Episode 1



His name is Natsume Sho. A boy who was born in a country school and didn’t know the world. He was a crybaby. Or perhaps it would be more correct to call him a wimp.

Even in countryside like this, there’s a park, and there were three elementary school kids there. One of them crouched down and cried. Two boys saw him and laughed.

 “Hey ! He’s crying ! He’s crying !”

“You are indeed a wimp !”

With that, they hit Sho, the wimp, with a butterfly net they were carrying. The boy did not rebel, but simply endured as the time passed by.

“Hey you ! Don’t bully my Sho !”

Such a voice echoed through the park. It was the voice of a girl. A short-cut hair girl who’s wearing short pants and a straw hat.

“Oh no. It’s the demon hag.”

“The demon is here !”

Saying that, the boys run away. The girl then runs up to Sho and crouches down to express her concern.

“Are you okay, Sho? Those brats….. I’ll never forgive them ! Also, they called me an old hag !”

“Sawa chaaaan !”

Saying that, Sho hugged the girl called Sawa chan. After looking a little surprised, Sawa chan gave him a tight hug.

“You did a great job, Sho. It hurt, didn’t it?”

“It huuurts.”

“Jeez, don’t cry. Here ! Onee chan bought an ice cream. Wanna eat it together?”

“I’ll eat it !”

“Here, eat half.”

Saying that, Sawa chan split the ice cream in half. When she handed it to Sho, she smiled.

“You have to fight them back too, Sho. Just beat the hell out of them !”

“…N-no, I don’t want to. I’m scared.”

Sho was scared and stuffed his mouth with ice cream. Seeing that state, Sawa chan spread outt her hands and denied it.

“I knew it, just forget that now. Please stay kind, Sho. I like the way you are now.”

“Do you like me?”

“I do !”

“Me too ! Me too !”

It was around the time when Sho was in the third grade of elementary school that they spent time talking like that. Sawa chan was in the fifth grade.

Various things may happen from then on, but their youth in the countryside came to an end.


“….I’m going to leave this island tomorrow……”

Sawa chan cried as she said this. She was in her third year of middle school, and she was going to take an entrance exam for a school outside the island and leave.

“I’m going to miss Sho so much !”

Sawa chan shouted so loud that the sound of the waves didn’t drown out her words. She turned her head toward me while holding her skirt, which was fluttering in the wind.

I confessed to Sawa chan, who’s still wearing her straw hat.

“I love you! ! Sawa chan ! I’ve always loved you !”

I said as loud as I could. I feel like I’m in my youth. But more than that, I wanted to express my feelings for my first love, who was about to disappear right in front of my eyes.

When Sawa chan heard my confession, she cried with beautiful water dripping down her cheeks. And then she smiled with the most beautiful face than anyone.

“When you grow up, I’ll do anything you want, even naughty things ! So don’t forget about me. I’ll always love you.”

With these words, she disappeared from the island. But those words remained in my heart.

So the next time I saw her, I knew exactly what I would say to her.

[Please let me have sex with you. Sawa chan.]


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