“What were you doing yesterday when you skipped school?”
“I went home and slept.”

The next day after the day with Fujibayashi.
I went to school today without skipping class and was approached by Sosuke in the hallway.

“You weren’t playing with a girl, were you?”
“Are you okay, what happened?”
“No, I choked.”

I wonder what this guy’s sense of smell and drive for girls is.
It’s so sharp that it makes me wonder if he’s been watching me somewhere else.

“Ah~ I wonder if I’ll meet someone somewhere…”
“If you could just manage that feeling, you could at least get a girlfriend.”

In fact, Sosuke’s face is not bad. In fact, he is a good-looking man in general.
Despite this, he is not popular with the girls.
It has only been a week since I met Sosuke, but it was clear that his character was not popular with the girls.

He is positioned as a good-natured, unfortunate boy.
I have even seen girls look at Sosuke and say, ‘I wish you didn’t talk …….’

“Don’t be stupid. I wouldn’t need a girlfriend if it meant I wouldn’t be me anymore!”
“What do you really want?”
“I want a girlfriend so bad.”

For a moment, it seemed like a cool thing to say, but soon his true feelings spilled out.

“But you know, it’s not that easy. …… Changing yourself takes time and tremendous effort.”
“I agree.”

I’m not sure how to put it, but it’s a very realistic way of putting it.

“Right? That’s why I want an understanding girlfriend who sees me as I am! An ideal girlfriend who will answer my every need!”
“You sound like that, but you’re just throwing your own desires out there.”

It seems that Sosuke just wants to be popular as he is right now. Will spring ever come for him?

“Haaa~. I wonder if I’ll ever have a fateful encounter, like bumping into a girl by chance somewhere around a bend or something. ……”

I was about to say, “There’s no way something like that will happen,” when I heard the words


Someone who appeared from a corner bumped into Sosuke, who was looking away from the corner.
Sosuke took a step or two backward as a result of the collision. The other person did not seem to fall down either.

“Hey hey. Where were you looking?”
“What the hell are you doing? ……”

Sosuke changes from a third-rate Yankee-like swagger to a small fry character in an instant with a lash of his opponent’s tongue. He immediately hid himself behind me. I was surprised at how quickly he changed, and I gave him a hard time.

I wondered if the opponent was that scary, and when I braced myself to face the person Sosuke bumped into, a voice leaked out.

“Ah, …….”

The other party also expressed confusion. It wasn’t that I was afraid of it
I thought I was bumping into the reigning watchdog of this school, but …… that other guy is wearing a girl’s uniform.


When I called out the name of the person to whom I had been taken around for the day yesterday, she turned herself around and left.

“W-wow. You must have been an amazing guy to turn that Fujibayashi away.”
“No, I don’t know. What? Is she famous?”
“Speaking of Fujibayashi Sana, there are all kinds of rumors out there. I heard she has a hell of a Yankee boyfriend at East High School, so I don’t know what would happen if someone were to catch her eye. Besides, it’s just plain scary.”

“Is that true? East High?”
“Well, I’m not so sure. It’s in the countryside, so rumors spread fast, and people are talking about it. I guess it’s not a mistake. Besides, I hear she’s a fighter herself. You saw how powerful she is, right?”
“Hee. ……”

Fujibayashi, you know.
She certainly had an atmosphere when she was in the middle of a fight, but she didn’t look like that at all from the way I felt yesterday.

So that’s what she said yesterday. No one would talk to her.

“Afterwards, I hear she’s a b*tch. I hear she enjoys eating virgins.”
“……, that could be true.”
“Eh? What did you say?”
“No, nothing.”

A small murmur was picked up and I quickly fooled around with it.

I didn’t feel scared like the rumors, but I certainly felt that way about me.
Something like, ‘Do you want to do one?’ she asked me.
…… Was that true?

“Duh, I’d like to dedicate my first one too!”
“You’re switching too fast, you know. You were so scared of her just a minute ago.”
“Shut up! I’m scared! But at the same time, I also want to be boned by such a beautiful woman. You know, I think she’s going to be very aggressive with me.”
“You never wavered, did you?”

I was so impressed with Sosuke that I went to the classroom, took my seat, and waited for homeroom to start.

“Why did you skip class yesterday?”
“That again? I just took the day off because it was a little tough.”

As I took my seat, Asagiri next to me asked me the same question as Sosuke.
Although the bare hostility of the last time was gone, the relationship could not be said to be friendly.

“Is that true? I don’t believe anything you say.”
“You’re so worried about why I skipped class?”
“No, I’m not! I’m telling you because I got in trouble because you skipped class yesterday!”
“…..What are you talking about?”

How can I take a day off and cause trouble?

“It was a committee activity. I had to do all the health committee work by myself.”
“Wait a minute. Health officer? I didn’t hear that.”
“Of course not. Yesterday, when you were absent, we had a committee meeting. I ran for health committee for the girls, but they couldn’t decide on the boys.”
“You mean there were no candidates ……?”
“The opposite. As soon as I ran for the board, for some reason they all started running for the board.”
“I-I see.”

That’s how popular Asagiri is with the boys. She is certainly one of the most beautiful girls in the school. But only if she keeps her mouth shut.

“I hope you’re not thinking of something rude,”
“N-No way.”

Can she read minds, this guy? I don’t know. I sometimes foretell the future myself, so it could be possible.

But I’ve never seen her talking to boys, and she seems to have a cold impression of boys, but maybe many of them wanted to get close to her by working together in the committee.

Or maybe this class has a lot of M-oriented guys.
I hope it is not that

“And what’s that got to do with me?:
“The boys took so long to decide, they got into trouble. So the teacher decided on her own. She decided to make you a member of the health committee since you’re absent.”

That teacher …… did it again.
No wonder I couldn’t get rid of the resentful stares from the moment I entered the classroom. From the boys.

“That’s why, after school today, you’re going to do the health committee member’s job by yourself.”
“Haa!? That’s too much to ask.”
“I did it alone yesterday. I don’t complain.”

That’s how my after-school schedule was set.
What’s a health committee member supposed to do? ……

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