Episode 6 – I’ve Been Reminded Too Much Of How Pretty The Ice Princess’s Face Is



“…..That’s what happened.”

“That’s great. You got to talk to her.”

On the train ride home, while studying. We chatted about what happened today and what we studied.

I replied with a smile after hearing about what happened at her school.

But still, finally there’s a girl who talked to Shinonome. ……It might be. She might become Shinonome’s friend.

It’s a very good thing. I thought so and replied,

“That’s……true. I’ll be careful from now on !”

She replied a little angrily. ……She told me that she had only been asked about our relationship. I wonder if they said anything else.

However. I feel that Shinonome’s words and deeds were a little closer compared to any male and female relationship. It’s the same with her sense of distance…..and so the fact that she’s talking to me like this. I feel like our spiritual distance is also closer.

Well, I don’t know enough about male-female friendships to be able to talk about it. Maybe this is normal.

Absolutely, don’t misunderstand. No matter how much I stretch my hand, she’s far from my reach.

……Alright, I’m okay.

“Oh, that’s right. Shino-“


At that moment, the train rattled. While I lost my balance, I put my elbows on the wall to avoid hitting Shinonome’s body.

“Ouch…..Shinonome, you okay–“

While writhing from the pain of hitting my elbow. I tried to look at Shinonome to see if there were any injuries.

In front of me. There was a beautiful face.

I feel like I’m being dragged deep down toward the bottom. Deep blue eyes. Her skin was flawless and her lips were a pale peach color.

In those deep…..eyes like the bottom of the sea. It seems as if my heart is about to be dragged all the way to the bottom.

Such a face is right in front of me. ….At a distance where if something happened, we might touch each other.

A sweet scent pierced my brain. Even though my thoughts were trying to work, the smell was blocking it.

“Uh, ah……”

Unintentionally. I let out such a voice. The reason for this is because I noticed a certain thing.

Her throbbing chest grew stronger and fiercer. As my eyes move downwards.

Shinonome’s chest was crushed by mine–

“Are you okay? Minori kun.”

At those words. My head begins to cool down rapidly.

I closed my eyes and adjusted my breathing. I accelerated the cooling of my head and heart…..and looked at Shinonome once again.

“….I’m fine. How about you, Shinonome?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. But, that’s….”

“I know. I’m doing my best to move away.”

However, I can’t move because my back is being pushed. Someone might have fallen over there.

My arms that are supporting me are also trembling. I’m an indoor type of person. So I’m doing my best to endure.

“J-just a little bit. Please bear with me.”

“Y-yes……I understand.”

I remained……in that state for a few minutes. I was still burning my brain from her pretty face and her sweet smell. Somehow…..I managed to endure it.

“Phew. I’m sorry.”

“N-no. Don’t worry about it. Are you really not hurt, Minori kun….?”

“I’m fine. …If I must say. My arms are a little sore. Well, it’ll be better after some time.”

Even though it hurts, it’s only temporary. It’ll get better after a few minutes.

When I said that, Shinonome’s cheeks relaxed as if she was relieved.

Shinonme looked at me again.

“….Um. Thank you, very much. Thank you for protecting me.”

She said that while still looking at my face. I felt an indescribable emotion welling up inside of me.

“N-no….this is also the first part of my promise. No need to worry about it.”

As I said that. Shinonome smiled.

“Nevertheless, thank you very much.”

I thought that smile was a foul.

“….You’re welcome.”

I returned it.

In the end. I forgot to ask her whether she’s going on Saturday or Sunday.


“I’m home.”

I muttered, but of course there’s no reply. It’s an old habit of mine.

My parents’ house is in a fairly rural area. I moved here when I went to high school.

A one-bedroom apartment that was too big for me. My mom and dad decided to move me here because they thought I might have friends over and it wouldn’t be a problem financially. ….Thankfully, though. I wonder if one day I’llbe able to call Eiji.

I’m cleaning the house frequently in preparation for when that day comes. Only cleaning though.

“I have to learn to cook for myself as expected……”

I put the convenience store bento I had bought on the table. Although I cooked for myself in the first few days, it became too much of a hassle and I didn’t do it anymore. The health I have today is the result of my youth.

But I don’t know how long that will last.

“Sigh….I should do a review.”

I put my bag in the bedroom. To escape reality, I began to study.


“Eh……which one?”

“….Ah. Could it be both?”

Morning. As soon as I asked about it, Shinonome had a slightly bewildered expression on her face….and her face was bright red.

“I-I’m sorry. ….I thought you’d get the message if I said this weekend.”

Hearing those words,……I reflect on myself.

“No. I decided that on my own. ……By the way, have you decided the time yet?”

“Well, the café I was thinking of going to is by appointment only. I made a reservation for 9:00 in the morning…..”

“I see…….No, it’s my fault. I should’ve asked properly. I was the one who made the mistake.”

Don’t try to measure yourself by your own ruler. I should’ve talked to Shinonome properly.

……Anyway. Shinonome, who had made a friend and was preparing with a lot of energy. So cute.

No, wait, calm down. Don’t think too much. It’s not going to end well.

Friends. A friend, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

I turned my gaze away from Shinonome and told myself that. After that, I asked Shinonome a question.

“By the way, I’d like to ask you something. Until when you were going out?”

“I’ll be here until 18:00 on Saturday and until 16:00 on Sunday. I’m sorry, I made that decision on my own. …..I called on the spur of the moment.”

“No, …….Then it seems like we can work on something. Yeah. Thanks for making the reservation.”

If it’s until 16:00. ……If we have a study session at 17:00. Well, we’ll see what happens.

……I can do it in my place if Eiji wants.


“By the way, how about the place?”

“It’s three minutes from the station where Minori kun gets off. It’s a short bus ride from there. It became popular a few months ago.  Reservations are required, though.”

“Oh……come to think of it, they’ve been featured on TV a few times. The famous black cat.”

“Yes, there it is.”

The people at the school talked about it a few times. The cost performance of the food is amazing. I heard that the food is very tasty at a student price.

“Got it. Then Saturday, 8:30 at the station where Shinonome rides? Or is 8:00 better?”

“Ah, yes. I’ll be fine at 8:30. If I’m not there yet, I would be happy if you could wait for me on the platform.”

“Roger that. ……Whoa, we arrived. Good luck for today.”

When we arrived at the station where Shinonome’s high school was located, she bowed slightly.

 “Thank you very much. Minori kun, please do your best. ……Then, I’ll see you on my way home.”

“Yeah. See you later.”

……Her style, face, and personality. I guess that’s what it means to be perfect. No, rather than perfect. I would say that she’s a super human. To the point where I wondered why she couldn’t make any friends.

And so, I gazed blankly at Shinonome on her way to the station platform.


“So, can we start at 17:00?”

“Okay ! Good ! Of course ! Thank God ! We can go as late as you want ! How about you, Souta?”

“I’m basically available till any time. Oh, yeah. Also, about the place,……how about my place?”

When I asked that. Eiji shouted happily.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I actually live alone. If you want, I can order a delivery for dinner.”

“Oh ! That sounds like so much fun ! Let’s do that !”

I smiled at Eiji, who nodded repeatedly with a smile. …..And so, my schedule for this weekend was full.

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