“I-I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“I can’t say…’s okay. Well, it’ll be fine since it’s Mom.”

Nagi was very depressed and kept apologizing for a while.

The reason is–my mom saw us kissing just now.

“B-But. …But”

Indeed, I can’t say Nagi didn’t do anything wrong. Footsteps and knocks were common.


“I didn’t stop either.”

If I do it poorly, it will hurt her……I’ll leave that excuse behind.

Simply because Nagi was cute. ……because I wanted to see more of her.

I was happy to be yearned and I wanted to see more of her pretty face. I couldn’t stop.

“Ugh, ugh…….”

However, Nagi’s face only turned red. I thought I had no choice but to change the subject, and searched for a topic in my mind.

I remembered one thing.

“Oh, by the way, Nagi…”

“Y-yes. What is it?

When I called her name, Nagi sat up straight and straightened her back.

I smiled at her and reached out my hand and put it on her head.

“…..I fell in love with Nagi at first sight.”

Nagi’s eyes widened for a moment—. Her pure white skin turned bright red.


“The first time I noticed Nagi was on the day of the entrance ceremony. ….It’s weird to say it, but from the next day I started following Nagi with my eyes.”

Nagi’s face turned red as if she was bewildered.

I was relieved to see something other than confusion and embarrassment in her face…..and continued the story.

“My first impression was…that you were a very beautiful person. That’s what I thought. More than anyone I’ve ever seen. I thought you were much more beautiful than the idols and actresses I see on TV……”

“Uh, ah,……u-um. Thank you very much.”

Nagi’s face turns bright red…,,it’s very cute.

I thought she was used to being called pretty and cute….but I was wrong. She’s like an unreachable flower.


Nagi puts her hand on her cheek and starts smiling. It seems that the previous matter has already disappeared from her head, I’m glad.

“Originally, I didn’t really understand what it felt like to fall in love with someone. …..Now that I think about it, that was love at first sight.”

Eiji had told me over and over again. It really was true.

“M-me too. …….I noticed Souta kun too, you know?”

“….? Is that so?”


I never thought that Nagi would notice me. ……No. I see.

“When I noticed, the other high school students other than us were gone.”

“You’re right……because those people had ulterior motives that were visible.”

Those words reminded me of something I had wondered about.

“I remember that you were rejecting both men and women. People who came to talk to you.”

“Yes. I had a little incident in middle school. I was sensitive to people’s malice, or rather, their obvious ulterior motives. ……Also, there were simply unpleasant gazes. So I refrained from such people.”

Her cheeks twitched at the last word.

But Nagi fluttered and waved her hands and shook her head as well. She kept her hand on my head, so my hair was frayed from her touch.

“N-no. Souta kun is different, okay? I don’t mind you looking at my face…..but there are a lot of people whose eyes go lower than my face.

“Ah……I see.”

Nagi has a good style. I wonder if it’s because Nagi’s blood-related parents are foreigners…..even though her nationality and background are different.

Of course, I think good style is one of Nagi’s charms. It is only one of them.

“Because of that, I’ve once thought that I would like to talk to Souta kun, you know? …..I couldn’t summon up the courage to do so until that time.

“….S-so that’s how it was.”

My face began to heat up. I wonder if the heater was on.

While thinking about that, I stroked Nagi’s head many times as if to fool her. I was taken by Nagi’s hand.

“……A-and also.”

Nagi squeezed my hand. …..She grasped it as she intertwined her fingers.

Nagi’s blue eyes looked at me intently.

“Well, I don’t mind how much…..Souta kun looks at me. ….I-it’s okay, you know? Even if it’s not my face. If Souta kun wants to look at it.”

I heard a strange sound coming from my throat.

“I-if that’s the case……you can touch it.”

“N-Nagi. …..Anything more than that, it’s not safe.”

My hand was pulled back and almost pressed against Nagi’s body part…..that I could feel her heartbeat the most strongly. I instinctively interrupted.

The more you do this, the more I will really lose my patience.

The threads of reason were screaming on the edge. One little thing and it would snap.

“……O-oh yeah. There was something that happened earlier.”

“Y-yeah…..that’s right.”

I never thought Mom would come…..but it would be scarier to imagine if Dad came. Red rice would be served as dinner.

“Um……there was one more thing I wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Before I can remember what I just said again, Nagi changes the subject.

“Souta kun….why did you help me? Um, I didn’t feel any ulterior motive from you.”

“Why, huh.”

For a moment. I hesitated to say anything. I wonder if she’ll be disillusioned.

However, I thought it would be better to say something. I hold Nagi’s hand and look into her eyes.

“As a thank you.”

“……? A thank you?

“Yeah. I was getting energy from you every day. ….I’m grateful for that. If I look back–I don’t think I would have helped you if I really didn’t have a relationship with you.

Even then, I wasn’t sure if I would have helped. Without a push, I—


I was about to turn my face down. Hearing Nagi’s small laughter, I get up.

“So that’s why. I’m relieved.”

Nagi smiled softly… and collapsed.

Nagi is in my chest. I can feel the warmth of her body all over my body and…..Nagi looks me up and down. She never let go of my hand and opened her mouth.

“I didn’t really believe in the ‘free goodwill’ thing. No, not exactly. As I said before, there were many people who approached me with ulterior motives, but many of them who wore the skin of good intentions. So I was wondering which one Souta kun was. I completely missed the opportunity to ask you.”

Said Nagi. She hugged me tightly.

“Now I’m convinced. I’m very happy to hear that.”

Nagi laughed a little.

“I was able to be born with the appearance that the person I love likes. I also…..had a good impression of Souta kun, you know? Otherwise, I would have needed more courage to talk to you.”

“….I see.”

“I love Souta kun even more now than I did then, though. Both your appearance and your heart.”

Nagi smiles softly and makes eye contact with me. I was a little embarrassed……but I was happy.

“Me too. I’ve learned a lot about Nagi since back then. I love you even more.”

“Fufu. We’re the same.”

In my mind, Nagi was a flower on a high mountain that was never out of my reach. But that’s only in my imagination.

In reality, Nagi was a girl who was not good at interacting with others, but she was a spoiled brat and loved her family.

The more I get to know Nagi, the more I love her.

Nagi’s blue eyes and gaze mixed with her smile.

“But that aside. If it’s the current Souta kun, I think he’ll help someone if he sees them in trouble.”

“……Why is that?”

“Souta kun, you are very strict with yourself.”

Her other hand was gently placed on my chest.

“I know you want to be someone who can measure up to me. I don’t know if it’s for me to say this, but.”

Nagi’s hand gently left my chest and touched my stomach. It tickles a little.

“…..Your body is tougher than before.”

“So you’ve noticed.”

――Ever since I became involved with Nagi, I have started building my body little by little.

So that I can become a person who is not embarrassed to stand next to Nagi.

“Fufu. I love you too, Souta kun, so I watched you often. You used to be thinner.”

“I-I see…..”

I involuntarily averted my gaze at her straight words. But Nagi’s follow-up attacks can’t be avoided if I just look away.

“……I’ve noticed all the changes in Souta kun. I also know that your heart is beating faster this way.”

My heart beats faster and faster. Hearing this, I felt my cheeks getting hotter and hotter.

……I can’t hide anything from Nagi. Not that I intend to.

“That’s why, I can tell. I’m sure that Souta kun now would not ignore someone who needs help. Though I don’t want you to get involved in dangerous things.”

Indeed. If there is someone who needs help…..I might help them.

No, I would help. If not, I would lose face to Nagi.

Besides–because it would overlap with Nagi’s figure when she asked for help.

“….I guess so.”

“Yes ! So you don’t have to worry about it.”

Looking at Nagi smiling at me… cheeks are getting looser.


“I’m glad I met Nagi. I think that from the bottom of my heart.”

Thanks to meeting Nagi, I was able to change a lot.

Not only mentally, but also academically. And above all.

“My everyday life has become more enjoyable.”

“Me too.”

Nagi gently loosened her hug. She looked up and brought her face close to mine.

She has a very beautiful face. Her eyes are blue and her skin is pure white and smooth.

Every time her silky hair sways, I feel like touching it with my hand.

Nagi has a somewhat fantastic, yet cute smile on her face.

“Meeting Souta kun was–is the best thing that ever happened to me in this world. I can say that for sure.”

Softly, our lips touched.

A different euphoric feeling made my brain numb.

“I love you, Souta kun.”

“……Me too. I love you too.”

This time, I kissed her first and we had a relaxing time together.

We talked to each other about the things we hadn’t talked about before. I felt that we had become one more closer.


“I’m going to the convenience store. Do you want to go too, Nagi?”

“Yes ! ……Ah, I think I’ll pass.”

I somehow wanted to drink a carbonated beverage, but I couldn’t find any at home. I asked Nagi if she wants to go too, but she refused.

“Well, I really want to go. ……Um. I have a few things I want to do.”

“……Yeah. I understand.”

With those words, I realized what Nagi wanted to do. It’s true that it’s hard to do when I’m here…..and it’s hard to talk to.

“Okay. Then I’ll go slowly.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

I didn’t change my clothes, so I could go straight outside.

I went downstairs, said a few words to my mom and dad.

I chased away my dad who tried to follow me to the front door. Nagi came after me.

“I’m off then.”

“Yes, be careful.”

I put on my shoes and said this to Nagi. …She pinched my sleeve with her finger.

The moment I approached, wondering what was going on—a sweet scent wafted in the air, and something sweet and soft touched my lips.

“Ehehe. It’s a little different, but it’s a kiss to say good-bye.”

Nagi’s cheeks blushed and she smiled shyly……I almost hugged her unintentionally, but I stopped myself when I saw two pairs of eyes peeking out from the back of the room.

I glared there and they quickly withdrew into the living room.

‘”Please be careful.”

“Yeah. Good luck to you too, Nagi.”

“Yes !”

If I cut out just this part, it seems that we’re like a married couple.

Thinking about that, I left the house.

It was cold outside, but my heart was warm and fuzzy.

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