Episode 8 – The Two of Them at a Phone Store



I took a detour to a mobile phone store a short distance away.

Only a short time had passed since I parted with Yumi. There’s a good chance she would follow me.

I stopped at a bookstore and pretended to read. I saw a couple enter the arcade and played a crane game.

Speaking of which, Yumi had begged me for a stuffed animal when we were on good terms. Yumi happily held it innocently. She was genuinely cute. Keigo, take that one, now take that one…….

And compared to that. I remembered Yumi from earlier. The first thing that comes to mind is a hostile stare that glared at me. Women are scary.

Does Kotone also have a scary side? I looked around to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I headed for the mobile phone store. Kotone didn’t show any piercing stares when she was talking to Suzuki. Was she different after all?

“Kotone is cute, isn’t she?”

It was an unintentional remark. No one was watching. If it was this loud, no one should’ve  noticed.

“Who’s cute?”


A girl standing in front of a phone store. She Jumped a little, putting her hands behind her back, and came up to Keigo.


“So, who’s the cute one?”

Kotone’s big eyes opened even wider. The closer she get, the stronger I feel the scent from Kotone’s body – a mixture of soap and the scent of the woman herself. The corners of her mouth turned up a little and she looked like a little girl who’s thinking of a prank.

“Why are you here Kotone?”

The town is not that far away. It’s not like there’s no chance that the two of them will run to each other. However, her vulnerable expression gave Keigo a sense of uneasiness.

“I was waiting for you.”

“I hardly come here.”

She puckered her lips. Her expression really changes from time to time. I never thought of that when we first met. I had seen a smile that only a close friend could see.

“I’ve told you, right?”

Kotone is too defenseless. What I thought was a possibility turns into a certainty. Kotone rushes forward without thinking about the consequences. She can’t lie. After all, it’s quite dangerous to see her.

“Try not to meet each other.”

“Yeah, …..I know”

“Then why did you wait for me here?”


She took a breath and turned around. No wait, why did she turn around? There’s no need to.



“Keigo kun, you’re buying a phone, right?”

“That’s why…….”

“I’m going to buy one with you.”

Is that why you came to the phone store?

She’s too reckless.

The longer we stay outside, the more likely we’re going to run into the director and Yumi. Keigo carefully looked around and made sure no one was around before he and Kotone entered the phone store.


I looked around the store and saw a wide variety of smartphones, not just iPhones and Androids, but smartphones of all shapes and sizes.

“What are you looking for?”

The store is small, so when you enter, there are staff nearby. The staff who sell the phone asked me.

“Do you have any rental phones here?”

I didn’t care which model of phone it was. Because I buy it as a way to communicate with Kotone. The reason for renting a phone is because it’s harder to trace.

“Eh, you’re going to rent it?”

When Kotone, who’s beside me heard this, she was the first to express her dissatisfaction. She clearly didn’t like the idea.

“You don’t want to?”

“I don’t want to.”

”This is an opportunity for me and Keigo kun to have matching phones, so why rent it?”

She looked really disappointed when she heard me saying rental. There are different types of rental items, but they are not free to choose. And since they are not brand new, they will not be a memory for the two of us.

But that’s not why I chose to rent.

“It’s just like your girlfriend said, sir.”

A male staff nearby approached us with a look as if he had found his prey. A girlfriend with an innocent look on her face and a boyfriend that is in love with his girlfriend. He thought that if he recommended something expensive to a guy who’s in love with his girlfriend to the core of his heart, he would buy it. I took my eyes off the staff and looked at Kotone.


Suddenly, she became quiet.


No wait, she was supposed to be Suzuki’s girlfriend. They’re too intolerant. She always seems younger than her age. Now Kotone’s reaction looked like a girl half her age.


Kotone was right next to me.

“He said I’m your girlfriend.”

“Did it look like it?”

Kotone, I don’t think you should ask me. In the first place, we didn’t suit each other. The most beautiful girl on campus and me, an ordinary guy. I wonder if they were making fun of me after all.

“You suit each other very well.”

The staff who seemed not to think so at all, fit in the conversation. The shopkeeper think why did I had such a girlfriend with a smile pasted on his face.

“I see……”

She lowered her face a little and approached me.

“Keigo kun is Yumi san’s boyfriend, right?”

She uttered a line that no one would think of at this turn of events. If that were the case, she wouldn’t be acting in a way that would bring Yumi down here. How could she see it that way? After all, we’re being teased.

“Let’s not rent phones.”

There was no joking expression on her face. If I buy it, Yumi will surely find out about it. That’s why I rented it. Kotone, who was sitting in front of me, made a surprising suggestion.

“That’s why I’m going to buy both of us phones.”

“One for Keigo kun and the other for me.”

“Then she won’t find out.”

It’s not like I didn’t think twice about her suggestion, but of course I denied it. If not…..

“What am I, a man who’s financially dependent on a woman?”

Hearing those words, Kotone was convinced. A heard a voice saying, ‘I think that’s good too.’

“Of course it’s not.”

“Well, all joking aside.”

Kotone puts her chin on her hands, at the receptionist’s desk. While turning toward me, she held up her index finger and smiled. As expected, Kotone is cute. 

“Keigo kun, you came here because you can’t hide your phone when someone checks it, right?”

“That’s right, but…”

The first thing to watch out for with someone like that is a rental phone.:

“The payment can add up to quite a lot.”

“But if you buy the phone, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I’m the one who makes the payments, so it’s hard for them to notice.”

“Well, if you think that it’s not right to depend on a woman financially, you can pay for me.”

“But I think.”

“I won’t mind if you use it for free.”

“That’s why.”

“I think this is good.”

There was a note attached to it saying that it was a phone recommended for couples. No wait, Kotone, you don’t have to raise the bar.

This kind of gesture makes me want to keep Kotone to myself. If I could hear Kotone’s true feelings.

I wonder what Kotone really thinks about me.

After all, it must be out of her kindness, but I strongly think that kindness would be nice. I saw my face in the hand mirror. I lifted my gaze to see if there was any kindness in my face, as expected, there was none.

“I’ll make sure to pay for your phone, Kotone. Thank you very much.”

“No, it’s fine, I’ll buy it then.”

“I’ll pay by card……”

There I saw a platinum card with an unlimited limit.

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