complain if I hurt them a little. But at this point, Saki is neither my girlfriend nor Daiki’s cheating partner. Unless the story about how she started cheating on me with Daiki after we started dating was a lie, I wouldn’t take this option.

The other option is not to date Saki. I would like to think that Daiki poisoned her, but she’s the kind of woman who can cheat on me for 10 years and be cool with it. I don’t think I want to date someone like that……, but up until an hour ago, I really wanted to marry her. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. My love is not so light that it can be so easily divided. So I don’t really want to take this option either.

So the last one is……go out with Saki and beat Daiki. ……I wonder if I can do that. Even if I take this option, it’s not because I like Saki. I’d like to think I’m using Saki to beat Daiki. Besides, I still have feelings for Saki in the past……future. The fact that she kept deceiving me will never go away from my mind. I wonder if I can still proudly say that I really love Saki.

“So….Igarashi kun. Calling me out of the blue…..what’s up?”

Saki, with her cheeks blushing slightly.  Cute. She’s much younger than the one I’m familiar with, but her charm hasn’t diminished. Her hair is still in a ponytail, which she cut off when she entered college, and perhaps because she played tennis throughout high school, her skin is somewhat darker than it was 10 years later. As I was staring at her seriously, I could finally feel that I was really back to where I was 10 years ago.


“Yo. What are you doing, bro?”

The voice I wished I never had to hear again pierced my ears and my heart.

“…… Daiki.”

“Oh, it’s you, Saki chan.”

Ah, Igarashi kun. It’s been a while.”

Saki and Daiki are talking to each other in a familiar manner. I was surprised that they knew each other before we started dating, and I thought to myself.


So lame. My younger brother, who had always looked down on me just because he’s cool, to be honest, it’s so lame. The good-looking guy with ridiculously bright blond hair, loose tie, untidy uniform, and his pants down were laughing, it was so lame that it was enough to kill me.

What’s with this guy? He’s just a hot-headed kid. I’m sure I’m just as lame if my hair is just  as long as his, like it or not, I think I’m better than Daiki.

But if you think about it, it makes sense. High school boys are flirtatious creatures who think that they’re so cool by deviating from society’s rules . They are such a disgraceful existence in the eyes of an adult.

If that’s the case, then I can win. I was reading fashion magazines to become a man worthy of Saki. There’s no way I could lose to a sponge brain level person who tries to dominate me based on the number of experiences he had.

But calm down. Saki is also a high school girl. She probably has the value that a flirtatious guy is cooler. Besides, my opponent is Daiki. He’s a perfect human who was born under such a star where everything goes well without any effort. There’s no way I can match him. But still….

“Aioi Saki san. Please go out with me.”

It shouldn’t be more than 10 years. The difference between me and Daiki is less than 10 years. No, he is one year younger than me, so eleven years. It shouldn’t be possible to live for eleven years and still not win.

That’s why I dated Saki. I’m sure Daiki won’t find it amusing and will try to have a relationship with Saki. I will stop him. I will make him experience the despair of being defeated by someone he has looked down on for so long.

As for Saki, let her be on her way. High school students may look down on their teachers, but it is almost impossible for adults not to notice the lies from a kid. If it’s true that she wasn’t poisoned by Daiki, but because of her original bad personality, then I’d give her a hard time and crush her with ten years worth of resentment.

“So…..what’s your answer?”

I asked Saki, who gulped down at my confession. But even without asking, I know the answer.

[[Please take care of me.]]

I whispered to make sure, and Saki became my girlfriend again.

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